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Long time Bronco fan. Grew up in NJ, surrounded by G-men and Jets. How did I become a Broncos fan? I don't know. My parents have always told me they don't remember me rooting for any other team and they don't know how I started liking them. I can tell you this though, I was a fan before we won the Super Bowls so even though I was very young at that age I could appreciate it.

Also a HUGE fan of the draft, which explains why I'm always on MTD. Its just a fascinating process and can give any fan a reason of optimism for the upcoming season.

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  • MLB New York Mets
  • NBA Brooklyn Nets
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  • NCAAB Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NHL New Jersey Devils
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A Darkhorse HC Candidate

I've made it known here that my favorite HC prospect is current DC of the Browns Rob Ryan. If you didn't know, he's the twin brother of Rex Ryan of the Jets, and like him is pretty loud and...

McD "Mic'd"


This I thought was pretty cool. Kinda puts you on the sideline. I thought the NFL network did a good job although I was surprised they didn't show McD during the final drive. You can tell from this that both McD and Orton as in no way giving up at any point in that game.

Possible Head Coaching candidates for 2011 season


Interesting article with a good list of names. Honestly I think if we do fire McD (and I dont think we will or should, he should get his 3 years unless the team quits on him.) We should go for a veteran HC like Cowher or Gruden, maybe Billik as well. But if those guys arent available an interesting guy is Rob Ryan. Don't just like him cuz he's related to Rex (and I dont like Rex) but he has done a great job with a D lacking talent, also coaches a 3-4 as well.

Sans Luck, Who would be drafted first overall?

I like making fanposts on this website where we spark debates. If you remember I made an earlier one about the 2011 biggest steals/busts. Well now, I have another interesting question: If Luck...

My Mock V. 1

I'm sitting here after Thanksgiving with nothing to do, so why not make a mock? Order is according to the ESPN Week 12 power rankings, so don't jump down my throat there. I'm gonna skip lengthy...

Biggest Bust/Biggest Steal

We here at MTD love making mocks and occasionally throwing a title on a guy of either "he's gonna be a bust" or "he's gonna be a huge steal." Well, It might be a bit early to do this, but I wanted...

Campbell to start IF healthy, Boller if not


Well, considering Campbell posted a 10.7 passer rating vs the 49ers and Boller has started in 12 games in 3 years, and hasn't thrown more TD's then INT's in 3 years, I don't see much of a threat from either. Hopefully Grad doesn't come back, considering the fits he gave our D last year


In-Depth Scouting Report on the Raiders

  2-4 from the outside looking in might seem like there is little hope, but for the Denver Broncos this is not so. In a relatively weak division, the Broncos are only a game and a half out of...

Trevor Pryce cut


The article says he was still playing well this season, why not bring him back?

Breakdown: Broncos throw wrinkle with Bailey move


Woah... Bold move. Will give Cox experience on the outside too but I'm still not 100% sure about it. Hopefully it'll help patch up our pass D who struggled against Garrard...(SMH)

ESPN's Broncos Predictions


I think I'm going to be sick. 3rd is the best we got? and BW thinks we are 4th? And also, out of 5 analysis, 3 say 3rd and 2 say 4th, yet we are the consensus 4th? WTF ESPN?


What I'm Looking for: Pre-season, Game 1

Wow, ain't it great? Finally the Broncos are suiting back up and preparing for yet another season. I usually don't put much stock into pre-season games but I feel this one is pretty important. We...

Lombardi Interview With McDaniels


Love Lombardi and he asks good questions. McD answers the questions with his usual vagueness but stresses a point I really like, competition. Only makes a team better and I feel it will only help Orton, Gaffney, and all the other guys with back-ups breathing down their necks. Also, I notice from this interview and others is that McDaniels, although he will praise them, it always comes with the caveat of him stressing all his rookies are making mistakes. I like this better than hyping up rookies too much and making them feel they've already made it. Overall, what I take from McDaniels' overall philosophy is you gotta fight to be on this team and play for this team, and nothing will be given to you, which is why some babies and not true pro's don't like him. Only time will tell if he's right.

McCaffrey Aswering Questions on DP


If you wanna ask McCaffrey a question, follow the link and it will have the email address where you send your question(s) to Ed. Wanted to post this because I love Ed. His jersey was the first I ever got and it got me hooked on Bronco football, and I know pretty much everyone here loves him as well.

AFC West Needs

I realize Dan is doing this as well, but since he is on hiatus, I wanted to try my Broncos home, the AFC West, and spark some discussion in an otherwise boring month in football. Again, since this...

Dre Bly Returns to Detroit


I must say I'm glad for the guy. The guy came here from Detroit with a lot of expectations but could never live up to it (many of those expectations he made for himself). This was just another one of Shanny's blunders and another reason I am confident in McD.


Latest Update On Champ

Saw it on ESPN. This is the link that describes Champ and his agents point of view on the matter:

Tebow Watch


All I can say is: "wow." Yes the guy was great in college, but he hasn't even played an NFL snap yet and he has a whole page just on him on ESPN? I think he'll do well if he refines his game, but I think this could be a little much.


Why I Wouldn't Bet Against McD

Is McD a great coach? To answer that question, I would say no, not yet. However, here are a couple reasons why I like McD and why I wouldn't bet against his success


Headlines: Harmful or Helpful?

We all love it when we log onto here or ESPN or some other website/TV show and see our beloved Broncos right in the headlines. It gives us that reassurance that they are newsworthy and also gives...


A Couple of questions

First off, Id like to say these questions are mostly on Front office topics. I like to consider myself knowledgeable on football, but mostly from a scheme/personnel standpoint, so all these CBA...

Retraction of my Last Fan Shot


Im sorry, Its early in the morning and I read the article wrong. Here's the quote I misread: "If Orton owns a penny's worth of common sense, he has already quietly, politely and firmly asked for a trade to grant his freedom. Let him go to the Buffalo Bills. The Edmonton Eskimos. Anywhere but here." Sorry but I missed the first part of the sentence. I must say though that sentence is kinda misleading. I do hope we trade Orton, and get a 2nd or 3rd, or maybe even a player, for him


The Past, Present, and future of the QB in Denver

The debate on who will be QB will go on until the first week of the regular season is upon us. McD has said all the right things when it come to this position in the media. But will it be that way...


Rookie signings

I know its kinda early for this, but when do most rookies begin signing their contracts? I remember last year Mark Sanchez was signed around this time, because they fully expected him to start. I...

First 2010 NFL power rankings


After last year's collapse, I cant disagree with it too much (#20), although I don't see the Texans, Panthers, or Steelers being better than us now. I agree with the 15-20 range and I hope we'll be top 10 at the end of the year next year


The Unsung Heroes

I decided to make this post after jonmark's post on Stokley. He mentioned how great of an asset Stokley is to the Broncos. After reading his article, it got me to thinking of other players on our...

Lombardi/Wyche: Perrish Cox=Steal of Draft


Good video where 2 experts both say he is the steal of the draft. Explain a lot about him and why Denver is in good hands with him. Dont hav a lot tied up with him and he has vet secondary to learn from on and off the field. More I hear about this kid the more I love him.


What the 2010 NFL draft taught me

I would first like to say what a great draft this was for Denver. They got plenty of talent and had very few reaches. I think with the picks we took, and the ones we didnt, we learned quite a bit...

One last mock, but not for contest

I already made one for the contest but I wanted to make another one for fun


Alan Faneca on the block?

I was reading my favorite columnist, Mike Lombardi's daily column today when I looked at his new and notes portion of the article. Here's what I saw:

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