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Originally from Dallas. University of Southern California Class of 2013 graduate. I marched four years as a tuba player in the Spirit of Troy. Fight on!

I wrote for Neon Tommy, USC Annenberg's Digital News publication, as a hockey columnist.

I hosted "The Faceoff," an hour-long hockey talk show for KXSC, that airs on Mondays at 12 PM online at You can catch the broadcasts here:

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NHL Dallas Stars
  • NCAAB USC Trojans
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Happy Halloween folks! Today's the day we either give treats, or tricks! Okay, that second statement was lame, I know, but it's morning, and I'm doing what I can to get this thread going early for...


Week of 10-24 OT Thread

As I write this at 4:42 in the morning (for those of you who still don't know, I'm in California), I am currently taking a break from writing 12 pages of screenplay due in about five hours to write...


Week of 10-17 OT Thread

The Texas Rangers are going to the World Series for the second consecutive season. How awesome does that sound? (I hate that this is autotagging the New York Rangers and not our beloved Texas...


Week of 10-10 OT Thread

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. It is that time of the week again...your new weekly off-topic thread! I'm going to try and write this as quickly as possible, because this week is really crazy...


Week of 10-3 OT Thread

Arrested Development is coming back! Hands down, the best comedy series ever to appear on television (perhaps this is a bit of a stretch) is coming back for a brief series before the creators...


Week of 9-26 OT Thread

Well, the preseason has officially started. Yay. 3-1 is something to celebrate, right? Nah, it's only preseason. Last week's OT Thread did not take off at all. Perhaps my writing was not that...


Off-day Scoreboard Watching Thread AND MNF Thread

Well, the Angels play the Blue Jays in Toronto today to kick off a 4-game series there.Also, the Boston Red Sox play the Baltimore Orioles in the second tilt of a doubleheader. Boston lost the...


Week of 9-19 OT Thread

Wow...Game Day is not good for my hates me now. On Saturdays I gorge myself with copious amounts of really unhealthy food since I need to make it 6+ hours before, during, and after the...


Week of 9-12 OT Thread

Remember that last OT Thread in which I brought up sleep? Hahahaha...I haven't slept in 28 hours... So, now I'm in class, and my professor is showing us...well, I don't know what the hell that is....


9-7 Afternoon OT Thread

Well, that game ended on a sour note. That's all I'm going to say about that. Really tragic news in hockey today. Condolences to all the families of everybody who died in that horrific plane crash...


Week of 9-5 OT Thread

I am more than likely not going to be able to write this thread later today since it is Labor Day, and I'm going to be a typical Los Angeles resident and go to the beach on an off-day. That is why...


Week of 8-29 OT Thread

September is upon us, and that means quite a few things: COLLEGE FOOTBALL NFL NHL PRESEASON No more ridiculous temperatures? Luckily I'm in Los Angeles right now so for those of you who are still...


Week of 8-22 OT Thread

Well, it's about that time. It's back to school for a lot of us, I believe. Today happens to be my first day back, and I'm still not in school mode, per se. Summer went by way too quickly for my...


Week of 8-15 OT Thread - I made it!

I've been busy these past few days, with moving in to a new apartment back in Los Angeles, and taking part in band camp (yes, I'm in band). But I'm done for the night, so I'm using my break to...



Well, I have to go back to Los Angeles on Wednesday. EDITED: Just finished packing all my clothes and stuff, and all that other good stuff (hey I used that word twice! I'm so specific!) What's an...


Week of 8-1 OT Thread

Holy cow people. It's already August! And you know what that means. If you don't, it means it's going to be really hot this month, with temperatures forecasted to reach 109 degrees on Thursday, and...


Week of 7-25 OT Thread - The "Surgery is Bad" Thread

Well, this is one hell of a way to start the week. I just got back from the periodontist a few minutes ago, and I need surgery to fix a receding gum line. I'm not too excited about this, but I...


7-22 Afternoon OT Thread

It's Friday, and that means, it's the weekend. The weekend's always exciting for reasons I don't need to state. The NFL labor negotiations are still a mess, which is obviously not a good thing. I...


7-21 OT II

It's a brand new day and the sun is high All the birds are singing that you're gonna die How I hesitated now I wonder why It's a brand new day. Anybody who knows this is awesome. I was...


7-20 Afternoon OT Thread

Okay folks it's lunchtime. Or, perhaps if you live in the West Coast, like I do for the majority of the year, it's still breakfast hour for you. Also, apparently the National Football League...


7-19 Afternoon OT Thread

Holy Polaris Batman! The last OT Thread is huge! I can't believe it's taken us this long to make a new one! Well if you aren't a fan of Epic Meal Time, I'd recommend watching those videos! It's...


Week of 7-18 OT Thread

Well, stunning upset for the US Women's National soccer team. Much congrats to Japan for fighting back when it seemed like it was over. In other sports news, the Rangers have won eleven in a row,...


Week of 7-14 OT Thread - The Inaugural DBD OT Thread

As much as we love hockey, there's so much else going on in the world, as well as our daily lives, that sometimes we like to share with others. Want to post something you think is interesting,...

Mike Modano on TXA 21's The Fan


TXA 21's Gina Miller interviewed Mike Modano on The Fan Tuesday night about the 10th Annual Hero's Baseball Game, but she also asked a few hockey questions tweeted by fans (and Brent Severyn). Out of the three questions she asked, mine happened to be one of them, which I thought was really cool. Here's the interview in its entirety.


Standings for the NHL Playoffs Challenge Pre-Stanley Cup Finals

I don't know how much of you are keeping up with the playoffs challenge set up in April, but I just took a look at the standings, and it appears I'm not doing too badly. Here are the standings as...


Hypothetical: What if the Stars Changed Their Goal Song?

Ever since I've been a fan of hockey, goal horns have always interested me. If I had to make a top 5 list for best horns, I'd rank them in the following order: 1. Dallas Stars (I know this is a...

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