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User Blog

An old BlogPoll voter goes rogue


So the BlogPoll is no more, but that has not stopped Rock M Nation's resident pollster/lurker from ranking the Top 25 teams in the land as he sees it.

2012 in review: June


Reminisce about the news surrounding Mizzou athletics this past June.

RMN Blogpoll remains static at the top.


Not many changes this week a the top of the blogpoll, but some shuffling in the middle and bottom tiers as we put a bow on the 2012 season.

BlogPoll: Fighting Irish on Top


An independent at number one. An ineligible team at number two, and the SEC right behind. Another wacky week in the Rock M Nation Ballot.

Rock M Nation BlogPoll Ballot Week 11


On a steel horse he rides...into the top of the Rock M Nation BlogPoll Ballot. Who is it?

Rock M Nation BlogPoll, Week 10


What conference has three teams in the top 25 unexpectedly?

Fresh off the presses! Week Nine BlogPoll


Six undefeated teams. Five (and a half) conferences represented. But who is number one?

BlogPoll, Week 7


Um, about those statement wins last week...?

Week 6 BlogPoll


Alabama and Oregon avoid the chaos, but the rest of top ten the Rock M Nation BlogPoll ballot gets a makeover.

Week 5 BlogPoll: Points Explosion!


Scoreboard software needed to be adjusted across the country this weekend, but the top of the Rock M Nation BlogPoll maintains a familiar feel.

BlogPoll, Week 4


This week's Rock M Nation blogpoll is ready for perusal.

Rock M Nation BlogPoll, Week 3: Wait, Haven't We Seen This Show Before?

Every team has that one opponent that always seems to cause consternation, if not out and out frustration. I don't mean that team that soundly, annually defeats you; I mean that team that you might...

Rock M Nation BlogPoll, Week 2: A Wild West Boom?

So, I don't know about you, but I can't wait for Mizzou to play their first SEC Game. Boy, is it going to be exciting. Wait, what's that? We already played it and lost by 21? Well, crap. I...

Rock M Nation BlogPoll, Week 1: Blind Stabs in the Dark

No deltas this week as we shift from preseason poll to the official voting after games poll. Which is why this is now Week One and I've retconned the other poll to say "Preseason." Alabama moved...

Rock M Nation BlogPoll, Preseason: Pac-12 And SEC Reign Supreme

1. USC 2. LSU 3. Alabama 4. Oregon 5. Oklahoma

Ashton Glaser leaving Mizzou


Maty Mauk, come on down? You're moving up the depth chart. More details to come later, per Dave Matter.

A New Era Begins for Mizzou Athletics


A couple of weeks ago, I flew from Las Vegas to Akron, Ohio for a wedding. My flight took me through Atlanta and I found myself facing a three hour layover at 6am. I'm sitting, reading a book on my...

Lindy's preseason football magazines on sale next week. This cover is part of the SEC regional...


Lindy's preseason football magazines on sale next week. This cover is part of the SEC regional line. We have the same headline as TAMU, and it's not very creative. But hopefully this will bring good karma for Franklin's recovery.

A Modest Proposal: A New (Old) System for Crowning a College Football Champion


So it appears that the college football powers that be have finally decided to move towards a playoff instead of having the BCS as we currently know it. About a decade ago, I would have actually...

Frank Haith Named AP National Coach of the Year


Not good enough to be Big 12 coach of the year, but this is the second national award for the first year Missouri Head Coach.

Postmortem Reaction: Norfolk State Stuns Mizzou, 86-84


(Author's Note: I know dcrockett17 normally does the postgame postmortem, but I needed to write about this game. Not trying to step on his toes, as I hope he has his own thoughts to add later.) A...

Terms for Mizzou's withdrawl from Big 12 announced


Approximately $12.5 million to get out and move to the SEC. Cost of doing business.

Inside the NCAA Basketball Rule Book: What is a Block? What is a Charge?


One of the good things that the NCAA does is that they make available, for free, the official rule book for their sports. This link will take you to the NCAA rule book for basketball (men's and...


A Modest Proposal: Ignore Doug Gottlieb

One of the reasons I am proud to be a member of this internet community here at Rock M Nation is that we are, for the most part, level headed about most matters. We can recognize the flaws that...

Final BlogPoll for 2011: Roll Tide


Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide. Please tell me that we won't see most of those guys on defense in October. Please. Pretty, pretty please. Rock M Nation Ballot - Week 16 Rank T...

OT: Justified returns 1/17/2012; Archer returns 1/19/2012


Because we'll need something to do as soon as the season is over besides the Fulmer Cup, right?

Week Fourteen BlogPoll


Championship weekend. The question: If Georgia can pull off the upset (currently somewhere between +10 and +11.5), does LSU still go to the BCS Title game? Discuss Rock M Nation Ballot -...

Deep Out: Kansas and The End of the Road


  The title for this quick slant is not wholly appropriate, now that I think about it. I was trying to think of some break up songs and I immediately flashed back to the early nineties. I went to...

Week Thirteen BlogPoll: Chaos


I wasn't joking about wanting to watch the world burn. And it has become chaotic thanks to the recent spate of upsets. Now we get to play the fun game of who is number two. Attention this week on...

Quick Slant: Texas Tech, a Quick Fall and Apathy


via Ever since I became affiliated with Mizzou, I've always had a soft spot for Texas Tech. I never had to explain it, and I've never been able to actually verbalize it, but for a...

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