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CBS SportsLine reports Red Sox may want Farrell


After what Farrell told the press about wanting to be with the Jays for a long time, do the Red Sox really have the unmitigated gall to think they can just take him back anytime they want? And the real question: can they?


Hypothetical situation: What would you do?

Okay, hypothetical situation.  Your team is behind, 3-0.  It's the sixth inning.  You've been no-hit, but the guy who pitched the first four innings left with a back injury. He has been replaced by...


Jays fans from the USA - Stand up and be Counted!

I just read a comment on another thread about the Jays being much less desirable to the American media as a playoff team than the Red Sox, the Yankees, or, for that matter, about any other team you...


Ain't this some sh!t... Jays treated like second-class citizens as Biden hobnobs with Yankees The Secret Service insisted on taking over the Jays' locker room, so the...


Halladay tosses playoff no-hitter!

Does it p!ss you off that he did it for the Phillies and not the Blue Jays?  It does me.  If we had some competitive owners who didn't run the team more or less like the Marlins are run, it could...


The Jays don't use their AAA farm team as they should

I have noticed, especially over the past three or four years, that the Jays have a tendency to keep good prospects mired in Double-A and then jump them straight to the big club when they are...


Four proposed changes to official scoring

(1) Introduce the "Team Error".  When two or three fielders surround a pop fly then let it drop because they cannot communicate decisions, the batter does not deserve a double, and the pitcher does...

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