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Steven A. Smith -- Talking Himself Into A Deeper Hole


It would be painful to watch if he wasn't such an asshat.

NCAA Reopens Investigation at UNC


This isn't going to end well for UNC. I can't imagine that the NCAA would reopen an investigation and then say "not our jurisdiction" a second time.

Pension Arbiter Blasts Freeh Report


"The terrifically significant disparity between the finding in the Freeh report and the actual truth is disturbing. While the Freeh report found that Penn State had made 71 separate payments to (Sandusky) between 2000-2008, they were off by almost 85 percent, as the correct number was six separate payments." Bangs goes on to say that the error "calls into question the accuracy and veracity of the entire report."

Penn State staff also doing a camp in Florida


The Georgia State camp got a lot of coverage, but Sean Fitz has posted that the football staff will be doing another camp the next day at Stetson University.

NCAA makes player, girlfriend sign affidavits


LOL. You can't make stuff like this up.

A message from MRob to Emmert


Nice (from Joe Hermitt at Penn Live).

How Franklin Handles Recruit Commitments


Very nice Q&A by Nate Bauer at BWI. The last 3 paragraphs detail how Franklin talks to recruits about committing.


BSD Wentworth: Latest NCAA Response to Paterno Family Lawsuit

I'm not an attorney but I sure have read a lot of legal filings in the past 2+ years. So I was reading the latest NCAA filing (linked in this article) in response to the Paterno Family lawsuit,...

Former Hoop Recruit Brandon Austin in Trouble Again


Two schools, two suspensions for sexual assault allegations.

Bryant Gumbel Hammers Mark Emmert


"So to the ever-clueless Mr. Emmert, on behalf of your many critics and the college athletes who deserve a better shake, I thank you."

Favorite tweet of the day


3-star TE #Pitt commit, Nick Bowers is taking a visit to #PennState today. Too early to say how this will turn out

— Mike Farrell (@rivalsmike) April 9, 2014 Twitter

Graham Woodward leaving


Penn State freshman guard Graham Woodward has received his release from Penn State, his coach says.

— Alex Kline (@TheRecruitScoop) April 9, 2014 Twitter

Pitt Cancels Spring Game


Jerry DiPaola (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)

Pitt cancels annual spring game. PC believes he can maximize limited practice time without the ritual of a spring game.

— Jerry DiPaola (@JDiPaola_Trib) February 27, 2014

Explaining Arkansas' Bret Bielema's fall from coaching grace


After those intentional offside kickoffs in 2006, I think Bielema is a hypocrite for acting like he cares about player safety.

OL Tanner Hartman leaves team


I can confirm that #PennState OL Tanner Hartman has left the team.

— Ryan Snyder (@RivalsSnyder) February 19, 2014 Per Ryan Snyder

ESPN on PSU's Campus on LOI Day


Interesting. Good exposure for the program. I'm still not a fan of the four-letter network, however.

Another Installment from John U. Bacon


Some interesting stuff about the relationship between O'Brien and Joyner, but mostly the recurring theme of the leadership dysfunction at the BOT level.

Lloyd Tubman ranks his commitment as "mid"


From Western Kentucky to Vanderbilt to Penn State to ????? Gotta love eighteen year old's.

SI Article on Urschel -- Sportsman of the Year Nomination


Andy Staples article on why he nominated John Urschel for Sportsman of the year, including this: "Second, his success further highlights the absurdity of the scholarship sanctions handed to Penn State by NCAA president Mark Emmert in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal."

How Penn State Football Survived


Wow. Just wow. Mauti and Zordich should never have to buy a drink in Pennsylvania again. Ever.

Bielema Worries About No Huddle Offenses and Player Safety


Same guy who exploited the rules a few years ago by purposely going off side on kickoffs. Those running head starts didn't put Penn State's kick returners at risk? I really can't stand Bielema.

Jack Seymour Q&A


It's easy to like this young man.

Rutgers AD Resigns


Public outrage claims another scalp. Personally, I think this thing has gone too far, but what do I know.

Annoying Headline


A guy that Paterno kicked off the team in 2003 gets in trouble with the law in 2013, and the headline identifies him as a "former PSU lineman"? Good grief.

Off Topic: Snow Geese in PA


Way off any football topic, but if you live within a couple hour drive of northern Lancaster county the snow geese migration is nearing its peak right about now at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. Some years the total numbers approach 100,000 birds. A spectacular sight, best seen in the early morning or late afternoon. During midday the birds often fly off to feed in nearby fields. Here are a few photos from about 10 days ago:

Kathleen Kane Names Former Federal Prosecutor to Review Sandusky Investigation


H. Geoffrey Moulton Jr. led the Waco Branch Davidian investigation back in 1993. Kane promises to make results of investigation public.

"Run on" QB D.J. Crook


Will enroll in January. Another arm for spring practice.

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