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DBD 7-25-14 Essential B&W Films

In yesterday's DBD, a member of our illustrious floating gathering divulged that until very recently they had never seen a black & white film. No, it wasn't rollonyoubears111, which made it all the...


DBD 6-6-14 70 years ago today

The greatest and most significant amphibious assault in the history of the world occurred on the beaches of Normandy, France. There are few events in the world's history that more completely merit...


DBD 2-26-14, Family, what is it good for? Hunh!

So, last summer we visited Italy. My wife had always wanted to visit, but more than that, her best friend (living in England for the last few decades) had been talking about us visiting them on her...


DBD 1-14-14

So I had a random thought yesterday reading the DBD, as yet another mention of thescientist019s lack of female companionship meme reared it's non-existent head. You know, back in the day, I was...


DBD 1-8-14 Convoy to the Coast!

via Hey Kids! Setting the way-back machine to the 70's for this one. I was living in Alabama at the time on an Air Force Base that was primarily used as a training/educational...


DBD 11/22/13 Dallas

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time (18:30 UTC) on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.[1][...


DBD 10-30-13 First Buys

via So last night I played this album in honor of Lou Reed's passing and it got me thinking, since this is one of the first 20 or so albums I bought. Now many of the younguns...


DBD- 8-20-13: I'm Back!!!

When I left for Italy, the A's were up 4 1/2 games; then they lost their lead. I get back, finally turn on the TV, bottom of the ninth, Brandon Moss at the plate, and BLAM, just like that a walk...


DBD 8-1-13 Road Trip!

Road Trip!!! So, in recent years, my son and I have gone on road trips to away Cal games (not counting AT&T park, or whatever that place is called) and last years trip was to the friendly...


DBD 2-22-13 Underrated Bands

via WTF - No DBD? Anyway maybe we all have hangovers after that epic win over the Ducks - I know I do. The Inspiral Carpets I've always considered a fine band. Sure not...


DBD 7-23-12 Wine, or La Dolce Vita

In a recent DBD 49er16 practically broke my heart by suggesting that a Lager (it doesn't matter which one) made a good pairing for prime rib. Sigh. So I thought I'd take the bull by the horns and...


100 Days and counting... Sneak peek inside Memorial

So on May 18th, my son and I had an opportunity to tour the New-old Memorial Stadium to see the progress and some of the cool new features within. We showed up at 4:00 PM, since there is a...


DBD 4-18-12 First Experiences

Your first music (rock?) concert you attended (what were you thinking?). I thought of this a while ago reading Jeff Faraudo's 20 questions with Cal recruits, since one of his frequent questions was...


DBD 4-13-12 Now with T-Rex!

via No, not that T-Rex via Yeah, that T-Rex This is a post about Glam Rock, the first in occasional series about the history of rock music. Actually, I've...


DBD 3-16-12 Nerds!

I've been a lot of things in my life, Juvenile Delinquent, Lover, Fighter, Science student, Slacker, Exhibiting Artist, Political operative, and Real Estate Developer. Oh and a Nerd. I always find...


DBD 1-19-12 Happy Happy Joy Joy

via I could use a break from the DOOM and gloom around here, so I have one question for you, when you're feeling down in the dumps, what songs will change your mood and...


DBD 10-11-11 My two Favorite 70's Comedies

OK, maybe this will be lame, since this is just me reminiscing about the past, but I present you with my two favorite 1970's movie comedies (in order in which they came out): #1 Blazing Sadles via...


Yo Cal CGB fans in Boulder!!!!!

   Hey I'm here at the millennium inBoulder and wondering if there are Cal Cgbers that want to get together after the game. I visited Walnut Brewery today and the beer is very good. If you want to...


DBD 8-29-11 A Visit to the Seventh Circle of Hell

The 2011 football season is almost here! It's so close I can almost taste it! But before the season starts, one last look back at the past and my trip to the Seventh Circle of Hell, AKA as Reno,...


DBD 8.19.11 How to pick-up Women in Five Easy Steps

Why am I posting this? Not sure, but between Rishi's constant linking to websites that are obsessed with how to attract females, and reading the first two chapters of Neil Strauss's "The Game"...


Report from the March to Victory

So I drove over to SF to catch our fearless leader at at Gordon Biersch Brewery. The food was good, the beer was better; I sat with Turkey and Since 1997 (who scoped out most excellent seating...


DBD 6/23/11 The Death of SAAB

So I found out yesterday (in the DBD where else?) that SAAB is likely to go the way of Edsel, Pontiac and so many other automobile brands and disappear soon. This fact makes me very sad. Why you...


DBD - 6/3/11 Midway

Sixty nine years ago today an engagement between the forces of the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Navy began that ended in a decisive victory for the US Navy.  In fact this victory...


Spring Practice Thoughts

One Cal fan give his thoughts on the final open spring practice, where Zach Maynard has emerged as the starting quarterback contender.


Old Blues - It's more horrible than you can imagine

From the 2006 through the 2008 seasons I held season tickets in Section II, row 19.  Before the 2009 season I was expecting great things.  Rose Bowl, maybe, National Champions?  Hey why not?  In...


Love for Tennessee

This is a shout out to all Tennessee FansAnd I have a couple of questions

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