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AG Office Concedes on Baldwin Role


This is a mess. PA's AG office concedes that Cynthia Baldwin was indeed legal representation for Spanier, Curley, and Schultz. Since they did not waive attorney - client privilege, that would seem to make her grand jury testimony (especially damaging against Spanier) illegal. Interesting court decisions to follow.

BOB Radio Interview This Morning


Didn't see this posted elsewhere. Enjoyable interview that O'Brien gave on an Atlanta radio station. Worth a listen.

Mark Allen, RB, 2014 verbal


According to 247, we have our first verbal for next year. Fire up the football siren.

Dukes Wants More Playing Time


Sounds like Curtis is a bit unhappy with his situation.

"Why We Dance: The Story of Thon"


My wife and I watched this on WITF (Harrisburg PBS station) last evening. It was wonderfully done, and I learned a lot about THON that I never knew. Highly recommended!

Kathleen Kane on Corbett / Sandusky


"You don't put a case like that before the grand jury. That was the leadership. Somebody made that decision that they're going to drag that out. Somebody made that decision that they're going to cloak it in secrecy. And I never would have done that," she said. "It has never taken me three years to take a pedophile off the streets."

NCAA Wants Its Trophies Back


And I have no doubt that Penn State will acquiesce. Too late to grow a pair now, I guess.

Ron Musselman ‏@rmusselmansc Ha ha RT @MarshallMoss: @tloebig @ben_jones88 @rmusselmansc thought...


Ron Musselman ‏@rmusselmansc Ha ha RT @MarshallMoss: @tloebig @ben_jones88 @rmusselmansc thought having to play Bolden was another sanction on PSU " Can we not do this? Yes, apparently Bolden is visiting LSU, but the string of jokes -- like the ones that Musselman keeps retweeting -- are uncalled for.

Derek Levarse ‏@TLdlevarse Pretty huge news for #PennState that 2013 crew that visited campus...


Derek Levarse ‏@TLdlevarse Pretty huge news for #PennState that 2013 crew that visited campus today is sticking it out.

In tribute to our Big Ten brethren . . .


In tribute to our Big Ten brethren . . .

McQueary not interviewed by Freeh Group?


I'm not even sure how to comprehend that. How can they say that they thoroughly identified the problems and suggested solutions without talking to McQ?

Mind Boggling


I don't normally post stuff about other teams / players because, you know, glass houses and all that. But how the heck does someone test positive for weed at the combine? You know you're going to be tested . . .

Sara Ganim Awarded Pulitzer


Good for her. Well deserved. (P.S. I hate it when a headline refers to someone "winning" the Pulitzer. It's an award, not a lottery.)

Judge Issues Gag Order in Sandusky Trial


Probably necessary, but I'll miss the entertainment provided by Amendola's defense strategy.

Looking for a HERO


Penn State no longer has a Hero. Just a Strong Safety according to this article. (See bullet points at the end).

Penn State Explores Private University Status


I've read about the concept here on BSD, but this is the first time I've seen it in print.

Ross Douglas: Possible Early Enrollment


I hadn't heard this before, but according to the article he is planning to enroll in January. Also some info on other Ohio players he is talking with.

Jamil Pollard Article in the Post Gazette


I'd never heard this story before. He has had to deal with a lot already in his young life.

We need a BIG basketball siren


Brandon Austin from Phil - a - DEL - phia

David Jones article. New direction in PSU recruiting.


I know a lot of people dislike Jones. Frankly, I like much of his stuff. This article talks about PSU paying attention to recruiting down south.


Images From Today at PSU

I traveled back to campus today to say goodbye to Joe. The outpouring of love, pride, and sadness was palpable. I have posted about 20 images from the day on my blog. If you can't make it to...

Dan Mullen "a leading candidate" for Penn State job


Philly Inquirer article. Nothing that wasn't already discussed on BSD, except maybe the "glowing endorsement" from Urban Meyer. Also mention of a $1.4 million buyout in his Mississippi State deal.

Trustees Violated PA Sunshine Act


An opinion column by a Bloomsburg University prof. The trustees also violated Paterno’s and Spanier’s rights under law. Violating the law could result in invalidating decisions made at those meetings and penalties of $1,000 for each violation.

Police Deny That There Are New Sandusky Accusers


So much for the reports from CBS and the New York Times, at least for now.

House on Fire (or what's new in the Big East)


You know things are bad when someone says "Temple" and "linchpin" in the same sentence.

Sounds like a siren is headed our way


At least according to Camren Williams . . .

Yet Another Devlin - Clark Rehash


Don't these Philly area guys ever give it up?

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