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Snow's Sgt. Brody Method for Attracting UFAs

Nearly five years after getting Martin Biron to sign from Philadelphia, the notion of signing quality UFAs has become nothing more than an annual, improbable hope crushed each July.

How Top Prospects Like Ryan Strome Were Handled

Most high-end prospects like New York Islanders draft pick Ryan Strome become NHL regulars by this point in their career. The time has come for Strome to join them.


What Kind of Player Should We Expect at No. 15?

via Bustin' or Dustin? When the Islanders pick 15th in the first round of the coming Sunday's NHL Draft (barring a trade, of course), it will...

Poll: Biggest Islanders goals of far

With the regular season winding down, I thought it would be fun to pick out the "biggest" goals of the 2013 New York Islanders thus far.

DiPietro's Hot & Spicy Summer: Advance draft

With Rick DiPietro's season seeming to go in the wrong direction, I thought I would get a head start on the annual offseason-Rick DiPietro-is-facing-adversity-down long form story.


Is Lubo Finally Coming Around? Should We Care? [Poll]

A couple of hints appeared today suggesting that Lubomir Visnovsky is slowly coming to the realization that if he doesn't want to play for the Islanders this season, he may need to look for other...

Per Staple/Formabaio: 6 Sound Tigers to Isles Camp, No Nino or Donovan


Call ups include Wishart, Landry, Hamonic, Ullstrom, Cizikas, McDonald. Suggests Martinek, Wishart, Landry or Carkner as number 4 D if Lubo doesn't show. Unclear why Donovan/Ness/Nino didn't get an invite.


So When Was the Last Time The Isles Played at a "Playoff Pace" Over a 48-Game Period?

Some Isles' fans have been hoping that a shortened season will give the team a better chance at nabbing a playoff spot, on the theory that any team can get sufficiently hot over a shorter period of...

Slovak Paper: Visnovsky's Agent Asked Garth Snow for Permission to Play in Slovakia


Per Google Translate: Offensive defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky has a contract with the NHL New York Islanders, but his heart beats for the Slovak Club in KHL. Last week you received an offer from a Slav. Where you play the rest of the season? "On Monday I have ever dealt with. I would stay in Slavic. " What do you need? "Approval from the Islanders. My agent is negotiating with the islanders' general manager Garth Snow. In New York, they are not thrilled with my attitude. " And if the Islanders insist that you come to camp and played NHL? "So I will have to pack up and fly to America. Treaty must be respected. " What attracts you to stay? "Slovan is an essential part of good warm up, go to the playoffs. There's a great bunch of players, a fantastic audience. An atmosphere I've never experienced. I want to stay for the fans. It would be strange for me - starting from the NHL and I stayed home. But you can also live without the NHL. Now I prefer KHL. The NHL will be cramped program for two and a half month should play a fundamental part of the 48 matches, and to me at my age 36 years has attracted. " Onset utorňajšom game against Chelyabinsk? "I long for it!"


Must Read IPB Exclusive on Don Monti (the RFQ guy who really, really likes us)

A great piece of reporting by Kevin Schultz at Islanders Point Blank, a great Islander blog and one of the few with actual reporting (not to be confused with the Islanders Point Blank comment...


Visnovsky v. The Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club: Why Isles Fans Should Be Worried (or, what else is new?)

The general sentiment on the internet has been that Lubomir Visnovsky’s grievance over his no-trade clause is likely to fail. However, after examining the CBA, I’m having a hard time imagining why...


Study Identifies the 5 Stages of Islanders Fans' Grief (PARODY)

(With a general sort of hat tip to PGI) Researchers from Hempstead University believe that they have answered a mystery that has long flummoxed the sports world: How do Islander fans remain...

Hockey Prospectus Ranks Isles' Prospects and U23s


Reinhart is rated 6th -- which is either a testament to the strength of the system, the weakness of the draft crop or the way the team chose to use it's #1 pick. I actually think it's a bit of each -- given the organizational strength and the draft's talent level, the team felt like the had the luxury of picking based on organizational need rather than taking best player available (e.g., Grigs or Forsberg). Anyway, a very interesting read.


Quantifying the Atlantic Division Talent Drain

Quantifying the free agency departures, trades and their effects on the Atlantic Division.


Testing the Conventional Wisdom on Picking Defensemen Early: What Does History Tell Us?

Conventional wisdom claims it is risky to burn an early NHL draft pick on a defenseman. Is it correct?

Rhett Rakshani signs a one-year deal with SEL Team


Per Uffe Bodin: Former ‪#NYI‬ RW Rhett Rakshani signs a one-year deal with HV71 of the Swedish Elite League.


P.A. Parenteau and the Tavares Coattails Myth

Yesterday, in his "30 Thoughts", Elliote Friedman repeated an oft-expressed sentiment regarding P.A. Parenteau and his impending UFA status: It doesn't sound like the Islanders are interested in...


Garth Snow’ Drafting Record: Some Concluding (Reasonable?) Thoughts

1. Drafting is a crapshoot after the first couple of picks. History tells us that the only thing close to a sure thing is the top few picks, where the likelihood of getting a top flight...


The Later Rounds: Being Reasonable About Garth Snow's Bottom of the Barrel Picks

Looking back at NHL norms to divine reasonable expectations for Garth Snow's late-round draft picks for the New York Islanders.


Being Reasonable About Garth Snow’s Second Rounders

Boom or bust? Looking at Garth Snow's 2nd-round picks for the New York Islanders and setting reasonable expectations.

Tavares Beats Datsyuk in EA Sports Cover Vote -- and the Angstlander Worries


OK, so Tavares wins and he crumbles under the pressure of the newfound attention of being international star. He parties too hard and loses focus on his game. Bust!


Being Reasonable About Garth Snow’s First Rounders

A recent post here has focused on assessing Islanders General Manager Garth Snow’s drafting record. Because this is a topic that stirs up a lot of passion (300+ comments and counting), I thought...


The Angstlander -- Inside the mind of an anxious Islanders fan (that means you!)

(Meant to be read in allcaps, exclamation points and bad spelling). 1. The Islanders are gone by 2015! Of course they are. Barclay's is not a long term solution because the seating is ridiculous....

Gallof's latest: For Islanders, Sticking Around Starting To Look Less Probable (grap a stiff drink first)


Very depressing take on the arena situation from B. D. Gallof. I know there are a range of opinions about Gallof's material amongst the bloggers and commenters here, but he's been covering the arena mess for a while now and his reporting on the issue (based on his sources and own insight) has been pretty prescient.

Newsday: Mangano gives Wang time on Nassau Hub plan


Key points: - County giving Wang exclusive period to submit privately financed plan for new Coliseum - Team "hopes" a deal can be worked out during this period - If these efforts fails, RFP will be issued and Wang will likely not participate - "Picker said the team is exploring several options for relocating the team but declined to be specific. Officials in Suffolk, Queens and Brooklyn, where the Islanders will play a preseason game in October, have expressed interest. "We are exploring many options and looking at many different arenas," Picker told Newsday"

Islanders to Play first NHL Game at Barclays Center in Brooklyn


From the team website: "The New York Islanders will play the first-ever NHL game at Barclays Center on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012 when they take on the New Jersey Devils at 7:30 p.m. The preseason game will mark the first hockey event at Barclays Center, the new major sports and entertainment venue, which will officially open on September 28 with the first of multiple JAY-Z concerts. The game will also mark the first NHL game to be played in Brooklyn."


Dad, What Should Jan Do With All These Centers?

2 Brothers Scrap Metal Commercial (via waterboy1825) You know the feeling: You're sitting by the piano in your lavishly furnished living room and naturally you think: scrap metal! what am I...


Playoff Math: Is There Hope?

After the Islanders' recent run of good games, the team finds itself within 6 points of a playoff spot with lots of season left to go. What would the team need to do to make the playoffs -- or at...

The Third Jerseys


What say you? (Actually not as bad as I feared. Numbers on the front are kind of cool.)


Voter Guide for Angry Islanders Fans in Nassau County

November 8th is not only next Tuesday, it is also election day.  In this off-iest of off years, when elections are limited to county and local positions, even the most religious of voters may elect...

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