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and now FINN
Love the Angels and my family........ in that order. Sorry honey.
Bay Area Angels Fan.
Spreading the word of the Angels Greatness.

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  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
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Mike Napoli on


Looking at my favorite waste time website and came across our great hit or miss catcher getting some. Thata boy. You go mike. I want to be like Mike. (not really)




Where Red Sux fans come from


When I saw this on i was shocked. How could they do this to babies. Nothing is worse then more Rex Sox fans. Direct Quote from the Website: "...there are many benefits to having your baby at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. As the official hospital of the Boston Red Sox, one more great benefit has been added to the list; your baby will be a Red Sox Baby!" Watch out if you have a baby at this hospital they will become Ben Affleck and will want to pay $200 dollors to seat in that place they call Fenway. I will also be writing a formal complaint to the hospital about the abuse they will afflict on those children for the rest of their lives. P.S. Lackey sucks and looks like an open mouth Horse.

Way OT: Thank God For IN-N-OUT


From the multiple conversations about our love of In-N-Out I found the greatest thing on TV. I was trying to find something to watch other then ESPN; yes the boycott is on until Monday. While doing my super fast channel surf I saw a juicy Tasty Double-Double. After an instant stop of my finger I found myself on PBS. It was "California's Gold" that boring show about things in California, but it was about In-N-Out. After TiVoing it last night, I watched it this morning and had to get a burger this morning. It was soo amazing and i needed to tell everyone i know. It should be repeated on your Local PBS channel, record it, watch it, go eat a burger.

Tim Salmon Revisits 2002 World Series


You got to check this out. This is the first time i heard something smart from Giants Fans and i am surrounded them.

Sad Fall of an Angels 5-Star Prospect


He was suppose to take over for Glaus but that did not happen. His career is over if you get sent to the A's Minor leagues. Sorry Dallas, just hope that Woods is not the next you.

Gary Radnish and Tony Bruno on Torrii Hunter


Listening to my local radio yesterday and thought everyone in HalosHeaven would like this. Gary is NorCals king of media on KNBR 680 and Tony Bruno is from LA


Going to his first game?

I need the opinion of this great community of very smart sport fans.  I had a baby son in October, now 4 months.  Baseball starts in one month.  I live in the bay area and see the angels at...

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