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Red Reposter: Awful


Just that. Simply very bad.

When life gives you pumpkin, make π. Reds lose 7-3


Two packs of big innings ended Big Pasta's night early.

One Quick Reposter Before we Co(lorado)


Doom, mostly. But also a BP rehab assignment.

Do the Reds Have a Shot at the Postseason?


The Reds are 2.5 out of the Wild Card and 5 games out of the division with 44 games left to play. Will they get there? It may take a miracle.

Cleveland D giveth, 0ld H0ss takes. Redswin 4-0


When life give you lemons, you make lemonade. When the Indians defense gives you a steak, take that baby to the grill.

NERTy Needs, None Nert Neap. Reds win 8-3


I've had 2/3 a bottle of champagne before writing this recap, which is 1/3 less than Kristo Negron.

Red Reposter: Moustaches, all the way down


The Reds have an all-star game logo and haven't lost either of their last two series. Things are looking up.

Baseball is A Bad Sport


a gripping analysis.

There Should be a "W" in Cueto. Reds win 1-0


It finally happened! I didn't even think it would be possible! But the Reds won in the literal only way they could've in a 1-0 shutout.

Red Reposter: Last win was July 11


Welcome to the Reposter Up All Night! Where the Reds will go a legit two weeks without a win.

NERTS are Never Enough; Reds lose 4-3


It was a quiet welcome back from baseball, as seven runs were scored in less than three hours. None of them off of Betances, though.

The Best Instagram in Baseball


A word, if you will, about Johnny Cueto's photographic skillset.

Red Reposter: I prefer Chad Mottola


Our long national nightmare of Derek Jeter is over.

Welcome to the Incubator: Bakersfield Eyewitness


bbjones provides the pictures, I provide the words, and you provide the eyeballs as we stretch through the All-Star Break with some minor-league news.

Argentina vs. Germany vs. World vs. United States


this is your world cup and futures game open thread.

Mississippi Godd-Hamm: Reds win 6-5


It's not that everything went right. It's that just enough did.



He'd stop a hostage crisis, and wouldn't even get hungry.

Farmers Only: The Onlier.


One is the onliest number. The minors are onlier. Shut up, it's been a long day. And moreso for the Reds' affiliates.

It Doesn't Take Much. Cubs beat Cubs, 4-1


Sometimes, all you have to do is strike everyone out and get out of the way of a Cubs team determined to lose.

Red Reposter: Change We Can't Really Believe In


Someone had a really bad idea to fix the Reds, and it wasn't me this time.

Farmer's Only: Dan Wright Comes & We Wanta Go Home


New entrant in the best name of the system rankings.

BILL. Reds win 6-5


Down five runs, the Reds inched back on the ferocious bat of Billy Hamilton. Just like they draw it up.

Bottom( of the Order)'s Up! Reds win 4-2


And then Cincinnati's grandparents versus Cincinnati's great uncles that they're not allowed to talk about outside the family in the World Cup semifinals.

Bruce takes us all the way from 1st base. 9-3 win


Jay Bruce hit a homer, Billy Hamilton hit a triple, and a whole buncha other Reds crossed home plate.

Red Reposter: Padresn't it always go like this?


The San Diego series frustrates again, but there are a lot of other things to be happy about.

This is Your World Cup Open Thread


Go America and America-like entities!

Cueto/Chapman '16: For Efficiency. Reds win 6-2


The Reds' ace made short work of the Giants. That plus a long inning was enough.

Mike Leake makes bats, like, meek. Reds win 3-1


An incredible outing by the Reds' pitcher went alongside some timely hitting to get the visitors ahead in the four-game series.



Fighting perfection and the melted chocolate running down my chin.

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