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A fan of the Patriots and Lakers, I follow a few athletes closely:

Kobe Bryant
Jeremy Lin
Whoever is playing Lebron James in the Finals or Playoffs
Tom Brady
Tim Tebow
Rob Gronkowski
Wes Welker
Calvin Johnson
Cam Newton

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cleveland Indians
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL New England Patriots
  • NCAAF Ohio St. Buckeyes
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Why Tebow to Patriots is Brilliant

Part 1: Tebow's Connections This move is not very surprising when you consider the following factors: 1. Bill Belichick and Urban Meyer are best friends. Meyer considers Tim Tebow like a son. 2....


Draft Review Series Pt 2: Comparing the Patriots' Drafting to the NFC Elite

In my previous post, which can be found earlier in the fanposts, I examined the Patriots 2010-12 drafting compared to their AFC rivals: The Ravens, Broncos, and Texans. In this post, we're going to...


Comparing the Patriots' and their Rivals' 2010-12 Drafts

A lot of people have been writing articles like: "Is the Patriot Dynasty over?". Pundits have proclaimed that the Patriots have two years, max, as kings of the division. What they miss is that this...


Breaking down the Roster: Post-AFC Championship Edition

There are two simple reasons we lost last night. 1. Injuries If you had told me before the season started that we'd be playing the Ravens in the AFC Championship but we would have our best...


New England is a Different Team

Baltimore v. New England is one of the best rivalries of the past few years. Until very recently, it was extremely one-sided, with Brady destroying the Ravens. But as the Ravens rose to prominence...


Why the Patriots Offense is Struggling

In recent weeks, we've seen the Patriots Offense begin to sputter. The 9ers defense ran them off the field in the first half, only succumbing once they switched to a zone coverage. This highlighted...


The War of 18-12

Hey Guys, From a Patriots point of view, I think Bronco fans won't really grasp the significance of this coming game. For you guys, this might be a chance to avenge the beatdown in the playoffs or...


We'll see you in January

Congratulations Ravens fans on a well-earned victory. I wish the third team hadn't been on the field but I can't complain because for every call they gave you, they gave us an equally bad call....


Analysis of the Ballard Signing

Initially, I, along with many fans, shrugged off the Patriots signing of TEs. First Fells, then Herman, then Scaife, and now...Ballard. Ballard, most famous for coming up with great catches in the...


Analysis of the Jesse Holley Signing

For the past two seasons, a pressing question has been the lack of a kick returner on the roster. Welker, Woodhead, Edelman, and others have all tried their hand at it. Every time Welker returns...

Patriots release WR Anthony Gonzalez


This simplifies the slot receiver position a bit. We're down to Welker, Edelman, and Ebert (who is a lock for the practice squad).


State of the Division: Offseasons

Okay, so obviously, I'm a Patriots fan but I wanted to get GGN's viewpoint on this: Who had the best offseason, counting both free agency and the draft. AND...I want your thoughts on the other AFC...


Roster Prediction Thread

This is the time of year when free agency is quiet and the draft excitement/disappointment has died down. This is the time when NFL fans everywhere spend their time analyzing the roster and making...


Why the Patriots Picked Tavon Wilson in the Second Round

The post-draft hysteria has died down by now, but the Patriots can never avoid the controversy. Think back to past years. Mayo a reach in 2008. Multiple Reaches in 2009. McCourty in 2010. Ridley in...


Bill Belichick Cashes in the Rainy Day Fund (and Other Thoughts)

I define the Brady-Belichick Patriots into three eras. The first was the dynasty years from 2000-2006. At the end of 2006, the WR corp was god-awful and the RB position was sub-par. This was due to...


D.S.T.'s 2012 Mock Draft 1.0

Everyone is writing drafts and I've decided to finally try my hand at it.


Peyton to Denver; Tebow to NE?

According to latest ESPN reports, Peyton is most definitely headed to Denver. This sets up a late-season SNF showdown between Peyton and Tom for one more year (and maybe more)


How Shaq Still Affects Today's Roster

I thought it would be cool to trace Lakers' trades from Shaq to Hill.


Reminiscence Thread for Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher has always been my role model. Sure, Kobe is my favorite player. But favorite person? Derek. He's been clutch, over and over again. I can't wait to read his statement on the trade. I...


The Pecking Order has Shifted and the Reverse Bandwagon

This is really a combination of two recurring thoughts I've been having. The first? The Pecking Order. The second? The Reverse Bandwagon. Allow me to explain after the jump.


The Influence of the Patriots

The recent story about how the new Rams GM wants to replicate the Patriots' success got me has the league changed thanks to the Patriots influence? Let's take a team by team look.


Why Mario Williams is a pipe dream

A look at the dream offseason for the Patriots and why it isn't plausible.


Fixing the All-Star Game (or a post I wrote to lighten the depression around here)

I wrote this because I'm bored of the fluffy articles about Lebron joining the Kobe system, depressing articles about the fall of Rome, and dumb articles in general. So since the All-Star game is...


WR: Who's the best fit?

The hot topic for Patriots fans is the WR position. Some people think we should look at the draft. Others want to win now and ask for a splashy free agent acquisition. Others want Moss because they...


Who Stays? Who Goes?

This offseason, our team has a whopping 20 million in cap space - but that's because we've got a boatload of free agents. Let's examine them all and discuss who stays and who goes...and who will...

"We will just remember this moment and remember how it felt. We will be motivated by it. We can’t...


"We will just remember this moment and remember how it felt. We will be motivated by it. We can’t look back. ... It just wasn't our year."

Brandon Spikes, LB for the New England Patriots

Adapting the Patriots Story into a Fictional Epic

Emperor Belichick and his general Brady ruled over the NFL. However, on the verge of their greatest triumph and conquest, a band of giants defeated their troops. The next year, the famed elite...


This is our Moment

This Super Bowl will redefine the Patriots era. The decade from 2001-2011 will be seen differently based on 60 minutes of football on the greatest stage against our old nemesis. How fitting.

Apologies to my frenemy Terrell Suggs. He’s about to graduate on Sunday in Foxborough from Fall So...


Apologies to my frenemy Terrell Suggs. He’s about to graduate on Sunday in Foxborough from Fall So Hard University." - Skip Bayless
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