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Originally from Dallas. University of Southern California Class of 2013 graduate. I marched four years as a tuba player in the Spirit of Troy. Fight on!

I wrote for Neon Tommy, USC Annenberg's Digital News publication, as a hockey columnist.

I hosted "The Faceoff," an hour-long hockey talk show for KXSC, that airs on Mondays at 12 PM online at You can catch the broadcasts here:

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NHL Dallas Stars
  • NCAAB USC Trojans
User Blog

Week of 5-28 OT Thread

Oh hello members of Defending Big D. I have been back in the States as of Thursday from my London/Paris tour with the USC Band for the past couple of weeks. Needless to say, I did quite a lot...


Weeks of 5-14 and 5-21 OT Thread

You may notice that this thread is supposed to cover two weeks. That's because starting today, I am going to spend the next ten days in Europe. Seven days in London, and three in Paris, with the...


Week of 5-7 OT Thread - The Defending Big D .Gif War

You all may have noticed there was no weekly Off-Topic Thread last week. There are multiple reasons for that. First and most important reason was that I was in San Diego last weekend, and in order...


Week of 4-23 OT Thread -- The Breg vs. Tuba .GIF War

For those of you who don't know, Breg and I are in the middle of a .gif war. I feel I've got the arsenal to easily take him down, but that's because I'm extremely biased. You all will ultimately...


Week of 4-16 OT Thread

I promise you this will be rewritten entirely as the week progresses. This is one of two really crazy weeks I have to endure as classes start to wind down. Right now though I'm in the middle of a...


Week of 4-9 OT Thread - Story Time!

Well, sadly it's over. I want to try and do my part in keeping the community together, so I will continue to make these threads and try to serve as a method of entertainment as we approach a long...


Week of 4-2 OT Thread - The Final Frontier

Let's not kid ourselves. On the on-topic side of things, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT WEEK OF STARS HOCKEY THIS SEASON. Blood pressures will skyrocket. Heart rates will accelerate. Nerves will be...


GDT # 2

GDT # 2


Week of 3-26 OT Thread

Once again I am writing this at a very early (or late, however you want to look at it) hour, so writing quality is going to be unsurprisingly poor. I sense some edits coming along the way. This is...

You give Adam Burish a video camera, hilarity will ensue. Eric Nystrom provides the team with his...


You give Adam Burish a video camera, hilarity will ensue. Eric Nystrom provides the team with his impressions of a play-by-play broadcaster, a color analyst, and a pregame matchup announcement. It's pretty funny.


Week of 3-19 OT Thread - Don't Tweet my Number, Bro

Well, Spring Break is over. That means we all have to get back to work, which is no fun! I don't want to devote too much time to this little story, but it's something that's uncalled for, in my...


Week of 3-12 OT Thread

I am writing this from Phoenix, Arizona on my Spring Break (WOOOOOOO). Why am I here? Spring Training, of course. This is probably the best time I'll get to publish this, so if my writing is...


Week of 3-5 OT Thread - Why is "Columbus" So Funny?

Wow. It's already March. Where did the time go? It's time for...the Meme of the Week! via One of the things I enjoy doing in life is making people laugh. You may have noticed...


Week of 2-27 OT Thread

Why are you here? No seriously, today (2-27) is the trade deadline. Go over to that thread, and as soon as the deadline's passed, come back here to discuss random stuff. Meme of the week: via b...


2-20 Evening OT Thread

The last thread's well over 1,000, so here's the third OT Thread. This is a sentence. This is a longer sentence. This is an even longer sentence. This is surprisingly a longer sentence. Hey look!...


Week of 2-20 OT Thread

As I capture tons of footage from the television show I work on here at USC, which I believe some of you know about, I will take the time to turn away from the current bad situation the Stars are...


Week of 2-13 OT Thread

I apologize that this wasn't published earlier today. Stupid midterms. I tried to delegate somebody else to do it, but apparently I consulted somebody busier than I am (although it doesn't appear...


Week of 2-6 OT Thread -- Snaps is the Name of the Game, The Name of the Game is Snaps

So, probably one of the best things about the Super Bowl yesterday was the M&M's commercial "Just My Shell." The outcome was not going to please me either way. For those of you who did not see it...


Week of 1-30 OT Thread - Ad Space For Sale...Just Kidding

Another week. Another Off-Topic Thread. The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday! I dislike the match-up. I guess I'm hoping for a good game...and good commercials...which leads me to this: W...


Week of 1-23 OT Thread - I'm Just Writing Words To Make This Stick Out

Hello everybody. I am in the process of recording my second segment of "Graham's Week in Review." I am taking a brief break to write this out. The last two OT Threads have really taken off. This...


Week of 1/16 OT Thread - All Your Comments Are Belong To Us

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a day to honor the reverend who led the nonviolent Civil Rights Movement in the mid to late 1960s in the United States. He gave one of the most famous speeches...


Week of 1-2 OT Thread

It's a whole new year. Holy cow. Are you someone who does their best to stick with New Year's resolutions, or are you someone who is too lazy to keep up with things like New Year's resolutions? I...


Week of 12-26 OT Thread

Happy Holidays, everybody! If you were traveling, I hope your plans went without hitches. If you encountered some, that's unfortunate. That being said... Time for some Discussion Points: What is...


Week of 12-19 OT Thread

Given my recent habit of waking up very late during the day, I'm writing this thread early so I don't wake up at 1 in the afternoon realizing I haven't given you all a place to blabber. I know. The...


Defending Big D Holiday Break Meet-up: Which Game Can You Go To?

I didn't want to write this in the Off-Topic Thread this week since this would potentially spawn a subthread way to long to follow and would cause confusion regarding who's talking to who. I'm...


Week of 12-5 OT Thread

Once again, thank you Trevor for taking care of Off-Topic Thread writing duties for me last week. Needless to say, didn't get much sleep that week. I'll do what I can to make sure I never do that...


Week of 11-20 OT Thread

Unfortunately, our Dallas Stars are in the middle of a rough patch. I have confidence they'll get through it. Personally, this weekend was insanely awesome with respect to college football. I'm...


Week of 11-14 OT Thread

Okay, this is an instance in which I realize 7:59 AM does not mean it's 7:59 AM for the overwhelming majority of the members on this blog. In fact, it's two hours before noon as I continue to write...

Dallas Stars are now on Google+


For those of you who are on Google+, the Dallas Stars now are too. Add the Stars to your Circle!


Week of 11-7 OT Thread

So, apparently it's Christmas time already. What happened to Thanksgiving? Isn't that before Christmas since it's in November? Okay, that's the end of my "Why are we already playing Christmas music...

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