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With Giavotella coming up today, who's going to the game to cheer him on? I mean, that has to help...


With Giavotella coming up today, who's going to the game to cheer him on? I mean, that has to help the front office keep him at 2nd next year right?

Christian Colon to AAA


Now that Tony Abrea promotion makes a little more sense. Draft Vindicated.

HEY! Matt Treanor's wife is playing some VBall on NBC


He will always be one of my favorite part time Royals...mostly because of that hit he took at the plate to record the out. Also, If I and subject to Volleyball and not Baseball I at least deserve some bikinis.

Midseason top 5 prospects


The only thing I find interesting is he rates zimmer at 2, which I agree with.

Hey so you know how Eric Hosmer is having such a "horrible" year?


Ya...he has the exact same OBP as the player in the link above. Also, only 14 points off for OPS. Side question: what would you call a "meh" year for Hos instead of a "Holy shit fuck sophomore slumps". I'm going to say a OPS of around .700 and average around .250. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Called It!


according to KOK yordano ventura got promoted to AA. despite his lackluster performance he will now be a natural. Hopefully following the same path at Odi (as a "call him up already" AAA starter next all star break) P.S. I have a confession, whataboutbilly? is my SBnation name at work, Cuthbert1 is home, so now you know what I'm doing and when

Bubba hit his first homerun tonight


and second....color me impressed.

Batting stance guy does announcer impressions


I love this....and he even makes fun of P90REX

Zimmer on KOK


So i watched the whole it just me or does he have a very pretty pitching motion? Hope they can sign him quick and get him to Wilmington....Adam, Ventura, Zimmer is a pretty nice mix* *and for those Jamie Moyer fans Billo

Danny duffy posts to twitter


I don't know if he's back but I really enjoyed his posts. He obviously enjoys being a royal. Oh and if you see anyone give him shit make sure you say something to said shit talker

Baseball America Top 500 draft prospect rankings


So a few things stand out to me: 1-Gausman ranks at five(royals draft position), behind the other two college arms. 2-I believe Appel going to the Astros is the key for the Royals not to take Appel, if he doesn't go there I think we take him foolishly. 3-Zunino's Florida team is ranked 1 in the College World series, Which I think is good because it looks like if the top 3 college arms already taken, we'll take Zunino (Or possibly correa) if they take best available not strictly Pitching focused. More position players drafted in the top 4 the better. 4- Giolito is nine, the top highschool arm in the draft: Would you want him/fried or Wacha...I got to go Gioltio(assuming his medicals are good) or Fried.

Cubs drop 11th straight on bases-loaded HBP in bottom of ninth


Been there, done that.....get over yourself Chubbies.

Moore should be on the phone with the Marlins


Looks like jorge's older brother Emilioooooooo is out for four to six weeks. Dayton has two guys in Derrick Robinson and David Lough who I think most believe could do better than Marlon Byrd(who the Red Sox recently got in a similar situation). They are not going to come up to the big league squad anytime soon, and they could start on many teams in the Majors. CALL EM DAYTON!

Where does Yordano Ventura rank today?


With today's 9 strike out 1 walk performance today I think Ventura shoots himself into legitimate top prospect realms. The only knock on him (besides his small size) would be his lack of ability to go deep into games averaging only 5 innings pitched per outing this year (but 6 per over the last 4 including his 5 IP today). I would personally shoot him up to number 5 right now with the top three the same and Cuthbert going down and Bonifacio at 4 ahead of Ventura. I think they should send him on the Odorizzi route with him going up about mid season to AA. Team League W L ERA G GS CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB SO GO/AO AVG WIL CAR 2 3 2.84 9 9 0 0 0 44.1 36 16 14 5 15 58 0.95 .218 EDIT: According to Pine Tar Press Ventura only threw 85 pitches(cap?) making the 5 IP completely excusable and the 9 SO all the more impressive

Will Smith Called up?


So I was looking around twitter and found this guy, along with a few others (presumably from his home area) saying that will smith (not that will smith) got called up. He has pretty good strike out to walk ratios, better than mendoza/teaford/adcock. Any chance he's more than a 4-5? Oh and no transaction yet is the 40 man full? See ya Mendy!

Is @MLBReports a well respected site/twitter


because I'm curious, I know Colon was supposed to pretty much jump right into the Majors. He definently has better minor league numbers than Getz. Could he be the 2nd baseman of the future. Side question: If they are moving Myers around why aren't they trying him at second?

Kansas City Royals: Highest Team Watchability


So here's an interesting new tool from fangraphs. Guy made a program to decide which game to watch that night taking into account team and pitcher watchability....I guess the numbers are a Royals fan.

Should the royals go after Peter Bourjos


So Peter Bourjos seems to be the loser in Mike Trout coming up to the big leagues. Last year he showed some solid numbers as a plus center fielder (.765 OPS). What has to happen for the royals to go after him. I say if they can get him at a bargain as trade chip for some bullpen help to the Angels we go get him. Dyson is not the guy of the future and we don't really know what Cain is, positive or negative

The Red Sox "aren't optimistic" they can convince Aaron Cook to stay put, as Cook is eager to pitch...


The Red Sox "aren't optimistic" they can convince Aaron Cook to stay put, as Cook is eager to pitch in the majors again. The veteran right-hander can opt out of his contract on May 1 if he isn't called up to the Red Sox Major League roster before that date. With Daniel Bard and Felix Doubront pitching well, Boston doesn't have a spot in the rotation for Cook unless, as Rosenthal notes, the club "does something" with Clay Buchholz. Is Clay Buchholz the highest value buy low guy now? he has a team friendly contract, controllable through 2017 (gaurenteed through 2015) and he has solid number 2 years in the past. What would you be willing to give up to get him? Is he the last piece the Royals need to compete for the playoffs in 2013? and last hypothetical question: Is GMDM savvy enough to get a solid Royals friendly trade to go through? (I think it's safe to say cherington is not one of those Beane type GM's)

Doug Fister to 15 day DL


Looks like he exited early and went straight to the DL. I wonder how long he actually stays gone.

Johnny Gia watch


Team League AVG G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI TB BB SO SB CS OBP SLG OPS OMA PCL .400 1 5 1 2 0 0 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 .400 .400 .800 solid first game...went two for five with an RBI

"It's a sad day," Acta said. "We just got eliminated from the second wild card spot in spring training. Maybe next year."


Indians are getting torn up. They are definitely having a worse spring training than the royals

Magic's group buys the dodgers


Man, dodger fans are lucky.... Question: Who do you think would be the best person to buy the Royals (that is seemingly in the sports franchise buying game) I got to go with Mark Cuban

Eric (Karabell) went along with the sheep and predicted the Tigers to win the division. He also predicted Luke Hochevar to win the Cy Young Award.


Ya know, ned is saying he's like really putting it all together, ya know, the second half of the season he showed what he could be, ya know.

Bubba Starling wears a baseball uniform like Jay Jaffe wears a mustache


looks like jason starks loves bubba...and basically royals prospects in general


Johnny Sanchez

San Francisco Giants 2011 defensive ranks in Baseball Reference Compared to 2010 defensive ranks:

This was on the Royals video corner on the team website. Are they preparing us for something?


This was on the Royals video corner on the team website. Are they preparing us for something?


Has Soria seen his last days in Kansas City?

Royals Video Corner: Has Soria seen his last days in Kansas City? Newer Showing 31 - 59 of 59
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