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Long time Bronco fan. Grew up in NJ, surrounded by G-men and Jets. How did I become a Broncos fan? I don't know. My parents have always told me they don't remember me rooting for any other team and they don't know how I started liking them. I can tell you this though, I was a fan before we won the Super Bowls so even though I was very young at that age I could appreciate it.

Also a HUGE fan of the draft, which explains why I'm always on MTD. Its just a fascinating process and can give any fan a reason of optimism for the upcoming season.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Mets
  • NBA Brooklyn Nets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NCAAB Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NHL New Jersey Devils
User Blog

Trying to Predict the Broncos Strategy at 31

Let me preface this by saying I don't believe I have any idea what is going to happen. How can I sit here and tell you what will happen if the guy making the calls doesn't know what will happen?...


Pretend Inferiority and Encourage His Arrogance

Man do I love ESPN. 24/7/365 Sports coverage, mostly football, is pretty much all I watch if I turn the TV on. They'll show me the highlights of the games I missed and give me up to date news...


DBroncs Week 12 Picks against the spread

Last Weeks Records: Me: 7-5-3 ElwayFanJ: 5-7-3 Recap: Lot's of ties, won't get into those. -Atlanta, It's funny because I actually put a parlay in Sunday morning with TB, forgot to come back...


DBroncs Picks Against the Spread Week 12

Before I get into the picks for this week, I want to go over my record, as promised the record of others who participated, and some thoughts (more like rants) on games I lost. Everyone who...


DBroncs Picks Against the Spread

Let me preface this article by saying this is not a betting cheat sheet. I do not claim anymore knowledge of the game then anyone else and I do not expect anyone to place wagers on any picks I may...

2012 Division Standing Projections

Its that time of year where the amount of news coming out of the NFL is so slow the only thing worth talking about is predictions for next season.

Final Mock Draft (Warning, Crazy Picks are happening)

Mock City B%&@# Mock Mock City B@#$%

2 Round Mock Draft

1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford 2. Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor 3. Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil, OT, USC

Madden Cover: Tebow vs. Miller


So this is interesting, each team has 2 representatives for the Madden cover voting process. This is a tough one for me. Miller was great this year, but Tebow's Tebow. I pose to you MHR, who would you rather see on the Madden cover: Tebow or Miller?

DBroncs Mock Draft

I know, it's been a while, you al have missed me. I've been on this site multiple times a day but I've been way too busy to mock or comment as frequently as I used to. Finally Spring Break started...

1st Mock in What Seems Like Forever

Hey boys, how have you all been? I know you guys have been clawing out your eyes because you haven't heard from me in a while. The reason for my absence was that I've been in Ireland. Beautiful...

2 Round Mocker

order is from

Todd Haley Predicts Broncos to Beat Patriots


Don't have a link because he literally just said it a second ago on this show called "Audibles." I was very surprised and Keyshawn Johnson (who picked the Pats) said something along the lines of: you know best, you played them both this year. While obviously this doesn't increase our chances of winning, it's interesting to hear the perspective of a guy who was an active NFL HC a week ago. Hopefully Haley's right!


DBroncs Keys to the Pats Game

I'm usually not a major contributor here, and I don't really enjoy doing fanposts often. But as a roommate of 5 Patriots fans, I would just like to share my thoughts on what we need to do to beat...

Another DBroncs Mock Draft (With Trades)

I haven't done a mock in over a week, starting to have withdrawals. Won't do an explanation for everyone, and per usual order is from For the trades, try not to rip me for the...

Midseason Mock 3.0

I'm avoiding explanations except for picks where I need to so I can get this done quickly. Once again order's based on

Miller gets fined $25K for late hit on Sanchez


If you ask me, this is grade A BS. When I first saw it I thought it was a questionable late hit, and since the refs didn't throw the flag I don't think the league should've fined Miller. In slow-mo, it looks pretty bad, but at full speed its a bang-bang play. Shame on you Goodell

Midseason Mock 2.0 (Updated with 2nd round)

The order is based on, although with some teams with the same records/playoff teams I changed them up a bit.

Mid-Season Mock Draft

I have to write something here so SB nation will let me post this

Mock Trade Deadline Thread

Whats up MTD? I'm back with another hypothetical. The trade deadline is approaching and on MHR one of our staff writers made some "mock trades" with staff writers from other SB nation sites. I...

Report: Tebow Likely Number 2 Against Seattle


And the drama continues. I've never seen a more dramatic backup QB battle. Glad to see the reports this week were total crap

Tebow Figures in Broncos' Future


Great article by Legwold which sums up what I believe is the plan right now. With Orton and Quinn in contract years, and unlikely to resign, I think they let Tebow sit and refine his skills, and then they will give him his shot next year with a full offseason. That's the sparknotes version, and I can go on, but Legwold's article does a better job then I can of it. This may be in the Tracks tomorrow but I wanted to give it extra attention with a well deserved Fanshot

MTD Live Draft Signups


Before anyone gets crazy, this is admittedly extremely early, but the commish at MTD wanted to do sign ups now. I'm currently the GM of our team, but "seton hall and steelers" wants each team to have a "HC" and a "Head of Scouting" although its not mandatory. I'm no Josh McDaniels (don't take the joke too seriously like I know some will) so I would love to have two other minds with me. If you want to join, just respond on the thread and he'll put you in. Its still months down the road, but if anyone wants to join in please do, I'd love the help.

ESPN's First Power Rankings


We're at 27 to start the year, and for a team that had the 2nd pick that's respectable. The one thing I disagree with is how Kuharsky says Fox will struggle early while Mike Muchak will "squeeze something out of the Titans." He has them ranked 20th, which is a disgrace when you consider their best player is holding out. There are a couple teams you could argue to bring down and some explanations that make you scratch your head, but all in all its pretty solid and I like where we are at right now.

Hidden Nugget in Andrew Mason Article


The quote: "Tebow, to his credit, answered questions for several minutes after his usual post-practice work. This followed a session that was arguably his best of training camp. During the seven-on-seven period, he went 4-of-5 with a touchdown and an interception. In the red-zone periods later in practice, he flung touchdown passes to Mark Dell and David Anderson. On the Dell touchdown, he rolled left and threw a pass across his body that went 40 yards in the air; on the Anderson play, he fired a modified jump pass that was more like a half-hop, much to the delight of many fans in attendance." Also goes on to say he did split reps with Quinn on 2nd O, but I think as a Tebowite its pretty reassuring to see Tebow respond to the crap storm that has swirled around him this week and put together his best practice. The Woody article made me waver slightly on his confidence and drive to prove his doubters wrong, but this reminded me this is Tim freakin' Tebow! I've been working since 7 am EST, so maybe this was brought up, but I just saw it now and thought it was worthwhile to notice. Hopefully this reassures other Tebowites like me who got a little nervous!

Orton discussion at the Phinsider


I started a fanshot over at Phinsider (Phins Sb nation website) discussing Orton and other minutia's surrounding said topic. I've kept it civil and their members have been very kind and generous. I'm not the fastest typer in the world so if any of you want to help please swing on by. But please, be civil, we're representing MHR and they are very hospitable

Hello Phinsider, If you couldn't tell I'm a die hard Broncos fan, and I frequent both MHR and MTD,...


Hello Phinsider, If you couldn't tell I'm a die hard Broncos fan, and I frequent both MHR and MTD, the SB nation sites for the Broncos and the NFL draft, respectively. I come in peace, I don't want to offend or rip on your team, and I hope you can treat me the same. I really just want to discuss the idea of an Orton trade. I'm not saying it's definite, but I want to see the trade from your side. Through skimming your website, I've gathered many of you are happy you didn't pull the trigger for Orton when the deal was "close." While I can understand some reasons for that, I just want to know why exactly you don't want him in Miami, whether it be the compensation, contract, etc. So please, I'm willing to have a civil debate here, and if other MHR members have come here before for this reason, then I'll just delete this to save redundancy. So without further adieu: Why does the Phinsider not want Kyle Orton?


DB's Look at the 2012 NFL Draft

What's good MHR? I haven't been commenting/posting as much as I'd like lately due to the fact I got a summer job. Don't worry, I've been here everyday reading posts, shots, and front page material....

DB's "On the Money" Mock Draft

I hate doing it this early, I usually tell myself to wait until after the college bowl season, but I think this would be considered circumstance to bend the rules (Damn you lockout!). As with all...

Individual Awards Predictions

I'm back with another hypothetical to prevent lockout suicide. This one will be predicting the variety of individual awards given at the end of each season. If I forget an award or 2 I'll update my...

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