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I was born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. In the early 70's, Terry Metcalf was my favorite player. All the other kids were Giants or Cowboys fans. I hated them with a passion that still exists today. (more than ever)

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  • MLB New York Yankees
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cant post on the other thread--trying this

week 16 picks Miami NO KC Cards GB Balt Chi Atl Well--It seems I cant post my picks here either--unless of course I write 75 words. Sorry to bore you all. Don't really know why I'm...


The Coaching Miscues In Final 2:06 Of Cardinals/Patriots

The Cardinals came away with a win. That is awesome. But the end of the game was kind of a mess. The Cards really were lucky to win. Here are the things that the Cardinals coaching staff botched in...


the way I see it

Our defnese is good enough to keep games close,IF. Our speacial teams are good enough to win some games, IF. The IF after those 2 staements is: provided the offense doesn't screw everything...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING I would like to wish all my Cardinal fan friends, a very happy and safe...


HAPPY THANKSGIVING I would like to wish all my Cardinal fan friends, a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. This season has not been as satisfying as I would have liked. However, We still have Fitz, A Dub, DD, CC, Patrick Peterson., and many others to provide hope for future seasons. GO CARDS!!!


2 QB's to run the hurry up!

It may be just an aberation, but watching Skelton run the hurry up to score our lone offensive TD today, reminded me of Kurt Warner. Back in Whisenhunt's rookie year. Leinert was the starting QB...


Whisenhunt...on my hot seat

I know he took us to the Superbowl. In 2008, we were 9-7. We were lucky to play in a crappy division and have a home game against Atlanta. We went on the road and Jake Delhomme, became Steve Sax...


early game fantasy stuff/open thread?

there isn't an open game thread. I don't know how to post something on the front page, so this is it for now.


RotB Fantasy #2

Our draft is tonight at 10PM (est). I just returned from vacation earlier today. Had a tire blow out while doing 65mph on I95. Not fun changing a tire, while cars are speeding by. Thankfully, ...


(DAY 6) Open Thread: Trades, Signings, Rumors, and Other News (See Comments And Reactions To Moves As They Happen)

I'm in 1st and 2nd place in my 2 fantasy baseball leagues. My Yankees are playing well all summer. And I couldn't care less.  The Cards have been in the news all week. The Kolb trade was national...


regardless of the price

Kolb is the Cards starting QB. He's either going to be good for us or not. If your your a fan of the team--then you root for him to be good. Unlike lifelong & cardsfan928 and a # of other negative...


Kolb--according to NFL network

Dukes & Sapp talking this morning said that Orton would fit the Cards system better than Kolb. Sapp said that with Orton "going to Miami" that the Cards are "stuck" going after kolb. Dukes said...


10 Favorite Cardinals

Jess had posted this earlier today. I don't know what happened to his list, but I loved the idea and spent half my day at work revising my list. 1. Terry Metcalf--Drafted by the Cards in 1973 when...


Fitz Quote in Peter King MMQB

Quote of the Week III“I’ve tasted the caviar now, so eating out of the garbage is not where I want to be.’’— Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, on the current quarterback-troubled, Kurt...


7 man blitz..defense killer?

The TD at the 2 minute mark came against a 7 man blitz. It leaves the Wr's 1 on 1 with a corner or safety. If the Qb doesn't get sacked, it's more often a  big play for the offense. I'm sure the...


Clock Management in 4th Quarter

The clock management for the final 2 drives for the Cards this afternoon was absolutely horrible. With a 10 point (2 possession) lead, there should be no reason to risk throwing the ball. The final...

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