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Originally from Dallas. University of Southern California Class of 2013 graduate. I marched four years as a tuba player in the Spirit of Troy. Fight on!

I wrote for Neon Tommy, USC Annenberg's Digital News publication, as a hockey columnist.

I hosted "The Faceoff," an hour-long hockey talk show for KXSC, that airs on Mondays at 12 PM online at You can catch the broadcasts here:

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NHL Dallas Stars
  • NCAAB USC Trojans
User Blog

A Screenplay of Jim Nill's Phone Call to Tim Murray

Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill is waiting for his plane at PHL. He suddenly sees a push notification that the Buffalo Sabres are buying out Christian Ehrhoff, and are now below the cap...


The Best of Defending Big D: 2013-2014

It is time to reveal the best of Defending Big D for the 2013-2014 season. First off, thanks to those of you who participated. There weren't as many submissions as I honestly would have hoped...


The Inaugural "Best Of Defending Big D" Submission Thread

Did you ever want to commemorate something written in Defending Big D that was so amazing, or so hysterical that people frequently reference it? Did you just join Defending Big D and feel out...

Hockey Photography Portfolio


From September, 2013 to February, 2014, I took hundreds of photos at Dallas Stars games. Here are a select few of them. If you're in Germany, this video will not play for you. Germany hates my videos, and Ghostland Observatory.

Observations: Jamie Benn Dominates


Jamie Benn plays an excellent game, scoring a power play goal and a shootout goal to lead the Stars to a shootout victory over the Florida Panthers.


Man The Harpoons: The HP Pavilion Road Fan Experience

HP Pavilion. The Shark Tank. The last arena I'd need to visit to complete my tour not only of all the California NHL venues, but also all of the Pacific Division arenas (I went to a Predators-C...


Duck Hunting: The Honda Center Road Fan Experience

The next arena in this three-part tour of California NHL venues is Honda Center, home of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, or at least it used to be. I don't know why they changed their name. It used to...


Breaching The Castle Walls: The Staples Center Road Fan Experience

As a USC student, I made it a goal to attend as many road Stars game as possible. Up until my senior year I didn't have a car, so that made my goal a tad difficult, as I had to rely on friends who...

Blackhawks Acquire Michal Handzus from Sharks


Blackhawks give the Sharks a fourth round pick.

Keep Calm and Kari On


Just made this. Hope you all like it.

Dallas Stars recall Alex Chiasson


Per Mike Heika, Chiasson's an injury call-up for tonight's game against LA. Chances he'll play are unknown.


Week of 1-28 OT Thread - I'm Going Live...Soon

I really apologize for how rushed this is going to be, but I have an article due for Neon Tommy this afternoon and a hockey show at KXSC Radio to plan out, so that is my priority right now. That...


Week of 1-21 OT Thread: Mystery Science Theater 3000 to the Rescue!

Losses suck. Let's just establish that right off the bat. Snoozefests like yesterday's game against the Wild are games I despise, because falling asleep in the middle of a hockey game should never...


Week of 1-14-13 OT Thread: We're back!

The return of the NHL means one very important thing: the return of the Defending Big D Weekly Off-Topic Threads! I didn't post any of these during the lockout because nobody wanted to know...


Three-Point Games: What Would You Do to Fix Them?

As many of you loyal readers--well, the five of you who have stuck around during this annoying lockout--know, the Dallas Stars and three-point games are not on good terms. For the past couple...

Just Drop It


NHL fans are pledging to boycott every NHL game canceled after December 21. This means not watching on TV, not purchasing merchandise, not buying tickets to go to games. Just wanted to share this with you all. This crap needs to stop.

The Meaning of "Fight On."


This is a video I made for BE7IEVEUSC. Hope you all enjoy it. Fight on CC.

"What's up Lane Kiffin's Sleeve?"


Mark Saxon believes there's more to the USC playbook than we've seen. What do you all think?


Week of 9-17 OT Thread

Hey DBD, I'm back from the dead. A lot has gone on personally for me in the past month that has more than deviated my attention away from writing weekly Off-Topic Threads for the blog. I'm not...


Week of 8-13 OT Thread

Wait, the Olympics are over already? Boo! Seriously, those were an amazing two weeks of athleticism, drama, grit, dedication, and another cliche word to describe the Olympics that would normally go...

Credit goes to @b_pad.


Credit goes to @b_pad.


This is Now the London 2012 Olympics Thread

I was not around last week for a couple reasons. The first and foremost reason, I was moving out of my apartment. The second reason, and perhaps the most inconvenient, was that somebody hacked my...


Week of 7-16 OT Thread

Well guys, we've righted a wrong that's been in place for the last six months: the amount of comments in my OT Thread from last week smashed the record Trevor's OT Thread set back in January. For...


Week of 7-9 OT Thread

I didn't create one of these last week because last week was the first week of free agency, and I knew everybody's attention, mine included, would be focused on the moves the Stars would make. Low...


Week of 6-25 OT Thread -- With Tuesday's Question

Sorry I didn't have a thread up last week. My focus was on driving to San Diego for the Texas Rangers game against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park, which is a gorgeous stadium in a gorgeous...


Week of 6-11 OT Thread -- Euro 2012!

The NHL Draft is on the horizon, you guys. There are many draft profiles written by members of the staff that I highly recommend you all read. Also, Euro 2012 is going on right now, for those of...


6-4 Afternoon OT Thread

Since the last thread is over 1,100 comments, and tonight's game is still quite a few hours away, new thread time. If you had to pick between Animal House and Blues Brothers, which one would you...


Week of 6-4 OT Thread -- UPDATED

I am one week away from a very awesome birthday, so if there isn't an off-topic thread written next week, you'll probably understand why. (Perhaps I can get Trevor to write it? We'll talk later. No...

The above photoshop is Dallas Stars prospect Taylor Vause's work. TSN's facebook page decided to...


The above photoshop is Dallas Stars prospect Taylor Vause's work. TSN's facebook page decided to use his work, except they did not properly credit him. See for yourselves. Erin, 100DegreeHockey and I have informed Taylor of the issue. Not sure what will happen from here.

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