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Dog Days of Summer... Time for Bold Predictions!

It's July, Training camp hasn't even started, the draft is long past, there's nothing going on in the world of football. Which means it is the perfect time to make some BOLD PREDICTIONS. Below you...

NFL Sunday Ticket Now Available WITHOUT DirecTV


This is huge for out of market Chiefs fans who can't get DirecTV satellite service. This year, you can watch games live from every market, LIVE, online, legally, without a DirecTV dish or service contract. It works with your computer, tablet, smart phone, and even game consoles. It apparently doesn't work with Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku or other set top boxes. Costs 199, 239, or 329 for the season.


Three Less Noticed Things From Pre-Season Game 1

There are tons of great first impressions from the first game of the Crennel/Daboll era. Getting the play calls in early, improved O-Line play, unexpected depth at RB, NT, and also TE. This post,...

Doomed from birth... or even a little before. Sad.


Doomed from birth... or even a little before. Sad.


A Literary Analysis of the Chiefs' 2012 Draft

An insightful Arrowhead Addict poster noted that the Chief's draft began with Poe and ended with Hemingway, making it the most literary draft ever. This observation was delightfully raised in Scott...

Why Manning Really Went to Denver


Why Manning Really Went to Denver


The Peyton Transcripts - Part 3 (multiple settings)

Setting: Saturday Night, on a private jet somewhere over the Rockies. Peyton picks up the SkyPhone. Peyton: Hi honey, I’m finally on my way to Phoenix. Ashley: You’re just now getting out of...


The Peyton Transcript: Part 2

Setting: Peyton is in a Denver hotel room, late at night, with a view of all three Denver street lights. He phones home. Peyton: Hi honey, how was your day? Ashley: Much better today, now that...


The Peyton Transcript: Part 1

Setting: Peyton returns home to Florida after the press conference announcing his release from the Colts. Peyton (enters left): Hi honey, man I’m bushed. Ashley: Oh sweetie, I watched the press...

Eli Manning Restructures Contract Today to Give Giants Room to Pursue Peyton


Archie's Dream: Eli and Peyton together again. Could ANYONE beat both brothers at the same time?!!!!


Haley's Family History Says: Chiefs Will Win - Updated

This is one of the more interesting, if not bizarre, takes on the upcoming Chiefs-Chargers game, from The Washington Post. Note: I've done some additional research, as suggested by several...


Contrarian Football Economics

There is a school of thought in economics, and specifically stock strategy, that it often pays to bet against the consensus. It's known as the contrarian philosophy. The key to a successful...


Why Does This Kool-Aide Taste Like ..... Akkk! Akkk! Uhhh............

All righty. This game was pretty disastrous, but if we had been paying attention, we should have expected it. The signs were all there, from the coach signings, the draft, free agency and preseason...

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