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USC alum, long suffering Scotland supporter. Everton for a team that wins but not too much, and Partick Thistle because there's more to Glasgow football than the ugly sectarian sisters.

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Observations from SC's Coliseum scrimmage - OCR


Strong point - defense Neutral point - Barkley's passing Weak point - results of the running game. Read all about it in the OCR's post, linked above.

Haden and Sanchez talking about quarterbacking and such


A conversation at Heritage Hall between Pat Haden and Mark Sanchez, courtesy of SC TV and the Ripsit Blog.


DBD 4.8.11: Crisis Averted

Perhaps those of you who live outside the Beltway are not quite as riveted by the pending government shutdown as are those of us who do. Just in case you have been having a hard time staying awake,...

The growing pointlessness of arguing our case


One of the striking elements of the reaction to SC’s 2011 recruiting class has been the bleating about how there’s something wrong here, SC is thumbing their nose in the face of the NCAA, this...

Hey jackasses, the Athletic Department is on to you


Oddly enough, SC's Athletic Department doesn't like the looks of the $100 / head excursion to Las Vegas for Super Bowl watching purposes, as organized by Everson Griffen and Jordan Campbell... so they've banned SC players from attending. (HT and link to Doc Saturday). You know, every family has members who just don't get invites to reunions because they keep pissing on the potted plants. Just something to think about for would-be agents and their ilk.

'SC recruiting moving along nicely

Update #1: USC also picked up a commitment today from junior college OL David Garness, who is presently ranked No. 4 junior college OT by Rivals. He will enroll in January. - JK (Apologies for the...

From the Call Logs of UCLA Football...


Rick Neuheisel sits in his office, furiously working up plays for the weekend rivalry game. His phone rings... Hello? Hey Coach Neuheisel, it's me, former USC wide receiver and ESPN analyst...


Open Game Thread: Cal comes to USC for a collision of squad weaknesses

USC is trying to avoid a three game losing streak. Cal wants their first win for Tedford at the Coliseum. The teams are evenly matched, so the common supposition is that the result will come down...

R. Jay Soward comes clean


R. Jay Soward apparently went on the Mason and Ireland show on ESPN radio yesterday and admitted that he had in fact taken money from Josh Luchs while he was in school. The crux of his comments were that he did it, he knew it was wrong, and he concealed it from family, team, and coaching staff members. Soward then went on to point out that if the money changing hands is small dollar amounts, it's his opinion that it's indicative of players trying to get a bit more spending money as opposed to completely cash in... and that a modest increase in players' monthly stipends would probably resolve most of the issue at a single stroke. While I'm disappointed that Soward took the money, I suppose it's some consolation that he didn't try the "I'll be vindicated when the facts come out" line that worked so well for Reggie Bush. And I suspect that his common sense suggestion will get drowned out in a bellow of outrage, but it's probably worth trying.


Highlights of Everton's 1984 - 1985 Season

Trolling around YouTube brought me to this 10 minute video, which is a condensed set of highlights of Everton's 1984 - 1985 season, in which they won the old First Division and the European Cup...

World Cup Open Thread: U.S. versus Ghana, Round of 16

The World Cup has now kicked over to the elimination rounds: win or go home. If the US wants to get to the quarterfinals, they have to get past Ghana, the team who put them out of the 2006 World...

World Cup: U.S. Advances to Round of 16

Apologies for not posting a game thread for the US - Algeria game; I was crashing through a bunch of work after several days off so that I could watch the game without distractions. Anyway:...

World Cup Game Thread: US versus Slovenia

In case any of you are awake on the west coast, feel free to post comments etc. about the US - Slovenia game here. It's been an interesting few days - Spain contrived to lose to Switzerland, whose...

World Cup Oddities: Guerrilla Ads, Fired Pundits, Hired Fans


While some people are trying to put a brave face on some of the less appealing aspects of the World Cup - not a lot of goals, empty seats, the vuvuzelas - I feel it's important to skip over that...

World Cup Open Thread: England versus USA! USA! USA!

Just in case anyone's interested and online, here's an open thread for the US - England game to be played this afternoon. The English feel confident that they can pick up a win, looking at the...

World Cup: Who's Your Team? And Your Nemesis?

The obvious answer for most people who read this would be that they support the US, I'd imagine. But the nature of being a soccer fan in the US for any length of time has resulted in most people...

World Cup: Where The News Comes From

Perhaps you will be shocked to learn that I am not doing a huge amount of original reporting about the pending Festival of Soccer Splendor, but alas it is so. In the interests of transparency, this...

World Cup: US beats Australia; Last Player Standing Gets the Trophy

The US played a friendly against Australia on Saturday, which they won 3 - 1 on the strength of 2 goals from Edson Buddle and one from Hercules Gomez. The general consensus appears to be that the...

It's important that we take a break from all this NCAA investigations doom and gloom so that you...


It's important that we take a break from all this NCAA investigations doom and gloom so that you can see how Adidas has won the World Cup tie-in commercial war in one easy swoop.

World Cup Commercials

Apologies for the delayed start on the World Cup posts - it was an usually busy weekend and at 1.30 EDT I've just shipped off a super exciting project plan to my various peers and minions. Which...


Any interest in World Cup posts?

Is there any interest in the group at large in having any World Cup posts? I'm happy to do a preview-of-previews post and comment threads etc., but not if people are just going to be skipping right...

Christian Tupou probably out for the season


Christian Tupou has a torn knee ligament and will likely miss the coming season.


Oregon Kicker Rob Beard Seriously Injured in Assault

According to KMTR.com, University of Oregon place kicker Rob Beard was kicked in the face and head while trying to break up a fight, and is now in critical condition in hospital in Springfield, OR. ...


Winston Justice breaks it down for you

I'm indebted for California Golden Blogs' Shadwhand for this gem on Igglesblog: Intrepid readers may have caught the bit in Winston Justice's weekly column in the Daily News about how the Eagles...


UPDATE III (Weis apologizes): Charlie Weis takes the high road on the way out of town

I'm not a huge fan of the kinds of scrum that attend accusations of not otherwise illegal, off-field shenanigans for sporting figures. But since this is going to be approximately everywhere on the...


Following Arash Markazi on Twitter

In the immediate aftermath of the UCLA game I saw some comments about the final TD from Arash Markazi on Twitter and decided to follow him. Last night, he posted this:


US gets decent draw for South Africa 2010

The US got a decent draw today for the World Cup: they play England, Algeria, and Slovenia, which means they've got a pretty good chance of getting out of the initial group play round, unlike 2006....


Congratulations to the Oregon Ducks!

That was an interesting game, and I don't mean that in the sense of "damning by faint praise." The speed with which Oregon can mix up the play-calling on offense and get a quick score, and the...


Color me exasperated

I'm not going to lie for a second here: I was laughing when Williams shot into the endzone Saturday night. But even at the time it looked like a jackass call, and I doubt it will prove to be worth...

ESPN Video about Jake Olsen


Jake Olsen is a 12 year old fan of the Trojans who just lost his eyesight after years of fighting cancer. He's been visiting with the team all season, but tonight will be the first game since the operation in which his eye had to be removed. I can't find a way to put this without sounding trite: this kid shows the team and anyone else who cares to listen what courage looks like. I sincerely hope that the team means what they say about taking inspiration from him and go out and beat the Bruins. Fight On Jake!

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