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Any chance the Royals should target this guy?


I understand he's aging, and would cost a draft pick but he would likely come cheaper than his production at least in year one given last year and he would fill out leadoff man/true CF needs. Objections? what makes you nervous about him?

2B trade possibilities


Who would you want or other (like who with reasonable chance of being traded?): Chase Utley or Robinson Cano. Also, who would you give up for those two? I'm thinking someone like jason adams assuming he rights the ship.


Position Player to debut in 2013

In 2011 our savior made the jump from High-A to the Major Leagues. Who do you think is most likely to repeat that feat and why?I'm focusing mostly on 2nd base replacements and Right fielder...

Prospect Retrospective: George Brett


Pretty self explanatory. Sickels. George. Baseball.

Hosmer's revamped offseason


Does anyone else think it's significant that Hosmer did not rely on the Boras Corp's facilities in California to work out/hit BP?



I'm suddenly interest in College baseball but I don't have cable, does anyone know a good streaming website....for um.....a friend?

My ideal playoff roster/depth chart


So lets say the royals go to the playoffs, i think it would be this roster that made it happen: (because this is ideal i'm going off of ceilings for this year) 1b-hosmer/billy butler 2b-colon/tejada (i really think colon is going to break out this year, i also think hes the best long term answer until someone like calixte comes up) ss-escobar/colon/tejada 3b-moose/tejada (is this what it feels like to have a real util infielder?) C-salvy/kottaras RF-frenchy/cain Cf-cain/dyson lf-gordon/cain SP-shields SP-paulino SP-guthrie SP-Duffy SP-ventura rcl-holland rp-herrera rp-zimmer rp-crow rp-collins rp-sherril rp-hoch (i really think hoch could be an excellant rp and double as long man) rp-davis i think chen and mendoza santana are good trade candidates when zimmer/ventura come up and duffy paulino get back. I see this as a pretty strong roster especially if hoch is good in the pen and they get rid of the low ceiling guys.

Micheal Bourne- Why a 5 year contract would be horrible


pretty interesting, I know it's a pipe dream but I would love the Royals to offer him a 3 year (or 1 year) deal. Even though I have no idea the money would look like.

Rosenthal suggest Padres trade for hochevar


I would want their 2nd round lottery pick and a marginal prospect. Here's to dreaming.

WIl Myers as key piece for Giancarlo Stanton?


How much bigger would that package be than what we sent for shields? Also, what pieces do the rays have?

To Scott McKinney: I concede my argument of anibal sanchez getting six years. But i do think you'd...


To Scott McKinney: I concede my argument of anibal sanchez getting six years. But i do think you'd agree that five plus a club option was more than he would have received in previous years. Damn technicalities.

I can't wait until this team is in the red's/arizona's position. Able to trade from a position of...


I can't wait until this team is in the red's/arizona's position. Able to trade from a position of strength to get a real difference maker in the position of weakness. While I think the indians are the ones who got the difference maker, they only trade ONE DAMN YEAR of Choo to get Bauer. Sure wish we had that SS that towers wanted.

Wanted it, so I made it: The Winter Meetings Wishlist


So with the winter meetings starting up tomorrow I was curious what everyone thought NEEDED to happen between now and when ST starts. Here's my list: 1-get a third "improvement" on the 2012 staff pitcher 2-2B/utility guy who can play 2B adequately but not long term (and not named Yuni) 3- DO NOT TRADE WIL MYERS 4-Get a top tier starting pitcher 5-Extend starting pitcher if cost effective (i.e. very young or R.A. Dickey) anything else?

Soothing Words to Talk us Off the Cliff, from Jon Heyman


This. All of this. Finally, logic from the royals camp. I think dickey would be a great get if we can extend him, and he would fit in our budget.

Royals "Calling Everyone" to trade Hochevar and Chen


let's see some magic dayton, this is where you make your paycheck. Oh, and don't trade myers.

Mariners in on Napoli


I do not know a whole lot about their roster construction or DH/1B set up, if they were to sign napoli does Montero even have a spot in their line up (this assumes zunino is their main catcher, napoli backup/1b/dh but primarily DH)


Trade Proposal from the guy who reported on Royals' interest in Paxton

Here is the story: Geoff Baker points to the Mariner's need to stop having a team full of...

R.A. Dickey would not cost Wil Myers


I think a package around Ventura, only if Royals see him as a reliever, or Bonifacio and a Cam Gallagher type could get him. Also, I'm almost done with school and I want to start reading again: R.A. Dickey's Book or Game of Thrones book 1?

Organizational top Twenty from Topprospect alert


I like this list, a little different than Sickels, except top five are consistent. Also, a painting of angry marlins fans:

What would you give for R.A. Dickey?


I would love the royals to trade and extend dickey, I think he can be a long term work horse in any rotation he ends up in. The only thing is I have no idea what he is worth in an extension.

Irving, I think there's something in my eye


Damnit, Falu you've done it again. Hopefully he stays in the org for a long time maybe especially after he is done playing.

Minor League Ball profiles Top College arm for 2013 Draft


Karsten Whitson looks to be in the playing field for the Royals....the description sounds a lot like Kyle Zimmer. Seems like he would be an excellent get for the Royals

Jayson parks scouts Starling and Miguel Almonte


Pretty high praise on Almonte, can't wait to see him probably in short season ball. He's still on the Starling band wagon.

Asked Jason Parks If Sal will ever be in the same conversation as Pudge and Yadier Molina


I know he's confirming what we all know but man it feels good to have stars on the team.

Danny Duffy giving me those butterflies


My heart started racing when I saw this. I think's a combination of seeing him at the K pitching again and the fact that he is so great with the fans

OT: Are the Royals to David Glass what Germany is to Wal-Mart


So i had to do a short paper for my Industrial Management class and I found it interesting that Wal-Mart completely failed in Germany due to a lack of cultural sensitivity. That smiling and chanting seems to freak those Germans out. Everyone can see he makes a boat load but do you think David Glass felt he would be more embraced as an owner and has completely failed in that regard?

Simple Question: Would you be satisfied with the Royal's season if they finish in third place ahead...


Simple Question: Would you be satisfied with the Royal's season if they finish in third place ahead of the Indians, regardless of record? What would you need the record to be otherwise?

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