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Doug Glanville Has a Great Article in the Atlantic

I've criticized Glanville's writing on BCB in the past... but this article in the Atlantic is really, really well done. Glanville lives in Hartford, Connecticut, and was apparently stopped by a...


Scherzer will not be extended by Detroit - Will test free agent market

The Detroit Tigers recently issued an official statement indicating that Max Scherzer has rejected their final offer for a contract extension, and that no further offers will be made. It's almost...

The "Seat Improvement Plan" as Revenue Source


Bloomberg has an article today about some new functionality coming to the MLB At The Ballpark app - paying for seat upgrades. The gist is this - the team continues to make unsold seats available DURING the game, to people currently at the game - for a price that goes down as the game goes on. Not only that - but if you're a season-ticket holder, and you know that your seat is going unused, you can make your seat available for upgrades, and get a portion of the revenue. There are 4 teams getting this feature Opening Day- AZ, MN, OAK, and ATL - with 12 more teams getting it by the end of April. Average upgrade price is $16. The upshot - ushers are probably going to have to be more vigilant in keeping people from moving into the box seats....


Looking at the 2013 Cubs/Topps Archives Promo Giveaway set

I'm probably going to have to make 4 trips in to the city on Friday afternoons this year -- this is the giveaway that I've always hoped the Cubs would do. Here is the link to the full set- you...

Cubs' 2013 Slogan: "Committed".


I mean, I knew we were all a bit crazy to keep following this team all these years. May as well acknowledge it.


Ryan Braun's Name is in the Biogenesis PED Client List

Hey, everyone - another fantastic year in the books for Ryan Braun. And, one year later, another PED controversy! Yahoo! Sports just broke the story that Ryan Braun's name is included in the...


Dempster wants to return, doesn't he? And the feeling may be mutual

Reports this morning are that Ryan Dempster rejected 2 years / $25MM from Boston. He's looking for a 3 year deal. And reportedly, Milwaukee and the Cubs are the two teams interested. Based on...


Grantland crucifies Dusty on Prior, Wood... and Strasburg

Grantland talks Steven Strasburg... and Dusty Baker's malpractice in destroying Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, and the Cubs.

Erik Bedard Cut by Pittsburgh


He's been pretty horrible this season. And lately, he's been even worse. Kind of a disaster all around. I'd still sign him. Don't cost nothin'. Also, Theo went out and got him last year, and he was okay for Boston. He's 33, but lefties sometimes have really slow declines. And frankly, they need bodies in the rotation.


Ryan Braun's Casual Relationship with the Truth

It's surprising, but there are quite a few BCB posters who are happy that Ryan Braun's suspension was overturned, and who have spent the last 12 hours defending Shyam Das' decision. I expect this...

Cubs offer arb to Pena, Aramis, not to Wood


Probably b/c we are okay with Pena accepting, we know that Ramirez won't, and know that it doesn't matter either way with Wood.

Wilken will NOT leave with Hendry


As many of us suspected, the "Wilken will leave if we fire Hendry" meme was a lot of hot air and baseless speculation. Does Wilken still want to see it through and watch his draft picks grow up and form the core of a contender? "Hell yeah," Wilken said. "Without a doubt. That was my goal when I came here. Jim hired me, but I work for the Chicago Cubs." That settles that. It will, of course, be up to the new GM. But (edit) Ricketts will recommend that they keep Wilken on, and he's hoping to stay.


The Cubs Can't Waive Shark After All

As Bruce Levine noted in an ESPN chat today (correcting his prior statement on the issue), Jeff Samardzija's no-trade provision in his contract states that he cannot be waived without his...

Barrett Loux signs for $312K


....with the Rangers. Would it have been impossible to sign this guy? Yes, he's an injury risk. But considering that we threw 20X this much money at Shark, I would have liked to have taken that risk.

MLBTR: Ted Lilly will be a Type A Free Agent


Well, there you have it. We'll see if their reverse-engineering of the Elias Rankings holds up, but they have Lilly in the Type A group, by a pretty large margin. This is exactly why I was so upset with Hendry for the Lilly trade - 2011 is going to be an absolutely stacked draft, and if we'd kept Lilly and offered arb, we would have had either an extra first rounder, or Lilly on a 1-year deal for 2011. Instead, we have Blake DeWitt and Kyle Smit. Would you trade both of those guys for a 2011 first rounder? Yes, yes you would.

Baseball Prospectus: Cubs Will Finish Below .500


I just saw this on the local news ticker - Baseball Prospectus' PECOTA system has the Cubs finishing 80-82, nine games behind STL. That's up from 77 games predicted a few weeks ago - I suppose that the Nady signing helped? Anyway, it looks like PECOTA has changed its mind about some of our 2009 underachievers, who they loved last year. This is the lowest predicted finish for a Cubs team that PECOTA has ever had since it started in '03.

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