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Simcoe Day Sort Of Aug 3, 2014 Weekend Links


Serenity now. Serenity now. Serenity now. SERenity NOW! SERENITY FREAKING NOW!!!!! Onto the links.

17 is Enough Weekend Links July 27, 2014


Jays win! Jays win! In New York. The Jays current 1-4 record in the Bronx looks a bit better than last year's 0-10. So in honor of breaking that horrible streak, here are some links for your...

West Coast Weekend Pain July 6, 2014 Links


Not been a good couple of weeks since the last links post.

Roller Coaster Weekend June 22, 2014 Links


From the high of a 14-9 comeback win to a absolute crapshow of an 11-1 beating, this weekend in Cincinnati has been a roller coaster. Meanwhile, it is a work shortened links post thanks to a long...

Mr Dankers Goes To Baltimore Weekend Links


I really hope Tom is enjoying the Crab Cakes and Camden Yard. Not much else to enjoy as the sputtering Jays sputter or pull something.

A Loss? What is a Loss? June 8, 2014 Links


It's been another week of excellent baseball for Jays fans. Hopefully another new long winning streak begins today.

Let Me Be Your Ruler June 1, 2014 Weekend Links


Hopefully we have another winning streak in the making, but it will get tougher as the Jays head to the Motor City for a series against the tough Tigres.

1st Place Weekend May 24, 2014 Links


It's amazing what a nice run with a tough schedule in May has done for the Jays and us, the long suffering fans. Beating the (former) top team in the AL will do that too. The air seems cleaner....

Victoria Day Weekend 2014 Links


It's been a nice 3 game stretch for the Jays as they give the battered Rangers a hard time. The only good thing for Texas was the smooth kid who played the hidden ball trick on some ladies.

After Last Night, I Miss Enrico Pollatzo Wk Links


Not the start to the weekend any of us were hoping for. On the bright side, the BP only imploded for 2 runs in a tie game and Jose Reyes hit a game typing HR. On the dark side, the Angels won and...

Cleveland Rocks (If You're The Jays) Easter Links


The 10-8 Jays go for the sweep against the Indians today. A win would make them one game better than last year's crapfest of an April. Meanwhile here are some links for your Sunday reading while...

On the Road Again Sunday April 13, 2014 Links


Loads of Jays and MLB links for your weekend reading amusement.

Opening Weekend Links April 6, 2014


Dickey Trumps Yanks and other Jays news.

Au Revoir Spring Training 2014, Sunday Links


The series in Montreal turned out well for both the Jays and Montreal... not so much the Mets. Today is an off day before the Jays take on the Rays and their Voodoo Curse.

Bittersweet Symphony Saturday March 29, 2014 Links


In two days, baseball games will actually matter and the bitterly debated inaction of the offseason will fade into the collective fanbase memory as a speed bump on the way to a successful season or...

March Madness Madness Weekend Links


Here we go!  Last week of spring training as the team goes thru its final tune ups in Florida and a bunch of links that won't include "best shape of his life." Two real games have already been...

Pride And Prejudice Sunday March 9, 2014 Links


For a guy who is desperate for an MLB contract, Ervin Santana has an odd way of showing it. He's decided to play the baseball equivalent of a female character from a Jane Austen novel and play off...

Santana Watch 2014! Gimme your deal, make it real


According to John Heyman it is now down to the Jays and O's with the Jays offering a 1 yr no incentive laden contract at $14 million while according to a reporter named Dionisio Soldevila, an AL...

What Time Is It? Why It's Spring Training Links


The good news is that the Jays are now playing baseball so we fans can focus on the games and not the tumultuous offseason which disappointed many. The bad news is that Scott Boras is still acting...

Boras And the Jays


Did you know that one of the first ever teams he dealt with was the Jays and his first client was Bill Caudill? I didn't. This goes to explain a lot about the frosty relations between the Jays and Boras (and I don't blame the Jays much for that.)

Go Canada Go Sunday Feb 22, 2014 Links and GDT


Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go!...

Countdown to Spring Training Links Feb 16, 2014


Another week and Spring Training is almost here meaning that someone will be in the best shape of their lives. A whole pile of links today including how not to take a picture.

It's Always Snowing In Canada Sunday Feb 9 Links


It's getting close to spring training so there were a large amount of baseball related links to make. I'm happy as anyone after the slow offseason and the winter that goes on and on and on... WILL...

Toronto Blue Jays Offseason: Darkest Timeline?


According to Shi Davidi, Ian Kinsler and Brett Anderson would have been Blue Jays if deals hadn't gone south.

I Link Therefore I Am Saturday Jan 25, 2014 Links


The weekend links guy took much of the winter off (mostly because there wasn't much for him to link to.) As Tanaka-mania has swept into NYC, a tidal wave (relatively speaking) of unlinked links...

The Grinch Who Stole The Jays 2013 Season


Every Fan Down in Jaysland Liked the 2012 offseason a lot... But the Grinch,Who lived to the south and east of Jaysland, Did NOT! The Grinch hated the offseason! The whole dang offseason!

Merry Krampus Everyone! Saturday Dec 14 Links


It has been quite a busy and somewhat strange week. The best Jays pitcher retires as a Jay to the surprise of no one but the self centered Phillie media. Yankees are shocked that no one really...

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