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Graduate of Eastern Illinois University. Continuing the long line of awesome to come from EIU - Sean Payton, Mike Shanahan, Mike Tice, Tony Romo, and myself.

Happy to be here.

Check me out on twitter @HawkWayOfLife to offer suggestions or for general Rams banter.

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  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NFL St. Louis Rams
User Blog

Senior Bowl standouts


Last year's Senior Bowl offered valuable insight into three players the Rams ended up drafting. Who will catch the Rams eye this year?

Random numbers


Senior Bowl measurements are in!!!!...hmmmm.......This could be a long off-season.

Offensive Head Coaches All The Rage


Seven head coaches have been hired this off-season - all but one came from an offensive background. This trend would suggest that there is a correlation between having an offensive head coach and...

Daily planner


The St. Louis Rams need to have another stellar off-season if they want to make a playoff push next season.

St. Louis Rams: Tuesday Links


The Seahawks lost, but the 49ers moved on. Russell Wilson finished his season with a phenomenal performance, while Kaepernick's continues. Rams fans can only hope to join the playoff party next...

Risk, history & the draft


Sit down, grab some coffee and a blanket, and get ready to mock!

The Eddie Lacy Conundrum


Jeff Fisher has selected 4 running backs in the first two rounds in his coaching career. He selected running backs in the first two rounds in three consecutive years. Could history re-write itself?

Drafty links


The Redskins lost and the Rams draft positions are now set in stone. Rams talk will largely revolve around who the Rams should take in this years NFL Draft.

Drafting with Fisher


Jeff Fisher looks to improve on his draft day record at the 2013 NFL Draft.

Define elite


The St. Louis Rams need elite talent. Who on the Rams is a top 5 player at their position? Who on the Rams can take over a game? I think the answer to both of those questions is no one.

New links for a new year


Happy New Year Rams fans!

2013 NFL Draft: Taking Chances


Will Jeff Fishers' Rams take a chance on a player with character concerns in the 2013 NFL Draft?

St. Louis Rams - Christmas Day Links!


Rams fans have a lot to be happy about lately. Enjoy your Holiday and hold those you love close.

Terrible Tuesday links


After the Rams loss on Sunday it will take a mircale for them to get into the playoffs. What a crappy feeling.

Rams' Danny Amendola - Difference Maker


Both the St. Louis Rams' Sam Bradford and the Minnesota Vikings' Christian Ponder struggle when missing their #1 wide receivers. Danny Amendola and Percy Harvin have each received a much higher...

Droppin' links on your Tuesday


The Rams have a tough matchup on Sunday, but the Rams have shown they can stop the Run. Will that change Sunday?

Josh McDaniels A Head Coach Next Year?


It is being reported the Josh McDaniels is being considered for head coaching vacancies. This can't be serious can it?

St. Louis Rams' Sam Bradford - Going Long


The St. Louis Rams' quarterback, Sam Bradford, has shown his deep ball brilliance this year. Rams fans had heard of his deep ball capabilities coming out of the draft, but hadn't seen the fruits of...

Breaking Down The Cushion


St. Louis Rams fans continue to be baffled by the cushion allowed to opposing wide receivers on a weekly basis. But maybe there was a method to the Rams cushion madness.

A closer look at Jenkins' second pick 6


The second pick wasn't nearly as instinctual as the first. Let's take a look.

Keep on rolling, with links!


After a big win Sunday against the Cardinals, the Rams look to continue the solid play against the 49ers. Can they do it?

Breaking It Down: Janoris' Pick 6's Part 1


Janoris Jenkins makes plays. Let's take a look at how one of the plays he made against the Cardinals developed.

So much Rams news!


The best way to describe the play of the Rams thus far would be to call it random. The Rams look like a playoff contender on the road against the 49ers and then crap the bed at home playing the...

Rams Vs. Jets: Come One, Come All


Come see the circus that is the New York Jets!

St. Louis Rams: Penalties Cost Rams


Penalties cost the Rams a win. Penalties also ended up costing Sam Bradford a season defining moment. He made the play to silence his critics, but it was negated by a gaff on Brandon Gibson's part.

One link at a time


I'm just taking this one tie at a time.



After a game like that one, many of us are left not sure on how to feel. Should we be happy the Rams hung with such a good team? Or should we be upset that the Rams blew the game twice?

Comparing Alex Smith & Sam Bradford


Sam Bradford is headed down a path that Alex Smith has once walked. Will he be able to change his path and grow into the quarterback the Rams want and need?

Quinn or Smith


Whenever two people enter a field having very similar job descriptions and similar skill sets, those people are going to be compared to one another.

More Bradford Talk You Say?


While the Rams were on a bye, the rest of the league continued to offer compelling story-lines and for some reason the Sam Bradford conjecture seems to have reached an all-time high.

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