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Mr. Go: Best Baseball Movie of the 21st Century


The world has been aching for a great baseball movie for over a decade, and South Korea provided a graphic novel-based movie about a gorilla playing baseball.

Cueto-tally Amazing! Reds win 5-0


Johnny Cueto was dominant. Hamilton, Votto, and Bruce did the do. It was the game we've been waiting for forever.

Red Reposter: Looking at the draft (over games)


As excited as we are about the return of Joey Votto, let's look at some of the next Joey Vottos. Maybe. Hopefully. Anyways, gooooo baby Reds!

Cincinnati, I love you but... Reds lose, 6-2


What the heck is up with Tony Cingrani?

Will California Chrome join these horse legends?


It has been 36 years since the last Triple Crown winner in thoroughbred racing. At Belmont, California Chrome will try to join the ranks of some of the most legendary horses to ever gallop.

Reds nab Taylor Sparks with 58th pick in MLB Draft


The 3b has power and a big arm. The question is; what else?

Reds select Alex Blandino in 2014 Draft


The Stanford infielder screams dependable. But he's all the way over in California, so we can't hear him.



The Reds will have the 19th and 29th pick in the first round. They will also have other picks in later rounds. Hope springs eternal, but so do lefties who throw 92.

Play Suckly for Buckley! Reds lose 6-1


There's a draft going on tonight. Play attention to that, not this.

Red Reposter: Streaks are fun!


The Reds' current four-game streak is their longest of the season so far. So let's make like Leon and have it get larger.

Farmer's Only: Jurrjens leads a sweep


Great pitching and better hitting led the Reds minor leaguers to four wins on Monday.

Cincinnati Antivenom: Reds win 5-0


It was a team effort to get some runs. And a Cueto effort to deny Arizona the same.

Third Bat of Brados says "Not Today" Reds win 3-2


A pair of doubles by Frazier, a homer by Brandon Phillips, and a stellar Bailey start get the Reds the win.

What's the Matter with you, Rock? Reds lose 6-3


A shaky start doomed the Reds, but a ricketty bullpen and wormeaten bats didn't help.

Off Day Reposter, and Thoughts of a Flameout


We've got some neat-o fielding metrics, a Cincinnati Anthology, and me being weird for a few hundred words.

Farmer's Only: Lancaster Delenda Est


You come at the Blaze, you best not miss.

Red Reposter: Hope in 1 hand & ligament in another


Some folks might be coming back soon to play for the Reds. And there's a whole lot of weird other things going on in the world.

Farmer's Only: Dear Prospects of Hungry Ghosts


Now we'll say it's in God's hands But God doesn't always have the best goddamn plans, does he?

Rockies @ Reds, Game 1: Preview/Prediction Thread


Cuetotally need a win in this one.

Red Reposter: Walter Benjamin was a Reds fan


Where we perceive a chain of events, the Angel of History sees one single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage upon wreckage and hurls it in front of his feet...

Lutz, with a long "U" (or, who may replace Jay)


The Reds are going to be without Jay Bruce for a month or so. How will they react?

Red Reposter: Live from Hamilton County


It was a very Billy day yesterday. Let's hope for a very Tony day today.

Red Reposter: It Got Better


The Reds are winning now, and thank goodness for that.

The Man Too Fast for Technology


One day we will laugh about all of this .gif business. Billy Hamilton will just chuckle.

Red Reposter PM: One for the road


The Reds have Thursday off and then a 10-game stand. Here's to that just being a whole lot of fun.

Hour22, Game 3: Reds v Pirates Preview&Pred Thread


Lots of dingers and close games so far. Both in score and in time between games.

Red Reposter: It's Gonna be Alright, Snow White


Introducing, the best 2-6 team you've seen.

Red Reposter: Real Fans go to Game 2!


Tony Cingrani, baseball, SBN learns about Kentucky's existence, and pretty paintings about baseball.

Red Reposter: Joey Votto is Clubhouse Heisenberg


How do you assemble a great team? You put Joey freaking Votto on it.

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