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trailblazers schedule in december


we also play philly the night before bosten, thats 5 back to backs. 2 of those back to back have a day off in between. 7 games in 10 days

Last night on courtside i swear i heard Mike Rice said that " Joels post moves are looking just as...


Last night on courtside i swear i heard Mike Rice said that " Joels post moves are looking just as good as greg's were in august before he got hurt". If somebody could find the audio its in hour one. so did mike rice let something spill or did i just hear it wrong

If we could organized this at the RG it would make it the most intense place to play


If we could organized this at the RG it would make it the most intense place to play

somebody at OSU recruit this guy


I know its like us winning the lottery but if we could get this kid it would help us forget about Jacquizz rodgers leaving in a year

Fans of NBA 2k11


Trailblazers vs Bulls 1992 Not the best memory but you get to see the old team

CP3 trade. Keep Oden and Batum


This is a good trade for both teams. Clears time for wes mattews, and gives New Orleans money, talent, veteran leadership. throw in Dante and some first rounders to sweeten the pot.

The ESPN Trade Machine is up-to-date now


here is a CP3 trade i made that would must likely be a dream that i never wake up from

Rick Emerson take on Dan Gilbert letter


I thought this was pretty funny Open Letter from Rick Emerson re: Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert Dear Cleveland, citizens of The United States, and all supporters of proper grammar, syntax, and decent writing, wherever you are tonight: As we should all know by now, using Comic Sans is not necessarily the fastest route to having your message taken seriously. It makes it look as though your missive was scrawled by an over-active child who somehow obtained access to your company login and a fistful of crayons. It further impairs matters when you follow your salutation with a semi-colon; this gives readers the distinct impression that all may not be well behind the keyboard. When in doubt, use the semi-colon only where "and" or "but" would also work. Or just hire someone to write letters on your behalf. I'm sure those people exist. The above problems, however, are minor compared to those faced by "messages" which attempt to convey their "meaning" through the incorrect "use" of "quotation marks" littered throughout the "text". For "future reference", there's an "italics" button "right in front of you". Try "using" it. These lapses are irritating to most of us, but not surprising. The good news is that there are many additional things to mock in this faux-common-man-rapping-with-the-people-styled press release. Such as its author's near-total inability to use hyphens correctly. Here's a hint: start with "more than exciting future". Maybe work on it in MS Notepad for awhile. You know...just until you get the hang of the whole thing. In the meantime, I want to make one observation tonight: "WHEN YOU'RE BEING INTERVIEWED ON ESPN IN FIVE YEARS, AND YOU'RE ATTEMPTING -FOR THE FORTIETH TIME- TO EXPLAIN WHAT POSSESSED YOU TO WRITE YOUR INANE, ONLINE SCREED, YOUR RESPONSE SHOULD BE SOMETHING VAGUE -- PERHAPS THAT YOU WERE 'GOING THROUGH A VERY DARK TIME.' EVERYONE WILL THINK YOU MEAN 'CANCER', AND MAYBE THEY'LL CUT YOU SOME SLACK." Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there. Others simply wonder what the hell that sentence even means. It's inadvisable to use the words "children" and "learn" in a paragraph that contains three glaring errors of punctuation. Until someone pulls you aside and firmly explains that your Internet access is being taken away, and that you are no longer allowed to make any kind of public statement without the assistance of a grownup, you (and the town in which you reside) will, unfortunately, own this moment -- one in which it appears that a functional illiterate has been given control of a vast business enterprise. Sleep well, Cleveland. Tomorrow is a new day. I PROMISE you that our energy, focus, capital, knowledge, and experience will be directed toward only one goal: DELIVERING A copy of The Elements of Style to each and every household and citizen. By force, if necessary. Rick Emerson Host The Rick Emerson Show

Chris Paul is available again, and Larry Miller is talking


If this happens do you bring KP back because it was his super trade

we need to do this at the next home game


we need to do this at the next home game

the Next sam bowie


i thought this was funny, because this guy is always hurt to, just like greg. i can see it now in 8 years lakers vs blazers Both guy will be playing in wheelchairs

who tape this vid


i thought this game wan't broadcasted

Spain vs The U.K


Rudy's back, claver vs freeland


Great offseason look from Bleacher report

Kevin Pritchard Smells Blood During NBA Off-Season The NBA Draft Lottery has passed, and the Los Angeles Clippers have won the Blake Griffin sweepstakes. What does this mean for all 30 NBA teams?...

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