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Watkins suspended first two games

Tigernet reports. He could have been suspended for up to four games. He supposedly did all that was asked and received the minimum penalty. I think Swinney did the right thing. With all the...


Half full vs half empty

Half full: The team is 9-2, won the division. Can still win the state, the ACC, and a bowl game. That is a whole lot better than anyone expected. In fact, even if they don't win another it is...

Garcia tossed in Five Points!


Garcia tossed in Five Points!

Hitler, #1 Gamecock fan, receives some bad news

The latest developments in Chicken football do not please der Fuhrer.

The Champ is Dethroned


The Champ is Dethroned

Fill'er up in Chickentown...


Fill'er up in Chickentown...

New Meal Deal in Columbia...


New Meal Deal in Columbia...


Game 1- Troy - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Well we pulled out a win, and by 24 points no less. What a turn around. Early on it looked like the game that got TB fired.

Hopkins makes Dr. Saturday's blog

Surprising to see him get this notice at this point.


Football 2010 - The Honeymoon's Over

Most people were obviously willing to give Swinney a pass when he took over in mid-year 2008.  And then another year’s grace period was acceptable, since it was his first full year of being in...


At what point are the players accountable for their own performance?

Everyone likes to bash on Swinney and the coaching staff.  And no doubt they are to blame for many of the problems with the team this season (and in previous seasons.)  But what about the...


Crapfest 8 - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (UNC Reprise at Boston)

Well I took a week off from commentary and what did it get me?  Another crapfest.  This was a reprise of the UNC game.  The team really stunk it up today, and it looked like they spent Friday...


Game 6 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

More good than bad or ugly this week, as the Tigers pull out a much needed win by 24 points!  (Plus, some redemption for stinking it up against the Twerps recently.) This was not a perfect game,...


Crapfest 5: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Well... It all seems ugly after yet another craptastic performance like that.  But actually there were a few positives (not enough to overcome the negatives however.)


A comedy of errors!

Except it wasn't that funny.  That was a piss poor performance from the Tigers.


How in the world did we lose that game?

It started with a complete domination, the likes of which I have not seen in some time.  Clemson, yes you heard right, Clemson, came out and blew the other team off the ball. Sure, we have beaten...


Hey Buffalo fans, prepare to be excited about Spiller!

This guy is something special.  He is capable of things beyond the ability of regular players.

A humdrum World Cup Final

            This was not a particularly exciting or entertaining game to watch.  I was left wondering “how did these two teams actually make it this far?”  Surely this is not the...

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