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Forbes NBA Team Values - Bulls 3rd, crack $1B


Forbes team values are out. The Bulls are still 3rd behind the Knicks and Lakers but managed to crack $1B, up a cool 25% from the previous year ($800M). Jerry finally paid a luxury tax bill of a whopping $3.9M and managed to squeak by with a paltry $52M profit. Oh, and they re-upped with United for naming rights at $5M a year. Financial Championships here we come!

New Images of Wrigley Renovations


There's a few more renderings of the direction the Wrigley Renovations seem to be heading. The article mentions a more official release later today.

Deng has torn wrist ligament, no surgery, out 'week-to-week'


Well, shit. Following tweets say he'll play through it.

The Naturals had an "Iams Adoptable Pet of the Game" promotion. When you gotta go, you...


The Naturals had an "Iams Adoptable Pet of the Game" promotion. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Bobcats valued at $175M


According to this quick blurb on Forbes the Bobcats were valued at $175M when Jordan bought his controlling stake in the team. That's down from the $300M Bob Johnson paid to get the expansion team. That'll hurt.

HGH Test leads to player ban


An English Rugby player was banned for a positive HGH test. The WADA and the scientist claim that they've created a forensically sound and reliable test for HGH. That link also has an ESPN Insider link for Buster Olney's blog post about the news but the jist of that was that in this instance the players should implore their union leader to get them as much information about the test as possible and to push the issue in the upcoming labor negotiations. Between this and the revenue sharing its going to be a bumpy ride.

Victor Zambrano's mother kidnapped in Venezuela


The first time I stumbled across this it simply said MLB pitcher Zambrano. I'm not sure what Carlos' situation is with his family but the number of incidents in Venezuela are shocking. Hopefully this one turns out on the good side.

Another ballhawk story...this time with a lawsuit.


It seems like there's another story every couple of weeks about a ball essentially being held for ransom. While I'm sure the HOF or maybe even Ryan Howard would want that ball, I can't see it going for some insane crazy amount. It was only his 200th career HR, sure he was the fastest to 200 but then are we going to do the same for the fastest to 250? 300? Where does it end?

Why a curveball is so hard to hit. (HINT: Blame your eyes!)


An interesting article about the optics of seeing a curveball and how a batter's eyes interpret what they are seeing. Be sure to click the graphic link in the 4th paragraph for two interactive illustrations.

3D Baseball cards from Topps


Baseball cards are obviously not what they used to be and it probably will require some creative thinking to keep any sort of relevance that they do have. Here's an interesting idea from Topps.

Wrigley Rooftop refusing to pay Cubs 2008 share.


I'm not entirely sure of what kind of arrangement the team has with all the rooftop owners and from an outsiders perspective it seems that the sides generally don't like each other. The Lakeview Baseball Club apparently had to appease it's customers for the Winter Classic because the jumbotron that was installed blocked their view. They offered the customers a free trip to Wrigley this summer and wanted the Cubs to pay the difference. Though, rather than try to work this out with the Cubs they've withheld their entire 2008 payment which was apparently due on 12/31.


AJ Burnett agrees to join Yankees

ESPN is reporting that AJ Burnett just joined CC Sabathia in the Yankees spending spree. He's agreed to a 5 year, $82.5M deal. Between him and CC the Yankees have just guaranteed nearl 1/4 of a...

Single Game Playoff Coin Flips


If by chance the Cubs tie for the division with Milwaukee, the one game playoff will be in Milwaukee. For everything else though, Milwaukee plays at Philadelphia, at Houston and at St Louis.


Skiles accepts Milwaukee Job

Just a verbal agreement but the off-season has begun. Skiles has agreed to be the Bucks next head coach. I wonder if he'll take Boylan with him to Milwaukee (he did play at Marquette). h...


OT: Soccer player death

Slightly off topic, but did anyone else see this: little scary. It wasn't the same type of cardiomyopathy but they're all...


Deng wins Sportsmanship Award

Deng Wins


Scott Skiles contract situation...

Not sure if this is the place to put this. Does anyone know what Scott Skiles' contract situation is like? I never thought about it much, but in Bill Simmons latest article about the Celtics and...

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