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Haslett leaks Redskins plans to pastor?


This is kind of amusing, an includes a shout out to the power of SB Nation. Basically a pastor & longtime Redskins fan was at a volleyball tournament for his daughter, he recognized Haslett and had a candid chat, posted it on Hogs Haven ... and then the press started calling Haslett to confirm all the things he revealed. Viva la 2012. P.S. LOLskins.

Revisiting 2011 draft-day trades


Trying to numb the pain of watching the Giants win it all, I went searching for mock drafts. I was hoping to find something that went beyond the standard pre-free-agent guesses, like maybe players already in the league who could surprise this year ... and I found this: It's a re-analyzation of the draft-day trades based on who the picks were actually used on. So for instance that year when we dumped Reggie Brown on the Bucs for a 6th rounder becomes: Philadelphia Eagles traded Reggie Brown (2010) to the Tampa Bay Bucs for David Carter. Philadelphia Eagles traded David Carter to the Arizona Cardinals for Reggie Wells. Our net gain is Reggie Brown for Reggie Wells ... or basically nil. In any case, since the Eagles make a ton of draft-day trades, it's interesting to revisit who the player-for-pick trades actually turned out to be. Everyone from Jamar Chaney to Casey Mathews is involved. I didn't find many instances of them really getting burned. I mean I guess we could have had Jah Reid instead of Marsh and Kelce ... take a look. Do you see any instances where you wish they hadn't made the trade?

Ronnie Brown trade voided


Per Schefter. "Uh, so Ronnie, I noticed you weren't at work yesterday ... "

"That’s the No. 1 goal: Stop the run, so we can rush the passer," Babin said. "First and foremost,...


"That’s the No. 1 goal: Stop the run, so we can rush the passer," Babin said. "First and foremost, we know we have to stop the run. It’s like when you’re dating, there’s certain things you’ve got to do. That’s what stopping the run is: Buying ‘em dinner."

Associated Press

Labor deal by July 4?


"A deal that week, just before the July 4 holiday, appears increasingly realistic, said people on both sides of the dispute." Yes, please, thank you. I will take my Nnamdi now.


Your best-case/worst-case scenario for Round 1?

Okay, it's draft day, and I'm finally willing to accept there will be no free agency beforehand. As annoying as that might be, the Eagles are going to get better tonight in some way, shape or form....

Banner speaks on Kolb deal


I'll update with the link when it's live, but I saw this move over the wires. Without straight copying and pasting, the gist of it is that Banner is saying everything you think you think about the Kolb trade is basically what’s going down. 1) the market is hot 2) It’s the teams you think it is 3) Keeping him as a backup is nice, but once the offers exceed the value of having a good backup, they’re doing the deal. 4) He is open to getting a player this year and a pick next year for Kolb if the CBA doesn’t get worked out. But straight from the horse’s mouth, through Jeff McLane.

'04 Eagles have nothing on this group


Oh boy, we've officially taken a right turn on Heresy Lane en route to Hyperboleville. I think this team can do something the '04 team failed to do, but let's not extrapolate a few games into making these guys better than really one of the most dominant teams not to win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. (No, not the '91 Eagles, the '04 Eagles). Those guys were complete, offense, defense and special teams, went 16-1 in games they tried to win until losing the Super Bowl to the greatest dynasty of the decade. These guys look great coming off a 59-point game, but they've got a ways to go to reach that.

Bunkley out for the year


Just moved on the AP wire, and I didn't see it anywhere else on BGN. Needs elbow surgery and will likely miss the rest of the season. 1) This year just keeps getting awesomer! 2) Good thing Trevor Laws isn't garbage anymore.


That L doesn't sting like I thought it would

This being what most of us considered a transition season (to rightfully avoid the 'R' word), there was perhaps no game I considered to be more of a must-win than McNabb's first game at The Linc as...

A fair look at fans' McNabb reception, Part II


You can't knock the Sports Bog's hustle, since he was actually there (like the NYT in Part I) asking for opinions. Seemed to me this showed that we're a diverse bunch and -- gasp! -- all Eagles fans don't have matching opinions. We got some nutbags down with us, but not all ... Also homie with the Akers tat is pictured here. Lol.

A fair look at fans' McNabb reception, Part I


NYT was actually on scene, and though he went wondering if there would be trouble, he painted the picture as it happened. There's a Part II coming.

Ed Rendell -- Voice of Reason?!?!


From his guest blog post on The Washington Post's Box Seats: Despite the incredible level of play by Michael Vick-- and no quarterback in the NFL is playing better-- we miss Donovan. (click the link) Zoikes!


You don't have to hate Kolb to root for Vick

[Note by JimmyK, 09/23/10 3:02 PM EDT ] - Here's a guest post by BGN member D3Keith, which is too sane not to put on the front page... Here's a little refresher for all our fellow fans: When the C...

McNabb on Rick Reilly's show


In case you don't feel like devoting a half-hour (or hour) of your life to Homecoming, ESPN recaps it for you here, with video clips to the relevant parts. I saw it without sound myself, but Chris Cooley's part looked funny (he calls it a 'bonehead' trade for us) and I swear I saw Dawk stand up and ask a question. Also, McNabb's brother has very noticeable eyebrows.

Philly fans who still love McNabb


Dan Steinberg points out how many people went to the Redskins' most recent preseason game with McNabb jerseys on, and then *GASP!* he talks to them. You mean somebody asked Philly fans how they feel about McNabb instead of telling us we hate him? Nice work on skipping the familiar narrative. This is weird, as we've known for a while now, and many of us have different opinions about seeing 5 in throw-up yellow and blood red. While you might expect varying opinions out of an entire NFL fanbase, I appreciate Dan bothering to ask. And I keep seeing weird examples of Eagles-Redskins love down here, like Va. redskins plates in Eagles frames. 5, keep us conflicted even after he's gone.

Herremans is playing this week


Finally some good news. I came to rejoice, and there were no posts about it. Did you all meet for beer?

Eli Manning gets his face cut open


Whether you're in the "nobody wants to see that" or the "F the Giants" camp, you'll want to take note of this hit. (video) Eli bumps into Brandon Jacobs, then gets blind sided, then gets his face cut open in a preseason game. At Big Blue View, scroll down to the 8:57 mark to see the horrified reactions of Giants fans. (Actually some of them kind of liked it). I can't imagine our reaction if this happened to Kolb. Discuss.


BGN Bowl II: Let's make it happen

I've waited patiently for a post by GreenInBaltimore saying it's on with the Ravens bloggers. And now I see Bye, Da -- er, JimmyK -- suggest a game vs. IgglesBlog. I don't care if we play a bunch...

Sapp is playing SAM

This probably doesn't come as a shock to anyone who's followed since draft day, but I'm not sure we had it confirmed. Sapp (drafted as a DE) and Keenan Clayton (drafted as an SS/nickel LB) are both working in at strong-side LB. Sapp sounds pretty open to the move. Here's the Morning Call's blog post on the same subject.

Redskins fans have McNabb fever


Well this just makes you sick, doesn't it?


Draft-day curveballs

Now that the day is finally upon us, it's hard not to be excited. Whether you view it as five picks on the first two days or seven of the top 121 (under normal circumstances, a team should get four...


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I listened to both D.C. Sports Talk stations in drive time today out of curiosity. I thought those of us who'd closely watched McNabb for 11 years would get a kick out of some of the things I heard...


Hobbs, Gocong sign 1-year deals

I honestly didn't want to do a fanpost for this, but I got the text from the Eagles and waited, like, 45 seconds and there was still no reaction here! My guess is the Gocong move gets no love,...


Teams secretly interested in McNabb

Because it was the weekend and its slowed down here but I still work, I ended up reading a lot of the McNabb garbage from elsewhere. And on ProFootballTalk.com I saw something that was actually...


Reggie Brown, enjoy Tampa Bay!

Recently tweeted by Adam Schefter: Filed to ESPN: Philadelphia traded wide receiver Reggie Brown to Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers sixth-round pick in 2011.


Eskin on Kolb/McNabb via PFT

I'm not sure I even want to weigh in on this, just passing it on to BGN so you guys can slice and dice it. Personally, I think this is textbook Florio and Eskin, just trying to rile up the fanbase...


Dear Dallas trolls

On behalf of all of us: You guys were better this year. There is nothing for us to argue about.  Congrats. I really didn't even want to say 'Congrats,' but I'm padding this post to get to 75 words....


Game Replays?

So I'm a proud user of the Sunday Ticket package, which helps me never miss an Eagles game (not in the Philly broadcast area anymore). However, I work in an industry and role that keeps me close to...

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