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USC alum, long suffering Scotland supporter. Everton for a team that wins but not too much, and Partick Thistle because there's more to Glasgow football than the ugly sectarian sisters.

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User Blog

DBD 8/21/14 - in the garden eating worms

When I was young I never needed anyone And fighting on was just for fun those days are gone cheering alone I think of Rose Bowls I’ve off-blown Trojans I have known Nobody’s goin All by...


DBD 8/15/2014 - All about that bass

Now that the DC Trojanettes have returned from their summer sojourn in Vermont, there's a lot more pop music playing in the house, minivan, etc. Yesterday we were on the way home from the office...


DBD 8/7/14 - Updating the Bucket List

I know we’re often in re-runs around here but I think it’s time to revisit our various bucket list / travel dreams threads (if only to provide some excuse for a DBD). For example - every year I...


DBD 8/5/2014 - Let's Help Dr Kod

Long time DBDers know that few things chap Dr Kod's hide like bad reviews on Yelp from disgruntled cheapskate parents who expect miracles at unsustainable discounts. I thought I'd help by trying to...

Virginia Tech alum overcomes paralysis to obtain a PhD in robotics


In the even that people are interested: a story about Virginia Tech alumnus Ryan Williams, who overcame paralysis from an accident to pursue his PhD from USC's Viterbi School of Engineering and in the process become a recognized expert in the theory of underwater robot interaction.


DBD 6/13/14 - Yesterday's World Cup, Today

If you'd like to discuss the World Cup in today's DBD, please use spoiler tags and do NOT rec any spoilered posts because there is a glitch on mobile that reveals spoiler tags on rec'd posts....


DBD 5/21/14 - Learning something

I clicked on today's google doodle and learned something: Mary Anning (21 May 1799 – 9 March 1847) was a British fossil collector, dealer, and palaeontologist who became known around the world...


DBD 5/16/2014 - Soggy

Ah, the mild Maryland spring, always a pleasure... via pbs.twimg.com What the shit? If I could have sent that deluge to alleviate your drought conditions, California-based DBDers, I would...


DBD 5/8/2014 - How To Make People Feel Welcome

Some of you may have noticed that the World Cup will start next month, in Brazil. In England, there has been some concern about the level of violence in Brazil, as well as the heat in Manaus, where...


DBD 5/7/2014 - Fresh air

Spring has sprung At last it's riz I wonder where the birdies is? They say the bird is on the wing But that's absurd The wing is on the bird If there's one thing I like about the DC area,...


4/30/14 DBD - Maybe travel does broaden your horizons

I learned a number of things on my recent spring break extravaganza: Dutch people really like old French cars. Reall, really like them. More than the French, who scrapped them all and bought...


DBD 3/6/2014 - are there any fresh topics left?

I've finally given in to the lack of a new DBD but I'm damned if I can think of anything new to write about. Perhaps that's because I haven't had the time yet this morning to go and look for...


DBD 2.17.14 - Presidents' Day

I don't know about you, but nothing fills me with patriotic fervor like Presidents' Day. When I think of all the accomplishments of Millard Fillmore or Rutherford B Hayes, it just fills me with...


DBD 12/30/2013 Back to "Work"

Well, here we are. Another day in the office - eventually - while others burn off whatever PTO balance is above the ceiling for carrying over into the new year. However, I am freshly motivated to...


DBD 12/25/13 - fewest comments ever?

Whether you're surrounded by presents and wrapping paper, looking at movie listings and Chinese carryout menus, or waking up in a circle of empty egg nog bottles wondering what sleigh hit you, I...


DBD 12/23/13 - the sounds of silence

By which title I mean what I expect to find when I go to the office this morning. Between federal customers burning their use-or-lose leave and everyone else on my project having bailed for the...


DBD 12/16/13 - Things I should like more...

Last night I downloaded the "best of 2013" podcast from All Songs Considered. It's becoming an annual ritual because the hosts usually cover some interesting music that I didn't catch over the...


DBD 11/25/2013 - Elephant

Q: How many elephants can fit in a VW bug? A: Four - two in the front, two in the back. Q: How do you know if there's an elephant in your refrigerator? A: There are footprints in the butter. ...


DBD 11/6/13 - Procrastination

I have two small tasks to accomplish for work this morning which are time-sensitive. They will take perhaps 10 minutes in total, and yet I cannot bring myself to actually just do them. The kitchen...


DBD 9/16/13 - Unusually Awesome Anecdotes

In yesterday's New York Times Magazine, there was a story by food writer and Berkeley professor* Michael Pollan about how a gag gift from his father ended up inspiring a song by James Taylor. As...

USC - Hawaii Preview


In which we preview the USC - Hawaii game with a singalong


DBD 7/30/2013 - Signs you may have got it wrong...

Not unlike the US, the UK has contentious politics regarding immigration in general and illegal immigration in particular. This has come to the forefront in the hubbub over a pilot program by the...


DBD 7/16/13 - [text goes here]

It's not that I have any particular words of wisdom for this DBD, but just having some words for a change seems like an incremental improvement. As you all hear ad infinitum, my summers of...


DBD 6/24/2013: American F... Heck Yeah!

Greetings from Maine, comrades! I know this DBD is a little early, but I'll be motoring away from my island retreat in the morning on the way to the socialist utopia that is Vermont, and the mobile...


DBD 5/29/2013 - Pants free Wednesday?

Unclesam22: So I'm unhiding DCT's DBD from yesterday cause I think it is funny and we can use it today. A friend of mine in grad school and I had a running joke about every Friday being "Pants...


DBD 5/24/2013 - This is the Modern World

Not the classic song by the Jam, even though that's a good place to start any Friday morning - you can view it here, if you were wondering. Rather, because I'm middle aged I've been awake for some...


DBD 4/22/13 - community

Not community as in a sitcom that I haven't watched, but community as in a group with common interests, both online and offline, which was in evidence in a small way today in the scenic confines of...


DBD 3/14/2013 Happy Pi Day

This makeshift DBD was going to be another invitation for people to share their odd foibles but I think we've more or less beaten most of those subjects to death. However, Pi saved the day! and...


Trojans host the Wildcats

It says something about this team and this season that the main LA TImes article about tonight's game recounts how Tim Floyd had recruited Solomon Hill, who switched to Arizona when Floyd was...


DBD 1.21.13 - Who'd have thought it?

In all likelihood today will not be a record setting day for inanity by volume, given that some key offenders contributors, by volume as well as content, have the day off. Still, no harm in having...

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