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Headcoach Rick Carlisle signs Contract Extension for 4 more Years with the Dallas Mavericks


The EXTENDER Mark Cuban gets it done and inks Coach Rick Carlisle for considerably the rest of the Dirk Era in Dallas. Mavericks Fans rejoice.

Video: Dirk Nowitzki collects a Nightly Notable, kicking the Spurs vs San Antonio


Video: Dirk Nowitziki collects a Nightly Notable with 27 Pts, 6 Rbds, 4 Ast in an 106-99 Win over the Spurs.

The best Coach in the History of the NBA.


The best Coach in the History of the NBA.

Slick Rick is at it again and won't back off of it. Quote starts at 7:00 min

JJ Barea still holds reign over Mavericks


Carlisle noted that Barea still has an influence on the Mavericks this year, via film. "We put together a video probably about six to eight weeks ago for Roddy that had clips of Barea penetrating and Roddy in similar situations, sometimes doing the same thing," Carlisle said. "It was an instructional thing so that he could translate that to his game. But at the same time, we don’t want him to be JJ Barea. We want him to have his identity and play his own game but try to implement some of those things because he’s proven now that he can."

The Best Unsigned European NBA Draft Picks


4. Nick Calathes, PG, Dallas European Club: Panathinaikos (Greece) Odds He’ll Defect: 65 percent. Calathes left Florida as a guard with size, tools and questionable judgment. Under the tutelage of Panathinaikos head coach Zeljko Obradovic and his backcourt mate, Dimitris Diamantidis, Calathes has blasted up the learning curve and left most of his silly turnovers in the dust. There’s still a contingent who doesn’t understand the extent of Obradovic’s faith in Calathes. I’m of the mind that it’s Obradovic’s trust itself which has infused the 6-foot-5 Calathes with the confidence necessary to reach his full potential. He’s not quite there, but he is close. Close enough to lead Greece into Olympic qualifiers this summer and definitely close enough to run an NBA offense for 20 minutes on game nights.

40 Points on 21 Shots: A Dirk Nowitzki Shooting Exhibition


A Preview of 2018, when Dirk Nowitzki can just stand there and make jumpers all day.

Gonzaga's Elias Harris Alley Oop From Kevin Pangos vs. BYU


Gonzaga's Elias Harris Alley Oop From Kevin Pangos vs. BYU

Dirk Nowitzki, remotivated and strong

(On his Motivation after Winning it all) "I know one thing changed, and that was my motivation was gone for a little bit," Nowitzki went on. "And I really had to fight to get it back and get the fun back." "Now I'm as fiery as I ever was," he said. "I'm out there moving well again and feel good."

Thunder @ Mavs Post Game 23 Quotes "Try out for FIFA "


Dirk with Duncanesque shooting, gets called human. SSB

"Kid Clutch from OKC... Kevin Durant!" I'll stick with Durantula, but nice Promo anyway, NBA.


"Kid Clutch from OKC... Kevin Durant!" I'll stick with Durantula, but nice Promo anyway, NBA.

There are 7 billion people on earth... none that can do what Dirk Nowitzki does!


There are 7 billion people on earth... none that can do what Dirk Nowitzki does!

Mavs @ Suns Post Game 22 Quotes "The Barrage"


No Kidd, No Nash, No Threepoint-Defense. If that makes Sense.

Spurs @ Mavs Post Game 21 Quotes "Wins are hard to get"


Carlisle: Wacky year. Kidd: I'm good. Dirk: I was better. Roddy: Everybody was great! Odom: .....

Jazz @ Mavs Post Game 20 Quotes "That kid Bubou is faaaaaasssst"


Kidd goes down, Roddy steps up, Lamar shows up, Team plays well, everybody fails at Defense. Nice.

Wolves @ Mavs Post Game 19 Quotes "Mavs got Rings, laid, Love paid"


The Story of every Marriage: As Love and Money combine, only the Bling on the Horse doth shine.

Suns @ Mavs Post Game 18 Quotes "Shawn was Dirk tonight and thats the way it is"


Flagrants, Marion Threes (Your choice what looks worse), perhaps more Rest for Dirk, Strong Centerplay on both Sides, Gortat complaints, Saved Money in Fines and much more after this Suns-Mavs Game...

Mavs @ Hornets Post Game 17 Quotes "I obviously read the stuff"


Where Dirk sits for Workouts, Yi and YAWN bring the Highlights and the Mavericks right the Close-Games-Record Ship on Route to the 14th-under 100 Points Opponent.

Mavs @ Jazz Post Game 16 Quotes "Fight..., i believe?"


Dirk and the Jazz crowd get along great, Roddy off the Pine, Favors off the Court and the Mavs off the 2nd Night-of-B2B's 16-Game Losing streak in SLC. If that ain't something...

Mavs @ Clippers Post Game 15 Quotes "Getting old"


The Dallas Mavericks now lead the League in Three Pointers made by Opponent in the last 5 Seconds of a Game. With a comfortable Margin, i might add.

Annual GM Survey


Basically, they all think less of the Mavs, compared to last Year's Survey.

Mavs @ Lakers Post Game 14 Quotes "Not suited for your Eyes"


Bricktastic Game. Can't controll what the ball do, y'all!

Yes? Yes. Yes? YES!


Yes? Yes. Yes? YES!

Kings @ Mavs Post Game 13 Quotes "Restrained"


Jason Kidd returns, Defense improves, Assist rate does not. What?

Bucks @ Mavs Post Game 12 Quotes "Fragile Respect"


Dirk hits 23000 Points, Roddy a few Shots, Vince a Dunk, Yi his first FG as a Maverick, Lamar the Justice-Card and the Bucks the Road-Wall. Again.

Mavs @ Celtics Post Game 11 Quotes "Bearhugs"


Old vs Very Old. Guess who won.

Mavs @ Pistons Post Game 10 Quotes "A good one"


West's Best and Dirk's Misses, along with the Wright Way of Moving the Ball as Dallas cruised over some Pistons.

Hornets @ Mavs Post Game 9 Quotes "Just gotta keep on working"


Mavs add to New Orleans misery in possible the most boring game of the Dirk Era, if not for one Vinsanity Dunk.

Mavs @ Spurs Post Game 8 Quotes "Didn't happen tonight"


Early Season Favorite for Words you can't hear or read anymore from any Maverick: "That didn't happen tonight."

It's been a while since the last Alleyoop for Beaubois.


It's been a while since the last Alleyoop for Beaubois.

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