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Encouraging Your Alcohol Dependency

This is for the BSH Beer Club. Each week your job is to try a new beer that hasn't been tried on the list by another member and report back with a review. I'll keep a running update of what beers...


HEY LOOK HERE! BSH Open Ice Details...Goalies, I'm counting on you guys.

Date: Saturday, December 17th Time: 10:45pm-12:15am Where: Aston Ice Works Rink #: Go in to the entrance for Rink 1 & 2, look at the sheets, look for the name Brielle or Aram for 10:45 and it...


UPDATED Open Ice: Need Everyone to Confirm, A Few Spots Still Open

Date: Saturday, December 17th Time: 10:45pm to 12:15am Place: Aston Ice Works in Aston, PA Cost: ~$15 More details after the jump.

BSH Open Ice Pictures


Big thanks to DG (Jen) for taking the pictures. These are all raw images, if you want me to edit any of them and send them to you, just let me know. There are about 100 more, I just did my best to try to get a picture of everyone and keep the redundancy pictures out. If I missed you, and you want a picture up there, let me know.


BSH Open Ice Confirmation, Please Respond.

Hey everyone, we only have 4 days before our open ice game arrives, and I want to get everyone confirmed below. The game will be at 10:15pm at Aston Ice Works this Saturday night on Rink 3. The...


UPDATED BSH Open Ice: Head Counts and Meet Up

We will be having a BSH pick up ice hockey game at Aston Ice Works on Saturday, February 26th thanks to the very gracious Brielle. The ice time is at 10:15PM on Rink 3. The cost should be roughly...


Our defense, plus minus, and how I look at it.

After reading Stephen Whyno's grades today, and seeing the plus/minus stat being reference again for grading I decided to take a look at something. We all know defensive pairs face different levels...


How to spend our money

So I wanted to write something, and hear thoughts from everyone on what the best way to use the $10.6 of Cap space left (according to CapGeek) for this year. I know there is a lot revolving around...


BSH First Ice Hockey Game...Planning

  Okay, first things first, please rec this so I don't have to make more fan posts as these get lost in the shuffle of trade discussions, cap debates, and the like. We can use this for all the...


BSH First Ever Ice Hockey Game...Maybe...Interest Poll

Okay, so I know I've brought up the idea a few times now, but I've finally gotten around to wanting to organize something since the season is over and most of my depression has subsided. This poll...


Conn Smythe Talk

So after reading the Puck Daddy article about Pronger and the Conn Smythe, and then ranting about being sick of only seeing stories and posts of Chicago's arrogance today, it was kindly suggested...

Apparently the fans in Vancouver enjoy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The Green Men say hi to...


Apparently the fans in Vancouver enjoy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The Green Men say hi to the LA Kings.

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