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I've actually been here since 2006 but when SBN switched to the new system it said I got here in 2008.

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  • MLB Cincinnati Reds
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  • NASCAR U. R. Hix
  • MMA Star Wars Kid
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  • EPL Free Scotland!
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  • Fantasy Lord of the Rings
  • Winter Olympics Apollo Uh Oh
  • Figure Skating Why me? Whyyy!!!
  • Wrestling Can't we all just get along?
  • Summer Olympics Badminton scandal
  • The Championship Cincinnati Reds
User Blog

Back when RR was cool

Any of these folks still come around these parts? Nobody reads fanshots. "Your FanPost must be at least strong 75 words long strong. Right now its only strong9 words longstrong. If...


Ray Lewis and Brand Terrorists: using social media and open data to prevent brand insurgencies

Hi all. First timer here. I'm not really a Ravens fan, or a football fan, for that matter. But I do appreciate the SB Nation community (I'm an old timer at Red Reporter, the Cincinnati Reds SB...


Reds fans in DC - Opening Day

Hi all, I've talked to the owner of Lou's Bar in Columbia Heights about watching the Reds game on Opening Day. It's a place I frequent since it's about two blocks from where I live. Anyway, he'd...

from The Onion


from The Onion


SIS: It's too bad SB Nation didn't join in the internet blackout today

This issue is too important to not spread to the far ends of the interwebs. We face a very serious threat to freedom of expression this week, one that transcends party and ideological lines. SOPA...


Who wants to go to the Reds game on Saturday? Or Sunday?

I'm here for a bit. By here I mean Ohio, about an hour and a half north of Cincy.  Sidney, Ohio. Industrial wasteland.  Anyway, I've met some of y'all but it would be nice to see some others. Some...


Purple Alien

Hi, Reds fan here, going to be in Denver the first week of April and want to visit Coors Field.  I have a ton of questions about the place and as a fellow SBNian, thought I'd come over here for...


Bringing coal to Strasmas - calling all DC Reds fans

Yep, it's time for another and bigger Reds get together at Momo's on U Street.  It's 1300 something - I could look up the address since at this point in time I can't remember it exactly, but...


Deadbirds Dodgers Game Thread

Lose, lose, loooooooose Deadbirds! Fall from your nest and break your eggs on the cruel ground below, then fry up in this hot, hot heat! We gotta keep that one game lead. Cardinals and Dodgers are...

Brennaman/Brantley ranked 2nd worst broadcasting team by GQ


The commentary is hilarious. "Brantley, a.k.a. "The Cowboy," has things to say, dammit! Unfortunately, the things Brantley has to say are usually all filler, which he nevertheless delivers in a grave, condescending tone. And Brennaman, like Brantley, is more than happy to lead a discussion away from baseball—like in the direction of BBQ ribs, which, you'll be glad to know, the Cowboy eats a lot of."


All things go, all things go

Continuing on with the FanPost(TM) travel theme, anyone up for a RR gathering on Friday, July 2 in Chi-town USA to watch the Reds beat up the Zambranoless Chub$?   I'm going to the July 3 and 4...


Paint the Town Red, DC!

That's right - once again it's time for a gathering of the DC Displaced Reds Fan Club.  Some of you have attended these fine meetings in the past, some of you have recently moved to the area, and...


SIS: TV or not TV?

So I was reading a comment when a certain person listed a bunch of cable television shows he watches and some others responded with comments about other shows I have never heard of.  This made me...


Reds Nation Trip to Cooperstown

January 6th. The Epiphany, the day the Baseball Writers of America may or may not have an epiphany and do the right thing.



Look, I have to do something I don't normally do, because I think it's important. 

Mr. Redlegs tackles the Cardinal


Funny mascot race from the All Star weekend.


Homer wins NL Player of the Week

Yep, he did.  Homer Bailey won NL Player of the Week for kicking ass.  Actually, if you think about it, the fact that Homer won 8 games this year and wasn't up with the Reds all year is pretty darn...


DC Displaced Reds Fan Club Gathering to watch Joeh in his hometown

Ok, I know Joey isn't back yet, but I'm quite certain he's gonna be back on Tuesday.  He wants to play, he's been fine in two rehab stints (three I guess - I don't know what happened today), and it...


There are no Reds fans in DC?

It's a real shame that we can't get together to see the Reds for at least one game this week.  Or maybe no one saw the announcement.  Come on!  Solidarity!  (We're the Reds, after all.)


Homer is Int'l League Pitcher of the Week

What do you think of him now?


Calling all RRers in our nation's capital - this is the big week!

Game times this week Reds at Nationals Park - Tuesday and Wednesday @ 7pm, Thursday @ 4:30.  Let's all sit together and form a massive red block.    


2nd Gathering of Displaced Reds Fan Club in DC

Last time we had five people gather at Momo's on U Street.  It would have been more, but we had to move from Solly's because they got rid of their Extra Innings package, and several people told me...


The Inaugural Reds Displaced Fan Club Meeting - Washington DC chapter

Hi guys, trying to organize a game watching together meeting in the nation's capital.   The details:   Wednesday, April 29 @ Solly's on U Street.  Game time is 7pm.  Wednesdays are the day when...


Meet the Mets

The dump is gone. Sure, it hosted four World Series, a Beatles concert, and was the venue for a murderer to gain 2000 yards in a season, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a dump. A dump with...


SISS - RR Summer Road Trip???

I watched Legends of the Fall yesterday for the first time in a least a decade. While I always considered myself a fan of the movie, I had honestly forgotten what it was about. But that's not the...


SIS - Insomniac edition

I don't sleep.    I have had something of a sleeping disorder for what I suspect has been all of my life.  I remember my mother becoming angry because I slept so late, but honestly, even as a...


Cliff Lee's Cy Young

Remember way back when, back before the Reds season was a lost cause, when Edinson Volquez and the Reds kicked Cliff Lee's rear end?  That was some game.  i was there, rooting on our guy, a guy who...


SIS: Red Reporter gathering Thursday

By now some of you have heard about the free concert given by Cincinnati's own - and my second favorite band - The National on Thursday in support of the next President of the United States.  The...


A day at the ballpark

via   I haven't been around here much since the death of my laptop in June.  You're probably thinking, well, why doesn't she just get another one?  Ha!  Try doing that with...


The Babe Bruce Game

I always liked the Kevin Bacon game, or at least, the thought of the Kevin Bacon game.  I'm not a movie person, so I am very bad at it, like Corey Patterson is to hitting.  I haven't seen half the...

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