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Congratulations on the Best Game Thread Ever, fellas.

Like so many things that turn out to be awesome and unforgettable, it began as a confusing shitstorm full of sound, fury and photoshopped baseball players. Many Royals Review regulars (myself...



I heard he of the sub-average intelligence this morning on 610 am--I'm of course talking about Bob Fescoe--lead into a commercial break by saying something to the effect of "after the break, yeah,...


MLBAM about to change MLB analytics...drastically?

This article in Grantland seriously kind of blew my mind. To boil it down into a Reader's Digest summation for the elderly and stupid, it's essentially a system (as-yet-unnamed) developed for M...


Would you trade Moustakas for...

As everything stands right now, would you trade Moustakas straight up for ________? That's the poll question. I'm just curious because as Moustakas has shown "signs" of getting on-track to become...


POLL: Will the Royals acquire enough pitching talent to compete for 1st in the AL Central?

I know this is kind of begging the question since there are those marginals who believe we will compete for 1st in the AL Central should we not acquire any more pitching talent. Ergo, I have...


ESPN suddenly all over the Royals' jock

I mean, it's weird. "We" are front-page, lead story of the MLB page. And then there's another 2 or so stories on the Royals. Wtf. And the manner in which the article is written lends...


Anagrams A Go-Go -- Prospect Edition

Some of these are so bad they're good. Some of these are just bad but I needed a 150+ word-cunt. COUNT. I meant count. Yordano Ventura: Not Your Veranda, Donut Oven Array, Our Tanned Ovary, Torn...


The RRCCA Foundation presents a one-hour SPECIAL PROGRAM: "Holland Calling: Entrance to Famousness"

The RRCCA Foundation (RRCCAF or 'rik-AFF') proudly presents the special program "Holland Calling: Entrance to Famousness." This is not a regular Royals Review Community Compilation Album activity...


The RRCCA Foundation presents: "HEY WHAT'S BEHIND THAT ROCK?" - Episode 1

The RRCCA Foundation (RRCCAF or 'rik-AFF') proudly presents the *PREMIER EPISODE* of a new program here on Royals Review: OFF-TOPIC (RROT or RR2) called Hey What's Behind That Rock?, hosted by...


POLL: What is the best BASEBALL MOVIE?

This is the portion of the Fanpost where I post some non sequitur-ious paragraphage.(It is usually regarding Dune): The Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles (CHOAM) is a fictional...


THE PLAYLIST -- RRCCA Vol. XVIII -- "The Anustart"

Click here to listen (opens in a new window). The Japanese giant hornet is large and fearsome, but it is not particularly aggressive unless it feels threatened. It has a venom which is...


OT: Promising NEW BASEBALL MOVIE in development -- and unavoidable baseball movie POLL -- and ***BILLY BUTLER SELFIE!!!***

Billy Crystal was certainly Billy Crystal yet sometimes he Billy Crystal and one wonders why Billy Crystal and occasionally Dabney Coleman, but the guy really likes baseball. A lot. He's also in...


OT: RRCCA XVIII -- Time For Anustart

This season already sucks some serious alpaca taint. We're pissed off. We've shot our gods the bird and we're resignedly existential Let us flush this animus down the goddamn drain. What song do...


RRCCA XV * * * * The Playlist * * * *

(opens in new window) This is the third multi-selection RRCCA, and it's easily the most important one yet. This is your time to shine, so understandably it's crucial that...



Here are my hunches for the 2013 Royals season: Mike Moustakas will become a star as he improves both his defense and his hitting. He will be praised as "one of the solid pieces of the...


Merry X-mas. Here, listen to a random game from the 2012 season in its entirety:

Click Here to Listen to the game, which features such greats as Steve Stewart and Rex Hudler! (requires an account) (random text: Butlerian Jihad From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...


I have seen the Fyuture

A lot of people say they don't like this trade. They say that the Royals got flensed like a beached whale. I have news for these people: I have seen the future, and it is good. I went to see...


A blurb on the Royals' shop-ment of Wil Myers written in the style of Mark Polishuk

Passan's Latest: Myers, Fowler, Asdrubal, McCarthy By Mark Polishuk [November 23, 2012 at 8:36pm CST] The Royals have been shopping top prospect Wil Myers but only in exchange for starting...

Joakim Soria is a cute little guy: "Finally after 6 months of waiting first day Of throw!!"

Joakim Soria is a cute little guy: "Finally after 6 months of waiting first day Of throw!!"

Joakim Soria's twitter feed

OT: Missouri's Open Container laws

If you ain't drivin', it's okay to chug beer or grain alcohol and everything betwixt. However, there are 32 "localities" (most notably Independence) what prohibit such badassery: Bates...

Several gripes, Vol. II

  1. The Sonic two-at-the-drive-in radio commercial wherein one asks how much frozen treat a pelican can hold in its giant bill, and the punchline is something that sounds like "Pounds." But that doesn't make any sense. Somebody Splain.
  2. The Budweiser Cruise radio commercial, where the slacker cool dude, when describing the potential of such a glorious puke barge, says, "because the only thing that beats down this the sun." That doesn't make any sense, bra. Clown statement. Try again.
  3. The Sonic comercial where they're plugging something called a "smoked chipotle" something or other. But a 'chipotle,' by definition, is already smoked. That's overredundant.
  4. Baseball metaphors in commercials. Fuck you, maybe I'm *NOT* a baseball fan.

Poll: The Royals' playoff chances 2013-2017

Here's a trivia question for you: Without looking it up, how many times since 1985's World Series Game 7 victory have the Kansas City Royals played in a playoff game? The answer may shock you.


Greinke to Angels

F**K per Jon Morosi BREAKING NEWS: #Brewers receiving shortstop Jean Segura and two Class AA pitchers from #Angels for Zack Greinke. @MLBONFOX


Open Thread: Post-All-Star Game Off-Day

The post-all-star game off-day should have a name.


RRCCA Vol. VII -- "Come Float With Me In My Boo'cano"

You people disgust me.

Amazing new Royals All-Star Game article by SB Nation

I think the new people around here are really going to like this brand of self-deprecating humor.

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