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Is our backfield too young?


We have the most inexperienced RB group in the NFL, but does that matter? How do we compare to the the rest of the league? Should we care since plenty of veteran RBs will be available once cuts...

The shape of our good running game


What does a good running game look like? What did our running game look like last year? How did we compare to the "good" running teams in 2013?

More Yacking about YAC - PFM style


Does Manning get most of his yards as air yards (yards AT the catch) or YAC (yards after the catch)? While this change now that we have Sanders and Lattimer and don't have Decker and Moreno? Read...

The best pass rushing duo ever?


Could Von Miller or Demarcus beat the individual single season sack record? Could they beat the best combined (two player) sack record? How much will Tom Brady and Phyllis Rivers cry after playing...

Another batch of misleading 40 times? - CBs


How much should you trust the speed score when evaluating a CB in the draft? Does it matter more or less than it does for WRs? Do the names Lenny Walls and Alphonso Smith mean anything to you?

The 'need' for speed in the NFL


Take a look at 40-times and how they can lead teams to draft busts and to pass on good players.

Finding hidden value in the draft at RB


Can we predict which RB from this year's draft is going to be the next Alfred Morris or Arian Foster? Can we find Ball's back-up in the later rounds of the draft or as an undrafted college free...

Multiple NFL prospects fail drug test


Meetenberger and Jernigan are the two biggest names on the list, but Christian Jones and Telvin Smith also got busted for marijuana. Both players have shown up in mocks to the Broncos.

Can the Broncos learn to force more turnovers?


After years and years of being average or below average at getting takeaways, what can the Broncos learn from teams that have gone from "worst to first" in takeaways?


Defensive Ends in the Draft - Impacts/game

To evaluate any college prospect there are three things that need to be analyzed: 1. Game tape - watching what they did, against whom and HOW they accomplished what they accomplished 2. Combine...

Turnovers: Broncos vs. the NFL


The Broncos are getting worse at turnovers as the NFL gets better.

Will the Broncos draft a RB again this year?


After taking Ball in 2013 and Hillman in 2012, do the Broncos use a draft pick on a RB for the third year in a row? Who would be our main running back if Ball were to go down - Hillman, Anderson,...


pass-rush DEs and the 2014 combine

Like I did last off-season, I am going to critically assess the defensive ends that got invited to the combine paying specific attention to the coveted edge-rushers that every team wants. While Q....

Denver Defensive Data Dump

This is a reprise of a post I have been doing in the off-season for the past few years. It looks at the most critical defensive stats and the trends in those stats for the team. There will be few...


The Long Run - home-run backs and the modern NFL

One of the more exciting plays in football is the long run, i.e. the running back "home-run". Generally the NFL views runs of 40 or more as "home-runs." It is much easier for teams to gain 40+...

Deploying our Depleted Defense

Of the many failings put on display by our beloved team the last time we saw them take the field, the failure to stop the opponent on 3rd down was fairly dramatic.


Pressure Points

I finally found a free stat site that tracks QB hurries. ESPN started listing QB hits (a sack is a QB hit, but so is a hurry). By looking at who got QB hits - sacks in a game you can track the...


4 minute offense - comparing us and them

Winning teams find themselves in this situation fairly often - up by one or two scores with 6 or so minutes left to play in the game. If you can gain a couple of first downs, you can run out the...


Complementary football - Which team has been better this year?

Webster's dictionary defines the word complementary this way: com·ple·men·ta·ry [kom-pluh-men-tuh-ree, -tree] adjective 1. forming a complement; completing. 2. complementing each other.


History lesson - #1 O and/or #1 D in the Super Bowl

This post grew out of a discussion following the initial look at the Seahawks. As everyone here should already know, the Broncos have the #1 scoring offense in the league this year (and in the...


The riddle of Ronnie Hillman

In the third round of the 2012 draft with the 67th overall pick, the Broncos selected Ronnie Hillman out of SDSU. Hillman broke all of Marshall Faulk's rushing records at SDSU largely on his...


Thoughts on the Win and the AFCC game

Ok, now that we have banished the last second defensive failure demon for at least one more week, let's all exhale. We won. It may have taken some dramatic 3rd down conversions by PFM on that final...


Thoughts on the match-up with the Chargers

Keeping the Chargers off-schedule The Chargers were the only team to beat Denver in Denver this year. They did that by running the ball effectively, particularly on first down. In fact...


3rd and Long - Two for (on) the Road

So there it is. Another regular season complete, another 13-3 record and another #1 seed in the AFC. The offense, at times, made it look so easy that many of us took for granted the sheer greatness...


3rd and Long - Rivers should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell

For those of you who don't know, the line in the title is from Ace Ventura, pet detective. Rivers' actions during games have always driven my distaste of him (as a player - apparently he is good...


3rd and Long - Juxtaposition

I didn't do my weekly post after the F@ckup in Foxboro so I am covering the past two games in this post. What a rollercoaster! From the elation of the 24 point lead (and first half shutout), to...


3rd and Long - Defending our House

After weeks of making mistakes and letting our opponents capitalize on those while not forcing our opponents into many mistakes, the Broncos played a very complete game. While we only forced one...


3rd down - the (other) measure of a D and an O

Points scored for an O and points allowed for a D are always going to be the gold standard for the measure of a unit, but after points what else do you look at? 3rd downs tend to be a good...

3rd and Long - Zapping the Chargers

So this was a lot closer than it was supposed to be. 28 points is the season low for the offense and there were more dropped passes than I would like to see yesterday. Still, we won on the road and...

Rules about what shows in recommended fanposts


Have the rules changed about how many recs needed to show up in the "recommended" slots, or is there some limit on the number that can show up there? Just curious since my mid-season defensive review didn't make it there despite the 13 recs.

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