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If you're trying to decide whether I'm serious or not, go with "not." The odds are better.

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Cynical Jason's Second Annual New Year's Post

2012 was an interesting year. If I were to be honest, it was a shitty year. But it was better than 2011, so I'll keep it positive. In 2012 I saw Ricky Rubio get injured (boo) and then recover...


I Hate Looking at Jim Rome.

There are a lot of terrible personalities in the media. Rush Limbaugh. Bill O'Reilly. Ann Coulter. Michele Malkin. Well, conservatives. But not all terrible media personalities are conservatives....

Royce White Having Trouble. Dammit.


The beginning of Royce White's career is not going well.



Here's a thread for discussion of the WNBA finals. I'm a little late, but there doesn't seem to be another thread so far. Lynx are down 2 in the first quarter, and the crowd is raucous. Now the...

Check out the Wolves at dinner tonight. They're all possessed. And flashing gang-signs. Are the...


Check out the Wolves at dinner tonight. They're all possessed. And flashing gang-signs. Are the Wolves a gang?

Video Tribute to Tim Allen


Miller Funeral Home has linked a video tribute. Warning: this will cut you. Or maybe not. I wept like a child, though.



I know for a fact that I will leave off a bunch of people I love on this site. But here's an attempt at some sort of thankfulness.

I cant think of anyone who dislikes Anthony Tolliver. If this is the end of his time here, let's...


I cant think of anyone who dislikes Anthony Tolliver. If this is the end of his time here, let's celebrate him. (Also, if he's still here . . . I have a suggestion he won't like . . .)

Reggie Miller: Winning Time


30 for 30 bio playing for free on YouTube. It's a good show, even if you hate that era of basketball as much as I do.

Off Topic: A Self-Made American Man Describes How to Make Oneself


This is definitely off the basketball topic, and I struggled with this for a couple days, but I can't not post this. Scalzi is awesome, and his point is way too obvious for the reactionaries and republicans to refute.

Ricky's Camp


The first half of this makes no sense to me (because I'm Spanish-impaired), but it's pretty clear at the end that Ricky is awesome. Not that we needed a reminder.

Shved to Visit


"CSKA Moscow guard Alexey Shved told Russian news agency RIA Novosti that he expects to visit the United States next week and meet with the Timberwolves, Memphis and Cleveland about an NBA contract. Shved, a 23-year-old 6-5 free-agent combo guard, is playing for the Russian national team this week in an Olympic qualifying tournament. Shved said he'd pick an NBA team based on where he'll get the most playing time." (No need to click the link--that's the whole article.)

Really Effing Good Article About Royce White


I've been rooting for White, partly because of his anxiety issues, and because I have a similar condition, and this article does a really good job of describing the situation. Or maybe it doesn't. Maybe I only see the details because I live them every day. You be the judge.


Temporary Finals Game 2 Thread!

It seems like many things could be more palatable than the things I threw out to get the thread going. It's long after the fact, but since this might be on the main page for a week or so, I give...

Harden Needs to Go? Say It Ain't So, Tom Ziller!


Hilarious quote from the piece: "Harden might have been the very best two-guard in the NBA this season. I'll accept arguments for Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Manu Ginobili and Wes Johnson, but I'd probably pick Harden."

Kare 11 is on Our Side!


"With a young core of Kevin Love, Nikola Pekovic and Rubio, Rick Adelman is lobbying for more veterans, not another rookie." I love that Pek is listed before Ricky. Only because I know that Ricky is untouchable. DO NOT TRADE PEK!


The Death of Junior Seau

I was never a Chargers fan, and it's been a long time since I was a fan of the NFL, but the death (and apparent suicide) of Junior Seau hurt me. It hit me harder than I though any NFL news could at...


You Really Can't Ask for More: Report Card for Wolves vs. Pistons

The Wolves beat the Pistons tonight. How strange is that? Strange But Charlie Villanueva aside, it was still a strange game.


Assignment Sheet for Game #64: Wolves at Pistons

I mentioned the last time I did a report card that I don't grade my students without first making sure they know exactly what I expect from them. Here is tonight's assignment sheet.

We could score huge points by replacing our wing production with this guy (everyone loves a man in...


We could score huge points by replacing our wing production with this guy (everyone loves a man in uniform).

Sixth on the List


Kevin Love, a fringe MVP candidate, gets clocked on the head in a game in which he's ostensibly fighting for a playoff spot, and he's the sixth story on the four-letter list of NBA stories.

Now That Jeremy's Out With a Season-Ending Linjury . . .


It'll be interesting to see what happens with the MIP award. If Pek doesn't play again, he and Lin will have played the exact same number of games, and are very close in games started and minutes played. The link goes to the BR comparison page for their 2011-2012 seasons.

Timberwolves Do Karaoke Again


This time it's Britney Spears. Woah.


On the Matter of Liking Songs I Should Hate

In a recent thread we were discussing possible posts that might distract us from the inevitable disappointing games that were going to happen in the post-Rubio portion of this season. In the same...

Los Locos on Video


Eric Perkins interviews Mark Haugen (CH handle: kevinharlan) and the crazies in section 121.

Teen Wolf: Timbertrolls Edition


Teen Wolf: Timbertrolls Edition


The Art of Hanging in While Ahead: Wolves @ Blazers Report Card

I'm trying to think of a way to categorize this game and I'm not sure I can. The Wolves executed really well on offense in the first quarter (8-10 from three!), but did an average job on defense in...


Assignment Sheet for Game 38: Minnesota Timberwolves at Portland Trail Blazers

Note: I never grade my students on an assignment for which I haven't expressed my specific expectations. Since I'm grading the Timberwolves tonight, I thought it only fair that I first issue an...

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