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SI's Luke WInn GUARANTEES that KU will not win the National Championship

Winn revived the Grant Wahl tradition of the Magic Eight, which are the eight teams of which SI guarantees that one will win the National Championship. KU was omitted and listed as ripe for a Sweet 16 upset. Bill Self & Co.: prove him wrong!


My observations of the Wilmington Blue Rocks - 5-26-2010

  On Wendesday I decided to go catch a Wilmington Blue Rocks game.  I was in Wilmington working on a trial for the past week and instead of taking an early train back to DC on Wednesday, I took...

Hamid Karzai taking a page from the Dayton Moore playbook

"in an unusual public conversation about Afghanistan on Thursday, the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton went to some legnths to depict a looming coalition offensive around Kandahar as not a full-fledged military assault, but, in Mr. Karzai's words, "a process." And in other news, Mr. Karzai is hiring Trey Hillman as manager of Kandahar province.

CBS' Gary Parrish confirms that Lucas' injury is no more than an ankle sprain

If it's coming from Parrish, I assume it's from an inside source. No word on Lucas' availability for the weekend


The Tyshawn Taylor Initiative: Reading between the lines of Bill Self's Words

What’s going on with Tyshawn Taylor and Bill Self?  Today, Bill Self addressed the media in about their relationship in a press conference.  I think that a lot can be gleaned from his...


2009-2010 Player Outlook

  On Sherron Collins:   Offense:   On offense, KU will have a more potent and bigger group on the floor than it did last season, as the stronger and more versatile Xavier Henry will no...

Cory Joseph and Roscoe Smith no longer considering KU

Joseph, the #3 point guard in the 2010 class according to rivals, cut his list to Villanova, Minnesota, UCONN, Texas, UNLV and Mississippi State. I guess it is Selby or Knight or bust for the PG position in KU's 2010 class. Roscoe Smith, who is KU target Doron Lamb's teammate at Oak Hill Academy, also cut KU from his list yesterday, along with UCLA. He is now considering Duke, Georgetown, and UCONN. Sucks for KU, and the timing of the fights did not help much (I am certain that other coaches brought them up during in-home and official visits). But I'm confident that Bill Self will put another stellar recruiting class together. We will probably have to wait for the PG though, as both Selby and Knight are unlikely to commit until the spring.

Top Giants Prospect Arrested for Suspicion of Murder

Well, this makes me feel better about the Jason Taylor and Nick Francis suspensions.

Upshot: At least we aren't the 2009 Nationals

Deadspin recounts the massive failure of the 2009 season, beginning with a federal criminal investigation and ending with...Bryce Harper?

Don't get me wrong: Sabathia and Verlander are great pitchers. They are having terrific seasons....

Don't get me wrong: Sabathia and Verlander are great pitchers. They are having terrific seasons. But they haven't been as good as Zack Greinke this year. No one has. In either league.'t-let-Royals-ruin-Greinke's-Cy-Young-bid

Quick Role Playing Exercise

As we traverse through the annual September Royals' equivalent of the "surge" in Iraq that leads the front office to undue optimism for 2010, let's take a reflective but proactive lens back in time...


Open Post to the Royals Organization and Personal Resignation as a Fan

I am extremely disappointed in the Royals’ response to Rany Jazayerli’s blog post of June 24, 2009. Blacklisting Rany Jazayerli from Kauffman Stadium is fundamentally upsetting to me. This...

Run Totals During GMDM's Tenure

2006 (part of this season belongs to Allard): 757 RS, 871 RA 2007: 706 RS, 778 RA 2008: 691 RS, 781 RA 2009: 304 RS, 359 RA through 75 games (656 RS, 775 RA extrapolated for 162 games) It's really intriguing that our runs scored has dropped precipitously since Dayton took over, and while our runs allowed enjoyed a large drop in one season between 2006 and 2007, it's topped off since then. The runs scored is our real problem, folks. Dayton has not proven that he can build a MLB average offense.

More 2009 Draft Signings

  1. Scott Lyons, SS, 15th round pick from U. Arkansas
  2. Benjamin Tschepikow, 2B, 17th round pick from U. Arkansas
  3. Jonathan Keck, LHP, 42nd round pick from Bethel College
  4. Anthony Howard, CF, 47th round pick from Quince Orchard HS in Potomac, Maryland

Raul Ibanez brings the dark underbelly of bloggers living in their mothers' basements to the...

Raul Ibanez brings the dark underbelly of bloggers living in their mothers' basements to the national media. Time to go into exile, RR, which means leaving your mother's basement? "I'll put that up against the jobs of anyone who writes this stuff," he said, according to the Inquirer. "Make them accountable. There should be more credibility than some 42-year-old blogger typing in his mother's basement. It demeans everything you've done with one stroke of the pen. "Nobody is above the testing policy. We've seen that."

OT: Anyone here been to Iceland?

Thanks to the global economic crisis, I'm round tripping to Reykjavik this evening for a far cheaper price than flying to Kansas City. I will do all the obvious touristy stuff there, like going to...


Let all our troubles be dwelled upon - Burning Royals Questions for 2009

I'm guardedly optimistic of the Royals in 2009, but I'm not sure exactly what to expect from this team. As some on this site have noted, this team has an outside shot at 2nd place in the AL...

Khalil Greene Traded to Cardinals?

As reported by the New York Post and picked up by Supposedly the Padres will receive two relief prospects in return; I'd guess that Chris Perez would likely be the primary player there. If this indeed is only lacking the signature on the red line, that takes one player off the market who I had a suspicion GMDM would be interested in. Then again, given Greene's hacktastic career line of .248/.304.427, he's really the last thing the Royals lineup needs right now from an offensive standpoint. I would have preferred picking him up instead of the equally hacktastic Mike Jacobs, but that's a separate issue entirely. I still think GMDM is actively looking for a SS to bump Aviles to 2B, though now that we have Crisp I think the Furcal to the Royals rumors carry a little less weight given that the Royals braintrust seems set on employing Crisp as a leadoff hitter.

GMDM Continues to Reshape Staff, Hires Mike Arbuckle

Hired as a senior advisor to GMDM. I admit I can't objectively evaluate this one, but on paper it looks like a good move. Arbuckle did a great job drafting and scouting young offensive talent in Philadelphia - Rollins, Burrell, Utley, Howard, Victorino were supposedly all his brainchidren.


Open Thread - ST Game #2 - Royals v. Padres

I'm up for this again, and this time it's an MLB.TV broadcast.  Who's with me?By and large, this game is just as meaningless as the last one, perhaps even more meaningless considering that the...


Open Thread ST Game #1 - Royals v. Rangers

From the diaries... We had a few Spring Training Open Threads last year, so lets give it a shot.-RRAnyone going to be at the game?  Anyone listening on Gameday Audio? I will be amongst the latter....


Was Mark Teahen 2007's MLB-worst regular RF on offense?

My friend, a Cardinals fan, made this claim to me a few nights ago.  I dismissed it as rivalry-fueled bias.  After seeing's Dayn Perry make the same claim, however, I decided to...


January Talking Points

January, to me, is like suffering through an annual purgatory between the gossip feast of the winter meetings and ST reporting date for pitchers and catchers.  Quite frankly, it is the worst...


Who's on first? And news (at least to me) re: Ryan Shealy ran a Hot Stove article assessing the Royals options at first base for 2008.


Can anyone name the game?

Where a Royals outfielder received a concussion trying to chase down a fly ball that subsequently hit off his head for a home run?  I was in a bar in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC and the...


White Sox a Contender?

Yeah, that's what I thought. But thinks otherwise:"Drawing the ire of critics, GM Ken Williams didn't pull off any blockbuster moves at the Winter Meetings in Nashville. Instead, he made...


Lubanski talks about exposure to Rule 5

He seems very surprised in a "chip on the shoulder way" that the Royals didn't protect him on the 40-man.  Personally, I do not blame him.  It is highly likely that he will be selected by...


Verducci Ranks Royals as the #4 Contender

...To be 2008's Rockies. Exciting.  I nonetheless think that's a stretch, and Verducci bases his conjecture on the Royals signing one power-hitting outfielder (likely Guillen, with Andruw Jones as...


Mike Cameron Suspended 25 Games anabolic raping of our pure and grand pastime continues, this time with Padres outfielder Mike Cameron testing positive for a banned...


Meaningless Exercise, but fun Nonetheless

Rank the Royals top 10 prospects heading into next season.  Here's the catch - create one list based upon long-term potential/upside, and create another list for the top 10 prospects most likely...

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