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Week 12 BlogPoll: And Then There Were Three


As usual, in the 24 hour sports media cycle a lot of noise and attention is focused on speculation and thinking about the what if's. Well, things have cleared up quite a bit from last month when...

Quick Slant: Texas Longhorns and A Change of Direction


I couldn't believe my eyes last season. I was stunned, flabbergasted and completely baffled. Texas went 5-7? The University of Texas football program went 5-7 and missed a bowl game? Blowout losses...

Week Eleven BlogPoll: Cowboy Up, Tide Crashes to Number 5


STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Ignore the deltas. This ballot was filed from scratch with zero regard for last week's ballot. Thus, the "you dropped X team Y spots for beating team Z [score] to [score]???"...

Missouri to the SEC: Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood....


I've tried to avoid most of what had transpired regarding Expansionapalooza over the last few months. I was tired. My body was weary, and I was more than ready to simply focus on the games being...

Deep Out: Baylor Bears and the Power of a Transcendent Athlete


(Yes, it is normally a "quick slant", but I wound up running a bit long and so a longer pattern name was needed.) Before I started writing about college football, I actually wrote about college...

Week Ten BlogPoll: Undefeated Teams Starting to Thin Out


So here is how you can tell I was sick as a dog last week. The ballot I filed for the BlogPoll was incredibly wack. Wisconsin being left off for a last second Hail Mary loss? SMU moving up on the...

Quick Slant: Texas A&M, Perception and a Tentative Farewell


I've been to College Station two times in my life. One was for the game in 1998 (damn you, Randy Potter!), where I was the coldest and the wettest I've ever been in my life. I was in and out of...

Week Nine BlogPoll: Two Undefeated Teams Fall


Week Nine BlogPoll: Two Undefeated Teams Fall

Quick Slant: Oklahoma State and Being Aware of Pitfalls


A look at Oklahoma State's run defense and the pitfalls that await on their schedule.

Week Eight BlogPoll: Layers Start to Appear


A vote in the 2011 BlogPoll.

Quick Slant: Iowa State and Memories of Homecoming Past


Discussing memories of previous Mizzou Homecoming weekends.

Week Seven BlogPoll Sponsored by Samsung: Sooner Schooner Races to Number One


 STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Ignore the deltas. This ballot was filed from scratch with zero regard for last week's ballot. Thus, the "you dropped X team Y spots for beating team Z [score] to [score]???"...

Quick Slant: Kansas State and Bill Snyder: Identifying a Program with a Coach


Short shrift has been given to the critical game this weekend that has forced the suspension of the Unholy Alliance for this week. (Then again, given the events of this week, the Alliance may be...

Week Six BlogPoll Sponsored By Samsung: A Crimson Takeover of the Top Spot


I wish that the Blogpoll software offered an option to tie teams instead of having to make clear declarative differences between them. Of course, if it could do that, I would probably have six...

Week Five BlogPoll Sponsored by Samsung: LSU Remains on Top


So life got in the way of me fully pulling off the spreadsheet compilation in time for this week's Blogpoll.  But I didn't really need a spreadsheet to pick the number one team. It's LSU. Again. A...

Quick Slant: Oklahoma and the concept of "Right Coach, Right Time"


This week I was initially going to write about revenge and the carryover effect of a gut punch and some other stuff relating to our road trip to the gallows  Norman this week, if for no other...

MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2011™: Pac-12 says, "Not Expanding. We're Good."


Some men do just want to watch the world burn. And we have seen a lot of burning over the last few days, until the news dropped late Tuesday night that the Pac-12 presidents said that they were...

Week 4 BlogPoll presented by Samsung: Clean up top, a muddle in the lower middle


We take a brief respite from MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA to bring you this week's BlogPoll (now sponsored!). Initial impressions: LSU and Alabama's defenses are really, really good. Oklahoma showed a...

MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2011™: The ACC (!) Makes the First Move


Yeah, my thoughts exactly. During my freshman year, living in Schurz Hall, one of the more popular games on my floor (1st) was "RISK." I lived with the Engineering FIG (don't ask how) and this...

Quick Slant: Western Illinois and What the heck is a Leatherneck, anyway?


This week's opponent comes to Columbia from the wilds of Macomb, Illinois. Now to most folks from Missouri, Macomb is known for one of two things: 1. It served as the summer home of the St. Louis...

Week 3 BlogPoll: Tide Roll to the Top Spot


Not a lot of movement at this point; the fluctuations I was expecting aren't there except at the top.  Rock M Nation Ballot - Week 3 Rank Team Delta 1 Alabama Crimson Tide 3 2 LSU...

Quick Slant: Arizona State and the nature of the "Sleeping Giant"


Since I am a little burned out on the whole "Secret Life of a Midwestern Athletic Conference" drama being played out right now on the interwebs, I thought we should take a few minutes to focus in...



Okay, it might be time to panic. I try to not be hyperbolic, but with the news that Texas A&M has been invited to be the 13th member of the SEC, and that the SEC presidents have apparently given...

Week 2 BlogPoll


BlogPoll Ballot for Week 2. No pithy statements except for this: Why did Georgia think that looking like an arena football league team was a good idea? Ballot below; comments after the jump R...

Quick Slant: Miami (Ohio) and "The Cradle of Coaches"


(Welcome to what I hope is an ongoing series here for football weekends. "Quick Slant" is going to take a brief look at something related to our opponent for the week. Up first: Miami University....

Rock M Nation Preseason BlogPoll 2011


  Over the last few years, I have had an interesting relationship with polls. Initially, I was in the camp of no polls at all before the midway point of the season. But my position had softened...

MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ 2011: The Sequel is Never as Good as the Original


In Hollywood, the old adage used to be that the sequel was never as good as the original source film was. Sure, there are notable exceptions (The Godfather, Part II and Terminator 2: Judgment Day...

The Longhorn Network and Big 12 Recruiting: Not The Core Issue


The Longhorn Network and Big 12 Recruiting: Not The Core Issue

Why Playing Spot the Violation is a problem


Can you tell what is an NCAA violation from what isn't. Take the sample quiz and see why it's not that easy to know what is against the rules.


Jim Tressel and the Wise Monkeys: When Players Try to Get Paid, Who Should Be Blamed?

[UPDATE No. 1: Bumped back to the top of the page with an announcement: we have asked D-Sing to become an author for the site, and this was his first of what we hope will become many weekly looks...

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