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USC alum, long suffering Scotland supporter. Everton for a team that wins but not too much, and Partick Thistle because there's more to Glasgow football than the ugly sectarian sisters. Watching DC United through my fingers as an exercise in supporting my local team.

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NCAA gets out the comfy pillow: the Ohio State penalties

The NCAA handed out their sanctions to Ohio State today. The summary version: Nine scholarship reduction over 3 years One year bowl ban Five year show-cause penalty for Jim Tressel. The...

From the PAC 12 "Great Moments in Vivisection" Series: the Conference Championship Game

Well, here we are. The waiting is over, the long season has been navigated, and it's time for the best of the North Division and UCLA to take the field for the inaugural PAC 12 Conference...

Rick Neuheisel and the power of positive thinking

You see the darndest things on Twitter these days: Some people were very quick to reply... But on further consideration, I think the following from Avinash pretty much hits it on the head: ...

Robert Woods is a 2011 Biletnikoff finalist

Robert Woods is one of three finalists for the Biletnikoff Award along with Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State and Ryan Broyles of Oklahoma. The award will be given on December 8th. It's a great recognition of a great season so far - now all Woods needs to do is get with Marqise Lee and wreak some havoc against UCLA!

Why LaMichael James doesn't make the O

Some of you may think I'm posting this only for the LULZ but that's not true - I find this genuinely interesting, and not just because it explains why LaMichael James isn't doing a particular...

SC sends the Huskies back to the kennel: post-game and evening game thread

It might not have been pretty but unlike the last two years, SC came away with a decisive victory over a Washington team that spent most of the game getting nowhere against a much-improved defense....

Buffalo buffalo buffalo - USC plays a Friday Night Lights game in Boulder

Did you know that Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo is a legitimate sentence? True fact. Hopefully that's about as much of a buffalo run-on as we'll see this evening...

No. 25 USC goes up 19-3 over Minnesota but has to hold on late. The Gophers rally behind their...

No. 25 USC goes up 19-3 over Minnesota but has to hold on late. The Gophers rally behind their backup quarterback and fall just short, 19-17. Storyline: USC could disappoint in 2011 The Verdict: For a while, this was incredibly accurate. USC needed turnovers to hold off Utah at home the next week, got whipped by Arizona State, and only held off Arizona by a touchdown at home. But in the last three weeks, they have taken things up a notch, whipping California on the road, whipping Notre Dame on the road, then exchanging haymakers with Stanford for four quarters and three overtimes before falling. USC should end up at 9-3 or so thanks to their improved play.

I know this an SBN site, but I think it's indicative of people's slight change in opinion about this USC team, at the national level.

Trojans versus Trees: Stanford Game Thread

Let's get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuumble! The Stanford Cardinal Railway Baron Land Thieves football team arrives at the Coliseum tonight, followed by their shambolic band, for a festival of PAC 12...

OSU paid players' lawyer $142K

Good thing there's nothing to worry about, given the Auburn precedent. I mean I know the NCAA looks at these things indvidually, of course, but still.

Lighten Up Francis

[The original title of this was going to be "Shit Tyrone Get It Together" but then Paragon asked me to main-page it, and SBN doesn't like the filth-flarn-filth in headlines...] I was working...


A sobering summary of the numbers

From today's Guardian SportBlog:   Everton have dismissed talk of a financial crisis. In 2011, however, they have generated approximately £30m and Barclays Bank has seen far more of that than...


Dan Wetzel: Ohio State case worse than USC

In the midst of all the revelations coming out about shenanigans at Ohio State, Dan Wetzel points out the following: If there are deposited checks from a memorabilia dealer in Pryor’s account,...

Breaking: NCAA Denies USC's Appeal, All Penalties Remain

Conquest Chronicles understands, based on multiple sources, that the NCAA has denied USC's appeal, much as Pat Haden and many others predicted they likely would. As we get more information on the...

Boise State Charged With "Lack Of Institutional Control" Ohio State Totally Had

SBN Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries takes a look at Boise State's NCAA compliance issues versus those of Ohio State and is, to put it mildly, underwhelmed.

Boise State Steps Up To The Big Leagues

Well, here's a how-do-you-do. As noted on Stewart Mandel's twitter stream, Boise State is in the midst of a NCAA imbroglio of their own. The crux of it, as reported in the Idaho Statesman, is that...

Colorado game moved to Friday November 4th

The Colorado game will now be on Friday night, 6 pm PST. Yet another step in the removal of pretense that this game is over something other than revenue.

Open Thread: NFL Draft - Second Round

A little late on this (stupid commute!) - today is the second round of the NFL Draft. Yesterday saw Tyron Smith go to the Cowboys, thus far nothing to report for SC players. Akeem Ayers of the...

Ari Stewart to transfer from Wake Forest to USC

From SBN's Wake Forest site Blogger So Dear comes news that Ari Stewart is transferring to USC. When news of his departure arose the main point of contention for Blogger So Dear regulars wasn't over "was he phoning it in this season" (they all thought he was) but just how much was this indicative of the malaise under current Wake Forest coach Jeff Bzdelik (very much, according to all but one commentor. Incidentally, the lone dissenter also thinks that Bzdelik is a liability but took the view that Stewart made his own problems!) Whatever the reason, I hope that Ari Stewart finds himself at home at SC and is able to get meaningful playing time... and that he's learned something about dealing with challenging coaches ;) (Thanks to RAJohnston of Bloggers So Dear for the heads-up.)

Rick Neuheisel: UCLA, Pac-12 Shouldn't Play Nine Conference Games, Instead Should Play Texas 12 Times

I think it's safe to say that Avinash from California Golden Blogs isn't the world's biggest Rick Neuheisel fan, if this short article on SBNation Bay Area is any indication...

How would you change the NCAA?

It's safe to say that the NCAA has really hit a low in the realm of public opinion if ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski pens the following: Blow. It. Up. That's right. Find a chunk of C-4 as big as Jim...

Brad Otton makes pizza (and it's good, too)

In the category of "who'd have thought it," the LA Times has a story about Brad Otton bailing on coaching after a couple of years at UNLV under John Robinson, going to Italy to learn how to make pizza, and opening two successful artisan pizza places in Utah and Nevada, respectively. I'm a big fan of people finding a way to bring good food to people, no matter the type or where - so it's doubly gladdening to see a former SC guy do well at this particular endeavor.

Observations from SC's Coliseum scrimmage - OCR

Strong point - defense Neutral point - Barkley's passing Weak point - results of the running game. Read all about it in the OCR's post, linked above.

Haden and Sanchez talking about quarterbacking and such

A conversation at Heritage Hall between Pat Haden and Mark Sanchez, courtesy of SC TV and the Ripsit Blog.


DBD 4.8.11: Crisis Averted

Perhaps those of you who live outside the Beltway are not quite as riveted by the pending government shutdown as are those of us who do. Just in case you have been having a hard time staying awake,...

The growing pointlessness of arguing our case

One of the striking elements of the reaction to SC’s 2011 recruiting class has been the bleating about how there’s something wrong here, SC is thumbing their nose in the face of the NCAA,...

Hey jackasses, the Athletic Department is on to you

Oddly enough, SC's Athletic Department doesn't like the looks of the $100 / head excursion to Las Vegas for Super Bowl watching purposes, as organized by Everson Griffen and Jordan Campbell... so they've banned SC players from attending. (HT and link to Doc Saturday). You know, every family has members who just don't get invites to reunions because they keep pissing on the potted plants. Just something to think about for would-be agents and their ilk.

'SC recruiting moving along nicely

Update #1: USC also picked up a commitment today from junior college OL David Garness, who is presently ranked No. 4 junior college OT by Rivals. He will enroll in January. - JK (Apologies for the...

From the Call Logs of UCLA Football...

Rick Neuheisel sits in his office, furiously working up plays for the weekend rivalry game. His phone rings... Hello? Hey Coach Neuheisel, it's me, former USC wide receiver and ESPN analyst...

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