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Long time Bronco fan. Grew up in NJ, surrounded by G-men and Jets. How did I become a Broncos fan? I don't know. My parents have always told me they don't remember me rooting for any other team and they don't know how I started liking them. I can tell you this though, I was a fan before we won the Super Bowls so even though I was very young at that age I could appreciate it.

Also a HUGE fan of the draft, which explains why I'm always on MTD. Its just a fascinating process and can give any fan a reason of optimism for the upcoming season.

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  • MLB New York Mets
  • NBA Brooklyn Nets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NCAAB Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NHL New Jersey Devils
User Blog

NFL's Best O-Lineman


From Pat Kirwan on Not really a big fan of his, and its not just because of the half-assed analysis for Clady. He mentions Clady had a down year, but fails to mention it was because of the injury from... basketball... (smh). I'm not too mad with where he is which is 11th on his list. Clady should continue to rise as he gets healthy this year and bounces back with a strong year. Kirwan also gave a shoutout to his athleticism but I still believe his strength in run blocking is severely underrated.

Who's Your Breakout Candidate(s)?

In this boring offseason, here's another hypothetical to kill time until this lockout deal is done with. Who do you think will be a breakout player this year? He could be from your team, or any...


A Look at Tebow's First 3 Starts

So the idea for this post came from a debate I was having with a Rams fan on MTD. He was trying to say Tebow's starts at the end of the year were laughable. One of his many points were that he felt...

Projected Division Standings

I'm not going to go with exact records, but I'm just going to rank the teams 1-4 in their division and I will make a note on which teams I think will make the playoffs.

Another DBroncs Mock

Easter break from college, perfect time for a mock!

Comparing Today's Prospects to Past Ones

I couldn't fully explain what this post was in the title, but I'll do my best here. I want to look at prospects of today and compare them to others from a draft standpoint, meaning either they'll...

Mock Draft 2 rounder

1. Carolina: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn: This is the time of year when the top pick begins to become clearer for us fans. From what I've heard and read, it seems like its going to be Newton. I think...

Don't buy into visits


Bechta at NFP makes his case why not, its the 3rd point in this column. Hopefully it applies to us. I really think this is more of a smoke screen then anything, I doubt we draft QB

Lawrence Wilson to visit Broncos


Nice mid round kid. Not exactly ground breaking news but its nice to know we are looking at kids that don't play QB


BPA mock draft

Good morning MHR, I know there are about a 1000 mocks a day on this website, but I wanted to give my own. BPA stands for Best Player Available for those of you who don't know. In the draft, this is...

My Mock V. I Forget

1. Carolina: Blaine Gabbert, QB, Mizzou: With the Panthers talking to pretty much every QB in this draft, they either are the best smoke-screeners ever or they are looking QB early. I'll vote for...

Julio Jones Needs Surgery to Repair Broken Foot


Hate to see such news after such a great combine, where he showed more athleticism then Green (which I didn't expect at all). It says he needs 2 months, which means by the time he's drafted he should be ready to go if there is a new CBA. Do you guys think this will hurt his draft stock? It may remind some of Demaryious Thomas, who's foot surgery before the draft nagged him all year.

Lombardi: Uncertainty about Tebow leaves Broncos with draft dilemma


Lombardi says that McD was the only person in the orginization who liked Tebow and now that he's gone everyone hates him and so does Fox... I bet there is some truth to that, as in maybe a lot of people in the org felt he was drafted too high or that he shouldn't start this year, but to say that "Quarterback is a huge need for this team" is pretty stupid, the guy played 3 games I don't think they'll give up on him yet. And to make matters worse Lombardi is scratching his head on where Ayers will play next year.... How about his natural DE position? D'oh!

MTD Live Draft Results


The MTD community draft took place over this weekend, and not to pat myself on the back but I thought I did a good job of BPA and addressing needs. To save you time if you don't want to read it all the picks go as follows: Nick Fairley, Rahim Moore, Mikell LeShoure, and Brandon Burton. There was no trades and it was 5 rounds so for us it only went to the 3rd. Kudos to Bron#1fan, he stepped in for me when I had an emergency, and made the LeShoure pick which I think is awesome. Please, I'm interested to know your thoughts on the picks, and if you click on the link you can see my explanations for the first 3 picks.

MTD Live Draft: Backup spot open


Hey guys, I know some of you here may know me. I love MHR and our Broncos, but I love draft as well and am always at MTD. Tonight, they are having a live draft, similar to the one we had last year except more rounds. I'm currently the rep, but there is a backup spot open for us and I'd appreciate it if someone would volunteer. I shuld be there, and even if I go out tonight, I got a blackberry so I can do it through that, but I'd like someone there for me to help get to the picks. It goes through 5 rounds over 2 days, but since there are no trades its really just the first 3 rounds. If your interested in being a backup, or just want to follow it, the link is above.

Aaron Wilson: Mayok on 2011 draft


I don't use twitter, but I found this very interesting. There's about 20 little facts from Mayok. When Mayok talks draft, you better listen. I reccomend you read this even if you don't have twitter.

Aaron Wilson: Mayok on 2011 draft


I don't use twitter, but I found this very interesting. There's about 20 little facts from Mayok. When Mayok talks draft, you better listen. I reccomend you read this even if you don't have twitter.


With the 13th pick...

What's up POD? Haven't been here since the preseason game we had, but I'd like to start off with a congrats, you guys are really improving and Suh is a beast, no teams more deserving of a bounce...

Shaun Rogers Cut, Future Bronco?


Let's face facts, the only starting DT we have now if Justin Banan, and if we don't draft Fairley there'll be either a huge void or a rookie possibly not ready to play. I think the FO should take a look at him and see if they can get him cheap. At worst he'd be a very good rotational player

My Mock V. 5

Some picks may be a little unorthodox, so if they are I'll do my best to explain.

My Mock V.4

Gonna try 2 rounds for the first time. I'll admit I'm not as confident in my second round so if I gave you a player who you think has no way of being picked in that round for your team, just let me...

My Mock V. 4

Should be studying for my test tomorrow but I'm just gonna mock the night away. Also, wanted to bring up a point to ask mockers to give more feedback. Obviously you don't have to respond to every...

Carson Palmer Demands Trade


I know this doesn't directly affect us, but indirectly it does. In the event that a new CBA is made and that we attempt to trade Orton for picks, we might have more trouble with him on the market.

Breaking News: Matt Williamson Not a Complete Jerk!


I like this article, the biggest things I took from it is that he thinks we'll go 4-3. He also thinks keeping McCoy will be good for developing Tebow further. Finally he admits as well Doom may be better for the 3-4 but this team should be able to get him on the field to rush the passer

Why All the Blaine Gabbert Hype?


I like the article because I feel the same way. Blaine is being hyed because he is the QB with all the "tools". Sorry but every time I watched this kid I saw why he "could" be a pro QB, not why he "would". He has all the tools, just not the intangibles, like my favorite (lol) Jamarcus Russel. If you disagree with me or Wes, please, explain why.

My Mock V.3

I stole the order from Montell again, kept some picks the same, but made sure to fix my OT errors. I don't have Cam Newton here, which is odd for me because I'm absolutely in love with the kid, but...


The Biggest Underdog HC Candidate

The title alludes to Eric Studesville. I know some of you might not agree with my title, since he has been granted an interview. I can't believe I'm thinking of buying into this, since I was the...

My Mock V.2

Xmas break from College with nothing to do, so why not make a mock? BTW, stole the order from Montell in his last mock (thanks budday)

McCoy says Broncos O will remain the same


I know this isn't anything new, but I thought the whole article was interesting because we will see both McCoy and Wink have complete control of their units. Will be interesting to see what changes on both sides of the ball sans McD

Scouts Inc. top 32


I know this is on their draft homepage, but I just wanted to post it here and spark some debate on what they think. If you have trouble finding it you just gotta scroll down a bit and its on the right side of the page. They have Costazo as the 10th best player, which clearly is not what many of us think here. Also surprised to see Nate Solder at #19, as I have been thinking hes a fringe 1st at best. They clearly like this OT class better then we do. Nick Fairley's at #9 which may be low but I don't know when the last time they updated it was. The biggest surprise though is that Brandon Harris isn't even in the top 32, and I think he's the 3rd or 4th best CB in this class. What do you guys think about this list?

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