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Dave Nelson is a colleague and close friend of "son of ptbarnum" who used to write about the sales, marketing, and business management of the Oakland Athletics.

User Blog

Band of Broilers


The main item on the BBQ menu at ‘The Greatest Party Ever’ turned out to be us! We blame Manny Machado.

Bullet Proof


Ryan Christenson was traded by Billy Beane and yet lived to tell his tale. The former centerfielder of the Oakland Athletics now works for Beane as he climbs the A’s managerial ranks.

An Athletics Nation Day with Destiny!


Is your life so great you can afford to miss Athletics Nation Day in Stockton on June 8? We think not!

June 8, STLL The Greatest Party Ever!


Only 20 tickets remain for Athletics Nation Day in Stockton. Reserve your place now or you could end up as red-faced as the big guy in the middle!

AN Day Is Calling You! June 8!!


In less than a week, half of the available seats for the first annual Athletics Nation Day in Stockton have been reserved. Act now, or you might have to wait until next season!

Athletics Nation Day in Stockton, Sunday June 8


Step right up, folks! Get your tickets now for the first annual Athletics Nation Day in Stockton, the one event all year when reality will surpass hyperbole!

Death to Spring Training!


Why do we put up with the pain and humiliation of Spring Training? It usually turns out like a bad country-western ballad. Just ask Scott Sizemore and Jarrod Parker. Just ask Matthew Arnold, for...

Inspiration Over Calculation


Josh Reddick may never amount to much in right field. Before he makes an All-Star game, or signs the BIG contract, he may end up skewered on a foul pole or grated by a chain link fence somewhere....

The Business of Billy


The world continues to speculate about the Moneyball witchcraft of Billy Beane. What is his magic formula, on-base percentage? Fly-ball percentage? Eye of newt? Hardly. For 16 years, and counting,...

Lessons From Athletics Nation


The sun has set on “son of ptbarnum.” His colleague, confidant, and successor, Dave Nelson, has learned many lessons from SoPTB’s experience, though.

New Rules for Baseball


In an effort to be less moronic, Major League Baseball has ratified some new rules. I am pleased to be the first writer in the nation to report these. Susan Slusser will be so envious.

Joy in Mudville


Casey may have struck out in Stockton 125 years ago, but the Ports, the A’s Single-A team, is doing swell. Just ask Pat Filippone, the team’s President, part-owner, and unofficial Mayor of...

A Stats Bumpkin Goes To WAR


If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, read this and run for your lives!

2013 Offseason Mailbag #3: New Scoreboards?


Today's mailbag question is about video boards at the Coliseum as it relates to a future lease extension

What Nation This?


Almost a decade ago, an internet refugee, yearning to breathe free of Giants talk and obtuse national commentary, drifted ashore in a new nation of Athletics fans.

A Halloween History of Baseball Uniforms


Baseball costumes, uh, uniforms have been part of American culture since 1849. There have been a few wardrobe changes since then.

The Paper Chase


Under Sandy Alderson, Pamela Pitts became the first female Director of Baseball Administration in MLB history. Now, when she speaks, rookies listen. Or their paychecks might end up in Botswana.

Sunday in the Parking Lot with Me


It’s easy to take the Coliseum parking lot for granted. Most of the time it just sits there, gray, unassuming, and gull-splattered. Before the game begins, however, it is THE place to be.

The Secrets of Dot Racing


Meet Matt Shelton. Every half-inning, he is the busiest guy in the Oakland Coliseum. Among many things, he puts the “dot” in Dot Racing.

The Other Athletics


With the spotlight focused on the Oakland Athletics, it's easy to overlook all the "other" Athletics teams out there. The Quito Little League Athletics teams (all five of them) do the Big Club...

The Importance of Being Stomper


Mascots outperform celebrities when it comes to brand recognition and reinforcement. And, like Stomper, they work for peanuts.

Mr. Showtime


Despite everything, the A’s Show must go on. David Rinetti is the guy who makes it happen.

The Billion-Dollar Bet


If Lew Wolff builds it, will they come? A new A’s ballpark, wherever and whenever it gets approved, will be a huge risk, a mega-bet. How can Lew win?

Thieves and Juicers


The triumph of expedience over ethics may be the way of the world, but the A’s don’t have to contribute to the victory.

The Reign of Finley


For better and worse, Charlie Finley established the A's maverick persona. His ghost may still haunt the team.

The Toughest Job in Baseball


You think your job is tough? Try selling Oakland A’s tickets for a living. Jim Leahey is up to the task.

Alderson and Beane


Sandy Alderson, the Master and Commander, originated the A’s system. But Billy Beane, the artist-protégé, perfected it.

Moneyball, Ten Years Later


First it was a book, then a brouhaha, and then a movie. Now, a decade later, "Moneyball" still seems to be a mystery.

What Are The A's Really Worth?


Thanks to Magic Johnson and a division-winning season, the A’s franchise value soared 46%, the largest increase of any team in Major League Baseball! Yeah, sure.

Bernie Night Resurrected


In this episode, we relive “Bernie Night,” the goofiest night of a season that redefined “goofy.” And, big tease here, we identify the true originator of the Bernie Lean. Hint: His name is Gussie.

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