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Hey CSS. Could use a little help

Hi fellow cagesiders. The WWE is coming to Iowa to put on a show in Cedar Rapids on the 29th of June. I have been watching wrestling for most of my life but i have never had the pleasure of...


My Top Wrestling Moments Since Wrestlemania 28

Hello dear cargesiders, I am very likley writing my last post for cagesideseats as I have accepted a new position where I wont be able to interact on the site very much if at all. I would be...


ESPN Slams WWE In It's Power Rankings

For many of us, this year's Road to Wrestlemania has been a disapointing afair. Sometimes I just don't understand how the WWE has gotten to the place it's in. In this weeks ESPN Power Rankings, Jon...


The Rock Snubs WWE on "The Tonight Show"

Last night (3/21/13), I decided to watch, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" for some reason. The reason is most likely becasue he is being taken off the air and I thought it might be fun to tune in...

WrestleMania XXIX: WWE raises the pricetag

"How much is too much to watch a 4 hour wrestling program that will no doubt be filled with several segments devoted to product placement?"

Dear WWE, My apathy is strong

WWE has one of the best rosters its had in years, after patiently waiting for new stars to take the next step (like they have been recently)...finally, WWE has the potential to blow the roof off the place, yet it's barely making it from show to show.


WWE: Let Ricardo Rodriguez Wrestle

Could Ricardo be the guy to get over enough to help WWE until they find their next big Latino star, in a way Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara just can't compare with?

WWE: The future is bright

WrestleMania season's been anticipated all year long -- just waiting for that magical feeling you get when the grand-daddy of em' all swings into full gear and captures the imagination. That hasn't really happened this year. Know what's missing?

Dolph Ziggler: Show... OFF?

As a big Ziggler fan, let me say, he just oozes potential, but he's not destined for the greatness he's capable of. He'll be around a long time. Much like Curt Henning, he'll have a job as long as he can keep putting people over well, but that's it..


Mid-Week Fantasy Booker: The Shield vs Mediocrity!

I just spent 20 mintutes typing the worlds sadest, most pathetic, and lonely fantasy booking post in the world. Then I realized its about fantasy so I started over again. Fantasy is supposed to be...


Friday Fantasy Booker Special: "Ray, it's time to be a bully." Edition.

Like all of my sane CSS friends, I hate Aces and Eigths. I dont mean I hate them in a, "Oh I hate that guy but hes entertaining," kind of way. I hate them like crowds hate X-Pac. I hate them like a...

Re-thinking TNA

That's right, it's time to give TNA it's annual chance to win me over. As it seems that once a year or so, TNA does something to win my attention back. It's usually a push of a certain wrestler, a la Bobby Roode, that draws me back -- not this time.


Mark Henry: A Conversation

Hark Henry you magnificant basterd. You've come into my life again and I welcome you with arms wide open, though not quite long enough to wrap around you. There has been a lot of of discussion...


Midweek Fantasy Booker: Elimination Chamber

Cagesider, 'DaVeganDemon' has decided it's time to jump down the rabbit hole and think about cool things that most likely wont happen but would be fun. Kind of like a sustainable tag-team division or the Intercontinental Cup.


CSS Challenge! Make your own championship!

Good evening fellow cagesiders, tonight i had the best idea. I dug out my old Nintendo 64 and plugged in WWF No Mercy. Now if you played wrestling games growing up there may be a good chance that...


Mid-Week fantasy Booker: The Intercontinental Cup

Starting this week on Main Event, the WWE will begin the Intercontinental Cup. I for one am very happy about this. In a relitivly short amount of time the WWE has built up the tag team titles, the...


Mid-week Fantasy Booker: The grand-daddy of them all.

I love wrestling, I love to watch an extremely techical masterpeice. Catch-as-catch-can is my favorite typre of wrestling by far but you know what I love more that? Fantasy booking. I dont think...


The Hardcore Legend Does Stand-up: But is it funny?

Before I get into the review of the show, I want to give you some more info so that you can see that the review may be a little biased. This was an amazing experience for me and I want to go a...


Superstar Billy Graham is very upset with CM Punk

Wrestling Legend Billy Graham is truly upset with CM Punk and the WWE, so much so that he no longer wants to be in the Hall of fame. Check out if facebook rant below: "IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR CM...


whats the best elimination match ever?

in all the years ive watched wrestling i don't think i have ever actually seen one so id like you guys to recommend which one i should watch. sound off below. please free to debate it and tel me...

WWE Raw on HuluPlus: A Cagesider's Experiment

When WWE made its product available on HuluPlus, they decided they would abbreviate our current 3-hour Raw, opting to post a 90-minute version, instead. By the time WWE made this agreement with...


Brad Maddox: A Star in the Making?

Image via dangerxzone via As I watched Raw on Monday night (Nov 12, 2012), one thing seemed pretty clear: Brad Maddox has a lot of potential. His promo before he came out...

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