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If you're trying to decide whether I'm serious or not, go with "not." The odds are better.

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Andrew Lynch Wants Pek in the Slam Dunk Competition

2) Who is missing from the dunk contest that could have reasonably been a part of it (the guys with lots to lose and little to gain, like Blake and LeBron, don’t count)? Andrew: Other than Shannon Brown? (Seriously, stop laughing.) Nikola Pekovic. Nothing fancy, although if Pek wants to throwdown a 360 windmill, so much the better. The goal for Pek in the dunk contest would be to tear down the entire basket stanchion. Not break the "unbreakable" backboards. Not bend the rim. I want Pek to try to rip down the whole damn thing, then I want Ivan Johnson to emerge from under the structure and engage Pekovic in Mortal Kombat. If we’re going to have props, let’s go all the way with this.

Jerry Zgoda @JerryZgoda NBA names Utah's Derrick Favors as injury replacement for Tiago Splitter...


Jerry Zgoda @JerryZgoda NBA names Utah's Derrick Favors as injury replacement for Tiago Splitter in Friday's All-Star Rising Stars Challenge.!/JerryZgoda

Fun Article about Pek


Pekovic is a 6-11, 290-pound cinder block with 11 percent body fat and hands as thick as a Christmas ham. He has large tattoos of medieval warriors holding swords on his left biceps and calf. He can bench press 360 pounds, squat a dump truck and snap you like kindling, if the mood strikes him. His voice is Barry White deep and made even more intimidating by his Eastern Bloc accent. The theme music from "The Godfather" plays on the scoreboard after he scores, and he looks like a guy who could, you know, take care of certain things. At least that's his on-court persona. "Sometimes people get the wrong impression about me," he said. "I'm just a normal guy." His teammates attest to that. "Pek is a big teddy bear," forward Anthony Tolliver said. Pek, a teddy bear?

Jason Kidd with Some Nice Words for Ricky Rubio


"He's going to be good," Kidd said. "He understands the game. He's very unselfish." Good to see. Carlisle gets in on the Rickymania, too.


Notes on the Night

1. Had a fun ride up on the light rail. The drunk guy who kept trying to engage me in conversation in his Tom Waits voice (Rain Dogs era) was annoying. "We're going downtown. Is it early morning...


I'm Going to Friday's Game Against the Mavs!

On a whim I just bought a $15 ticket to a lower level seat. I'll get downtown early again, so I'd love to meet you people. I'll aim for Kieran's at about 5:00 (unless someone prefers a different...

Another Glowing Article About Pek


Key quote: "If Pekovic had stomped on Luis Scola's head in anger, Mr. Scola forevermore would have been able to warm his cranium by sliding it into a toaster." Bwahahahahahaha


Unofficial Game Thread

If an official one pops up, ignore this one.Words words words words words Words words words words wordsWords words words words wordsWords words words words wordsWords words words words wordsWords...


Hilarious Tweet from Malcolm Lee

The poor guy hasn't even had a chance to catch his bearings.

Cheap Tickets for Kings Game


Recently Tweeted: mintimberwolves MN Timberwolves Sacramento Kings at Minnesota Timberwolves tickets only $5.00.

Pek is the Man!


Zgoda on the Nets game.

D-Will, Pek, and Malcolm Lee Cooking with Kids


Goodwill all around. Also: "Pekovic seemed to fit right in with the kids at his cooking table as he needed as much assistance as they did in the kitchen." Ha!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Video of Pek!


It's not long enough, but it's something!

Wolves Launch Web Page in Spanish


We've had a lot of Spaniards around here lately, and I thought you all might appreciate the content here. (I can't make heads or tails of it, but still . . .)


Who's Going to the Lakers Game?

I am! Is anyone else going to be there? I wouldn't be against meeting up at Kieran's or 508 or something beforehand for a few minutes. Last year TimAllen, Dogpile, and I met at Kieran's and it was...

Canis Hoopus Was Robbed!


So, apparently something called Complex named the best blog for each NBA team, and the results were linked to TrueHoop. Complex's verdict for best Wolves blog? A Wolf Among Wolves. I don't have anything against AWAW--in fact, I read them two or three times a week. In other words, EVERY TIME A NEW POST IS UP! I'd comment on the posts, because they're well written, but the discussion would be limited to me and the four or five people who comment there regularly. I'd like to be able to claim that Complex has a bias against non-four-letter blogs, but I can't. They have three or four SBNation blogs on there. Just a travesty. Seriously. Way to miss the boat, Complex. If that's your real name.


How They Contributed to the Loss

There were a lot of things to like about what the Wolves did tonight. Love is still a stud, Rubio is still electric, Williams' lone assist was a slick pass to Rubio for an open shot, Tolliver and...


My New-Years Timberwolves Resolution

I've been a dick this year. There's no getting around it. I may be a lot of other things, too, but I have been a grade A wang in many of my interactions this year. You might wonder why I think this...

David Thorpe and Zach Harper on Rubio


They have a discussion that kinda irritates me. Everyone wants to talk about how Rubio's shot needs work. Rubio's shot is just fine in the small sample we've seen. Dude is 60+% from everywhere on the court.

The Dissemination of "Rubioop!"


Zach Harper used the term at 9:42 PM during the Daily Dime Live chat on ESPN last night. I'm sure it's possible that he came up with that on his own, or that he witnessed it in another context, but the CH community was pretty early on that one. If it weren't 1:07 AM I might research this myself.

Tom Haberstroh Gives Grades for the Heat/Wolves Game


In something called the "Heat Reaction" Haberstroh has this to say about the Wolves tonight: After falling behind by 13 points in the early going, the young squad came roaring back to take the lead late in the second quarter and stayed with the Heat until the very end. Rubio is the real deal; the rookie hit his teammates with passes right where they wanted them and nailed some big shots. Gutsy performance by the youngsters. He also gives them an A-. Not too shabby.

More Evidence the Wolves Messed Up the Foye/Roy Draft.


"The Blazers were supporting me 110 percent, and it made me feel that if they could give me that much support, then I had to be 100 percent honest about how I was feeling," Roy said. "I felt I owed it to the organization to be as honest as possible." Every team could use a stand-up guy like that--even for just a few years. We got almost the opposite with Foye: an idiot with perfectly healthy knees and no sense of how to play the damn game.


Hollinger's Take on Nikola Pekovic

I'm a long-time Timberwolves fan. Though I was was in the Navy and deployed to exotic Great Lakes, Illinois when the Wolves played their inaugural season, I've followed the team as closely as I...



For a moment I was thinking that if the Wolves win seventeen games again this season, it will still be an improvement over last year, since that was an eighty-two game schedule, and this one is...

Just in Case the Lockout Hasn't Depressed You Enough


Here's Tom Ziller to explore the fallout of the Kevin Garnett trade of 2007. Maybe the official beer of this site should be absinthe.

Colbert is Funny


Here we have mockery of the NFL and a comedic treatment of the NBA lockout. Everybody wins. (My apologies if someone else has posted this.)

Ziller Has Love Pegged as the Ninth-Best NBA Player in 2015

The best rebounder in the league -- he was No. 2 in offensive rebound rate, No. 1 in defensive rebound rate and No. 1 in total rebound rate ... and happened to average better than 15 rebounds per game -- is also, at least for now, a 20-ppg scorer. Love was the only good thing about about the Minnesota Timberwolves last season, making the All-Star team over LaMarcus Aldridge and bringing the name Moses Malone back into the conversation, where I hope it stays forever. If we're going to be touting the new Zach Randolph and building skylights in DeMarcus Cousins' ceiling, we absolutely need to respect insane production like this. At this rate, Love is going to be as productive as Blake Griffin and Aldridge through his prime, and that's no small matter. His defense is an issue, but that's not unique, and he's young, and awful defense is a contagion on terrible teams. In a couple years, with a better supporting cast and a coach who can coach, Love might be OK over there. On offense? He's simply brilliant, and you have to respect that. -- Ziller This list is mostly silly, as almost all speculation is, but I like to think that we have one of the greatest assets in the NBA for several years going forward.

Basketball Jones

I'm going to present this mostly without comment. We are all jonesing for basketball to various degrees, and that's why it occurred to me to look this up. I'm just having a hard time believing that...

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