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User Blog

Newest X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer

This trailer looks significantly better than the previous few, though I still can't stand Jennifer Lawrence. I know I'm in the minority on that, but something about her just makes me cringe. ...


I Stole an iPad

I’ve purchased Apple products in the past. I’ve owned two iPhones, and work on a MacBook Pro. However, I meandered through Best Buy last night and came across the iPad Air. 32GB RAM and Wi-Fi of...


Addicted to Quack - The Musical (Comic Book)

So, I enjoy musicals. I also enjoy comic books. As I am posting here on ATQ, it can be safely assumed that I really enjoy Oregon Ducks athletics. So, in an attempt to manage my PANIC for this...


Happy Birthday Scottidog

Today is Scottidog’s birthday. Scott embraced the notion that Mania is full of differing ideas. So you’re free to believe otherwise, but I’m of the strong opinion that he’s still around,...


A Belated UFC 151 Comic

Here's a little comic I started back when 151 was falling apart. It's not as full-length as some of my others, and doesn't include as many Maniac cameos, but things got busy with moving and...


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Finals

So, with this year's Mania Grand Prix finals coming up, I thought it would be in my best interests to make an appearance. I'd hate to Nick Diaz the pre-fight press conference and lose my shot...


UFCs Jon Jones poses naked for 'ESPN The Magazine' (Pic)

Here's that picture of Jon Jones naked you've been dying to see.


Can you tell me how to get....

Since most of Bloody Elbow's posters have the mentality of a three year old, this comic is a little trip down memory lane to some of our older Maniacs' childhoods.  It doesn't have quite as many...


Dana White and Joe Rogan Twitter accounts make CNNSI top 100 list

Dana White and Joe Rogan Twitter accounts make CNNSI top 100 list


MMA Monster Mash - Comic Edition

      It's comic time fight fans! As Wolfman's fanpost stated, ever so eloquently, the other day:  I challenged him to a Mania Permanent Ban bet based on whose fanpost earned the most rec's. ...


Brock Lesnar to change training camps for TUF

 Reports are coming in that Brock Lesnar will be drastically changing up his training camp and sparring partners for his stint on TUF and subsequent number one contenders fight with Junior Dos...


Maniacs/Artists hoping to attend Strikeforce on the 29th?

Normally I loathe to direct traffic away from Mania, but since this has the opportunity to benefit Maniacs who live in the area I figured I would pass it along. Middleeasy.com is hosting a contest...


UFC Sponsorship Issues - Photoshop Fun

As has been well documented, the UFC runs a tight ship regarding sponsorship.  This includes, of course, what sponsors a fighter may use.  This policy directly impacts the income generated by...


Pain Train Comic - Volume 3

 Even though the fight between Brock Lesnar and Cain Velaquez is a ways away, I decided to create a 3rd volume as a follow up to my first two comics.  It's a break from the norm as it covers more...


ABM vs. Pain Train Comic Vol. 2

  Due to popular demand, and in anticipation if the upcoming fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.  I created a 2nd volume as a follow up to my first comic.  It takes place directly after...


The Pain Train Pre-emptive Strike

Knowing that the AMB plans to release additional anti-Brock propaganda, I felt it was important that the Pain Train also generate a bit of media to counteract this ploy.  The following comics were...

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