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Still wish we had signed Raul Ibanez?

Last year, Ibanez was worth 2.6 wins more than Bradley, and I won't even begin to suggest what chemistry value would have been there, but surely it wouldn't have been enough to catch the Cards. So, had we signed Ibanez, would we have traded Fukudome this past off-season?

Sherman says trade Silva for Sherrill and Carroll

I think the Cubs say yes to this deal, but to make it realistic would have to send back more; maybe Baker would be enough. But I don't think anyone puts themselves on the hook for Silva's dollars until he's done this a lot longer. Gorzelanny seems more realistic to go; maybe Gorz for Ramon Troncoso.


The Offense, plus What's Wrong with Aramis' Swing?

Coming into the season, the players we were concerned about were Alfonso Soriano, Geovany Soto, and the middle IF mishmash.  Well, so far Soriano and Soto are leading the team in OPS, while Mike...


Is Alfonso Soriano a Better Leadoff Hitter than Ryan Theriot?

This fanpost is not arguing we should return Soriano to the leadoff spot.  Rather, the point is that if you thought Soriano was bad as a lead-off hitter, Ryan Theriot is worse.  This claim isn't...


Five Questions in My Mind as the Season Opens

Ready for the season to open! This is what I'm wondering.


UPDATED: Projecting 2010 Pitching Cubs v. Cards

If you head on over to, you can find the CHONE projections for many, many players.  CHONE is nice because it's cheap and named after a guy Jim Hendry didn't overpay to get. ...

Some of the best players in history came to camp at 19 or 20 and made it," Hendry said. "I think in...

Some of the best players in history came to camp at 19 or 20 and made it," Hendry said. "I think in a realistic world, [Starlin Castro] would probably need a little more time."

On new ownership and arbitration hearings, a Giant perspective

Andrew Baggarly's a good writer and this is a good article, even if it doesn't directly have anything to do with the Cubs. Click the link and you'll read an explanation of why the Giants may want to keep down Lincecum's salary, besides just the immediate savings, but more interestingly, how ownership changes have affected the San Francisco Giants.



Last year when Aramis went down, the Cubs flailed at finding a replacement.  We had brought Corey Koskie to camp, but he was unable to overcome his post-concussion problems.  That left us with B...

If I do what I’m supposed to do, the Cubs will win." - Ryan Theriot

If I do what I’m supposed to do, the Cubs will win." - Ryan Theriot


"I think Hendry is doing a great job." - Tom Ricketts

"I think Hendry is doing a great job." - Tom Ricketts


Lou sees Cubs adding 8-10 wins...

..."if we stay relatively healthy." Full quote: "If we can win 83 baseball games with all the problems that we had last year, all the injuries we had ... we lost 10 or 12 players for over 30 days," he said. "That's unbelievable. "If we can win 83 ballgames with all these problems, all these injuries ... if we stay relatively healthy, we can add another 8-10 wins to this thing and give ourselves a chance at the postseason."

Brandon Jones DFA'd

Jones was once a Top 100 prospect. You can read what Sickels thought of him just 9 months ago, here. I'n fanshotting this because Jones is the kind of player Jim Hendry has taken good risks on before. He'd also fit our team, offering about as much as we'd hoped Ryan Church might if he was healthy.


Analyzing the Changes in the Cubs' Expected 2010 Offense (Edited with Comparison to the Cardinals)

The Cubs' offense accounts for much of the story between our dramatic shift from 97 win juggernaut to an 83 win disappointment.  We went from the best NL offense to the 10th best, from 855 runs...

We're counting on you, Andy! (Orioles in on Holliday)

Ideal situation - O's get Holliday, Braves get Damon, Cards get Nady and a disappointed Albert.


Who put the Kool-aid in my egg nog: Predicting the rest of the off-season with an optimistic eye

There's such a thing as too much optimism and too much Seligian "hope and faith."  I hope I'm not so unrealistic as to predict Jim's next moves included a trade of Micah Hoffpauir and Carlos...


Who's the NL Central Favorite as of Today?

The debate at BCB right now is whether the Cubs have a chance at the NL Central, or should fold on 2010 and begin the rebuild.  To argue that we should fold and rebuild means that you assume we...


Non-Tender Thread: Cubs & Others

The Cubs are tendering contracts to Carlos Marmol, Ryan Theriot, Jeff Baker, Angel Guzman, Sean Marshall, Koyie Hill, Tom Gorzelanny, and Mike Fontenot.  Neal Cotts is non-tendered, but will be...


Something Aaron Miles Was the Best At, or Baserunning 2009

I wanted to find some baserunning statistics and was coming up empty (maybe I just don't know where to look) until I discovered that Baseball Prospectus has a section of their statistics site up...

Theriot, Castro, and the Future Middle Infield

Article tells us (among several other things): 1) Theriot has been told to prepare for a move to 2B. 2) Castro could break camp with the Cubs this year. 3) It's "believed" Castro is untouchable in trade negotiations.

Miguel Cabrera Available, which leads me to ask if Granderson really is available

If the Tigers trade Cabrera, they save 20 M. What need, then, to trade Granderson or Jackson?


Cubs 2010 2B and "the L word"

There has been some speculation that the Cubs would be fine with Jeff Baker at 2B.  However, in the most recent Paul Sullivan piece, he writes: One of the more popular free agents on the...


On Harden and the Players Jim Hendry Lets Go

Without access to health records, Rich Harden looks like a great candidate to offer arbitration - at the very least, if not offer an incentive-based contract.  Yes, he kills bullpens, but not if...

Hendry's Offseason Strategy

Bruce Miles has an interesting article up with some good quotes from Hendry on his off-season strategy. "As we've been saying from Day One, we need them to play better. But you're also going to see good players available late. I'm sure there will be some quality non-tenders. There will be some free agents that will be available late in the year as it was last year, maybe even more so this year. "I think it's going to be an important winter for us if we can pick up some pieces that are good, quality depth-type of guys or guys that can play a few positions." To me, this sounds like lesson learned - rather than have an off-season fixated on one answer and moving quickly to achieve that goal, Jim intends to lay back, build depth, and employ the ability to get bargains he so excels at in-season. So, here's my question - anyone have some ideas on non-tenders we should keep our eyes open for


The Only CF That Fits for 2010

The Cubs want to move Fukudome back to RF and get a CF.  There is a good CF available in Mike Cameron.  He wouldn't be a bad acquisition, but he's RH and strikes out a lot and is old enough that...

Not a rumor, Bruce Miles speculates on a Bradley trade with good return

I didn't want to put this in the title, but Bruce Miles speculates on a possible Bradley+Prospects for Halladay at this link. So, some won't believe this is even possible because it's Halladay (whose $$$ price tag alone may easily be a budget buster). But do you think a deal like this is the way for Hendry to go - not to eat the $$$, but to give up prospects to incline a team like the Jays to eat the contract?

Lost in the Toronto Rumor: Olney's Suggested Swaps

This got lost in debunking the Toronto rumor (and also probably lost behind the subscriber wall), but Olney made some suggestions on who the Cubs might more realistically get: Carlos Silva, Derek Lowe, Gary Matthews Jr., Barry Zito, Aaron Rowand, Oliver Perez, and Dontrelle Willis. How do you rank these guys?


Why Other Teams Should Want Milton Bradley

As Cub fans, we just watched a disappointing season end with the team putting a lot of the blame on Bradley.  Seeing Milton carry the albatross of destroying a 97-win team, we wonder why...

Tim Dierkes' Cubs' Offseason Plan: Keep Milton

Two quotes to sum up: "My advice: work it out, rather than eating $15MM+ or taking on a different bad contract. Bradley is not the reason the Cubs received over 2,000 plate appearances of subpar hitting from Soriano, Fontenot, Soto, Hill, Hoffpauir, and Miles, nor is he the reason Ramirez was limited to 342 PAs due to a shoulder injury." and "The Cubs are a pricey team with room for little more than tinkering. GM Jim Hendry will need to push the right buttons this winter after a 2008-09 offseason filled with miscalculations." He also suggests Billy Wagner might be a good pickup if $$$ allowed.

Stephen Drew to be shopped?

This links to a long article by Nick Cafardo that includes information about Jaramillo as well. What interests me, however, is the idea that the D'backs would shop Stephen Drew. If so, I'd hope the Cubs would be in on this. As a left-handed SS with power, platooned, Drew could fit our lineup very well. Additionally, Tracy Ringolsby is saying that Brad Hawpe is not going to be on the market, which makes me wonder if one of Carlos Gonzalez, Seth Smith, or Dexter Fowler might be.

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