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OTTOTD 10/19/2011: It's been awhile, boys.

Since I made an OTT. Doing laundy all day so I can actually participate in this one. I'm switching my majors to Pharmacy bros. Didn't like accounting, that shit sucked hard. Pharmacy should be...


OTTOTD 9/23/2011: Dipper for Mod

Listen, this has been a long time coming. I proved thru my 14 months of being on DRB that I am elite status. My posts are more lyrical than 2pac and Andre 3000. The value I give to this community...


OTTOTD 9/13/2011: Taco Tuesday

Finna be meeting with that girl today.....may or maynot make an advance. I prolly won't; i'll be feeling too beta. However, if I do, I'll post updates of that shit.   Can't wait to hear how...



Moved in on Saturday, classes start tonight for me. Things I plan to do for this year: 1. Pick things up, put things down. 2. Get dat 4.0 in all Accounting classes 3. Slay bishes 4....


OTTOTD 8/15/2011: .-*^*-..-*^*-.

I was unsure of what to name this OTTOTD.....also not really sure what to write. Hopefully the rays sign the two 1st rounders today, nom saying? 6 more days till I move in......feelsgoodman, can't...


OTTOTD 8/9/2011: Hatfield Divorce Pool!

You know, at the time this sounded like a great idea, but as I'm writing this, it actually seems pretty cruel. But, you know what, who cares? Let's start making our entries on when we think...


OTTOTD for 8/5/2011: Jersey Shore Aftermath

So I was going to make a JST last night but was sad when I read my ban message..."I told you I was going to box you sometime this week". Goddamnit Sandrew, why did you do this on J-Shore night?...


OTTOTD for 7/28/2011: A DPIR Short 1.0

Okay DRB, so I went out with a few buddies last night and it was kind of eventful so I'm going to share my story with you all. Alright, so we head out around 9:30, but of course we gotta get some...


OTTOTD for 7/25/2011: Whorientation

DRB, I finally bring to you the most anticipated OTTOTD of the DPIR-Era. In this story, I bring to you my observations of my college orientation and how my swagger got the bitches (or just one)...


OTTOTD for 7/19/2011: Brushing up on our BROcabulary

BROkin: a fellow broBROfessional-someone skilled in the art of broing downBROrate: paying less because you’re BROkinBROtate: “dude, you brotally over BROtated that front 9!”BROdacious: bill and...


OTTOTD for 7/14/2011: The Worse.

From Chik-Fil-A girl to other numerous encounters I've had with girls, I bring to the DRB community by far the worse encounter yet. Many of you will think of this as a troll; however, the best of...


OTTOTD for 7/12/2011: Thoughts with DPIR 3.0

Here's my 3rd newsletter that I'm sharing with DRB. It includes my thoughts, observations, and questions from the past weekend. 1. I got really fat this weekend. McDonalds twice on Friday. Joto's,...


OTTOTD for 6/24/2011: Dobber made the Jeopardy cut!

So if you were like me last night and happened to watch Jeopardy, then I'm sure you remember this guy. via www.jeopardy.com Yes, when I first saw him, I admired at how grizzly his beard looked....


OTTOTD for 6/7/2011: Thoughts with DPIR 2.0

Okay, so here's what's up. A friend and I got into an argument last night. It stemmed from something stupid so I'll hit on the key points here. My friend was arguing that if you grew up in poverty...


OTTOTD 5/30/11: Memorial Day Speshul!

Yeeeeeee, no class tonight! In other news, Mr. President stopped in at Joplin over the weekend to honor the fallen victims. Let's see what TBO commentors have to say about that! Will he be...


OTTOTD 4/19/11: Thoughts with DPIR...

I watched Game of Thrones last night and really want to talk about it. However, I was late to the ottotd yesterday and didn't get a chance to join in on the subthread. I'm kind of sad but will...


OTTOTD 3/31/2011: Opening Day

Finally, after roughly 4 months of waiting, we have (real) baseball again. It seems like the offseason went by extremely fast for some reason. I'm sure it was because of all the departures we had...


OTTOTD for 3/18/2011: Thursday Night T.V.

1)Community was MEH. It might be because I was concentrating more on my chik-fil-a dinner, though. Tried one of those Banana Pudding Milkshakes....my god. Real Nilla Wafers in that bitch. Gave me...


OTTOTD 3/9/2011: USF will win Big East Tourny

Book it.   If I can predict this, then clearly I can predict the outcome of the rest of this tournament. We play Cinci tonight @ 7, so it looks like we'll have to whoop some of that Bearcat ass...


OTTOTD 2/25/2011: Final OTTOTD of the Off-Season

Yup. It's been fun. 75 more words.  75 more words. 75 more words. 75 more words.75 more words.75 more words.75 more words.75 more words.75 more words. 75 more words. 75 more words.75 more words.75...


OTTOTD 2/18/11 ---- How to speak gibberish

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZ5P6RUvbVM A TV reporter who lapsed into gibberish during a live shot outside the Grammys says she was terrified when it happened and knew something was wrong as...

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