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Trades - Ideal, Possible, Likely

Well, it's that silly season again. Rumors and proposals are rampant. A lot of players are mentioned as available and another ton are tossed around by fans, all seeking to build a better mousetrap....

Is Opportunity Knocking?

Trying to work off of rumors is tricky. There are so many that are just repeats that it makes it near impossible to figure out the original source. In turn it becomes equally tough to determine the...

Help Me to Help You part 2

As promised (or warned depending on your point of view), here is today's stab at playing armchair G.M. Yesterday was a weigh in on the Asik rumors and tried to outline a way that would not cost...

Help Me to Help You

Here we are at the start of the trade season with a ton of ideas being put forward. Most revolve around the notion of needing a Center. The two that seem to be generating the most support are Asik...

Early Projections...(Just for Fun)

After Boston plays tonight in Charlotte, they will have completed one fifth of their scheduled games. Next week, after the game at home against Denver on December 6th, one fourth of their games...

Still Need a Center - Four More Ideas

There does not seem to be any disagreement among the fan base that we need another Center. The disagreement comes when we talk about which or who that should be. Let me offer four possibilities. O...

History Lesson: A look at past NBA draft lotteries suggest tanking is a very bad idea


The cold hard facts regarding tanking and the draft lottery magic bullet.


Trying to Connect the Dots

The rumors are flying. Do any of them have merit? Is there any truth (no pun intended) in any of them? What we do seem to know regarding Paul Pierce is that there is an offer from Cleveland and...


And the Rest of the Roster?

All of the attention for the past two weeks has been focused on the Clippers/ Celtics deal as it should have been. Now that there is some resolution there, everyone's attention is swinging to what...


2 Cents on Trade Rumors - Pierce Edition

It may be a good time to look at some of the other rumors that have been floated and some other possible scenarios.


Some Things Remain

Whether Doc stays or goes, there are still roster issues to solve. Whether KG stays or goes, we need another center. Whether PP stays or goes, we could use an additional SF. No matter what happens...


Could Grizzlies Pain = Celtics Gain?

As most know by now, the Grizzlies fell to the Spurs last night ending their title hopes. The question becomes, was it just for this season or long term? And for Celtics' fans, does it matter in...


Dwightmare 2 - Trickle Down Effects

There is little argument that Dwight Howard and Chris Paul are the two prizes in this year's free agency "class." While Paul is generally seen as a lock to re-sign with the Clippers, the same is...

An Assessment - Wrap up

What I set out to do in the beginning of this series was to propose a better way to construct a team. The theory that if you have players who play both ends of the court or both sides of the ball,...

An Assessment - part 5

In this edition, we'll cover the Guards and tomorrow wrap up with what does any or all of this mean for the Celtics. Shooting Guards - criteria = .91 or better offensive ppp/ .88 or better...

An Assessment - part 4

If you have read the previous parts, then you know how this works. So if we jump straight into the lists without me commenting much, then hopefully we can get both the PF and the SF into this post. ...

Smashmouth on the Hard Court


Recommended reading about defensive strategies.

An Assessment - part 3

As mentioned in part 1, there are two different styles of play in the NBA. Many teams (most?) are moving to a version of small ball while some are determined to stick with the more traditional...

An Assessment - part 2

As most fans are surely aware, most players in the league are thought of as specialists. Either they are defensive "stoppers" or they are known as "instant offense." Over time, fans, scouts,...

An Assessment - part 1

For those old enough to remember the old syndicated TV show HeeHaw, there was a recurring segment of the "old boys" sitting around commiserating about the latest setbacks in their lives. The...


History as a Guide

Using season summary information from Basketball, we can glean some interesting information.


Nothing at all or Freudian Slip?

After the game Friday, many of the players were asked for their reaction to Rondo's presence on the bench. Most were exactly what one might expect; great to see him back, emotional lift, etc. There...

Looking for Proof

With just a little over four weeks left in the regular season, the play off picture is essentially set. There are still some seeds to be determined, but other than who will be eight in the West, we...

The Big 3 - Still Relevant

As some of you have probably figured out, I am fascinated with stats and hidden things they can tell you. Sometimes one has to tease the real meaning from them. has one on player...

Understanding Roster Moves: Operational, Tactical, or Strategic

Everyone seems to understand that the NBA is a business. Yet few seem to apply basic business management principles to their thinking when discussing or proposing different roster moves. Since not...


Pros and Cons of Trading for Smith

1. Smith is known for head scratching plays and poor shot selection. Presumably playing him with Rondo would solve that as Rondo would be making the decisions. 2. The two would recapture the magic...

Redefining Trade Value

Taking a slightly different look at trade value in the NBA.

Style Change

In my last post, Reading the Tea Leaves, I ended with two conclusions. One was that this team lacks a killer instinct. It now appears that I am not alone in my thinking. From "C's crumble in...


Reading the Tea Leaves

Next Tuesday night in Cleveland will be the 41st game of the season, the half way point. So it is a good time to look at where we are and where we might go.

The Curious Case of Jeff Green

There is probably no other player on the roster for whom fans had such high hopes as Jeff. To this point, those hopes have largely been unmet. Fans seem to be about evenly divided now between those...

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