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Been a Cub fan since I was five years old in 1957. Died with them in '69, '84, '89, '98 and '03 (not to mention a few years in between). Also a big Bears, Bulls and Notre Dame fan. I'm in the Denver area, where, whenever the Cubs are in town, we take over

My avatar is a picture of my wife and I at the Cubs/Rockies game April 23, 2008, which the Cubs won 7-6, for their 10,000th win.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NCAAB Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
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ND/BC Game Observations

1)  Anyone thinking that Tommy Rees has the starting QB job sewn up for next year, this game ought to show you different.  A better QB adjusts to that 9 men back defense.   2)  We saw how important...


Does anyone have a link to an ESPN coverage map for ND/Wake Forest?

The local alumni club just sent an email blast indicating that the game will not be shown in the Denver area.  I have to be somewhere with my wife that evening (she doesn't understand priorities,...

Coach Kelly apologizes to the players.


This can't be a good thing. How did we get here again? This feels as low as last season AFTER the Navy game.

USC Blogger says USC will have "little trouble" with ND


I hope some of the players will see this and use it as motivation. "Little trouble"!! Really?


A Cub Fan's Live (???) Report from Coors Field

Well, I figure that at least one game a year, I can give BCB readers a report from a Cubs game I got to see here in Denver.  Tonight was my night, I sat in the middle deck, right at the end of the...

For those of you interested in such things, the Cubs, when ranked against all other major league...


For those of you interested in such things, the Cubs, when ranked against all other major league teams, rank #1 in RPI ("Relative Power Index"), which is a way of rating the teams, taking into account a variety of factors. Helping their standing is the fact that they are tied for first with respect to strength of schedule. Not playing the Pirates yet will do that to you.

Steve Rosenbloom's Recent Blog Entry Saying the Season is for Naught without a Series Victory.

I just finished reading a blog post by Steve Rosenbloom saying that nothing was acceptable for the Cubs this postseason other than a victory in the World Series.  He said "to publicly declare that...


Does Lou Give Big Z some extra rest, after his no-no?

I think I would.  The magic number is "7", with about 15 games to play.  It gives us a margin of error, and we need Z at his best for the playoffs.  They've been doing it with Rich Harden a lot. ...

Here's a picture of me and my BCB shirt in Goblin Valley, Utah, aka Miller Park! Sorry for taking...


Here's a picture of me and my BCB shirt in Goblin Valley, Utah, aka Miller Park! Sorry for taking up so much space before and thanks for all the help folks in teaching me how to get a picture posted.


Does Clint Hurdle have something against the Cubs?

I thought it was curious that Clint Hurdle's initial selection as an All-Star Assistant Coach was Willie Randolph, instead of Lou.  Given Randolph's firing, of course, he did select Lou to fill...


The 1969 Cubs

In Al's article about today's 5-3 win over the Rockies, he mentioned how this season, at least so far, felt a lot like 1969.  Several people (including myself) posted messages in the thread...


A Cubs fan's live view of the Cubs 7-6 win in Denver.

Just to fill in for Al and all the others who post stuff about the live games they've attended, let me fill in for one game, tonight's game in Denver. One thing is that the Rockies apparently...


I'll be at Tonight's Game in Denver

I always get envious reading everyone's posts about going to see the Cubs at Wrigley.  Living in Denver, I only get see the Cubs in person once a year.  At the last minute today, I got some good...


Books about Cub Fandom (and George Will's Editorial in Newsweek)

I thought you'd be interested to read George Will's annual editorial on the Cubs.  I won't bring up politics, so don't flame me about what you think about Will's other columns.  Like us, he's been...


Soriano Hurting??

On page 53 of the February 4th edition of "The Sporting News", they have the following:"Cubs LF Alfonso Soriano caused concern among North Side fans last week when he said "I don't know how I feel...


Poll Question: Do the Cubs Need a No. 2 starter?

What do you guys think?  I actually feel Ted Lilly can get it done for the next few years.  Rich Hill seems like he is on the rise.  But after those two, who have we got that is solid.  Jason...


Fukudome is a Cub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,1,1236143.story?coll=cs-h ome-headlinesHere is the URL on the Chicago Tribune website.  We all better learn to pronounce...


Anguish in Denver

I wanted to talk about something that is difficult for a Cub fan to talk about in Denver right now (for obvious reasons).  I figured, if anyone would understand, it would be you guys.I've been a...


Denver Area Cub Fans

Reading the Diaries from the Cub fans in St. Louis (it must be awful for you guys to put up with the Cardinals' crap) and in Indianapolis made me want to find out if there is a place in Denver...

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