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I Link Therefore I Am Saturday Nov 30, 2013 Links


Fortunately there hasn't been much going on in Jays land or someone might wonder why the weekend links guy isn't doing his job (real job getting in the way.)

Omar Infante and the Blue Jays: BBB Staff Picks


Bluebird Banter writers were asked who they would pick if they could choose one free agent for the Blue Jays to sign. It is Damaso's Burnt Shirt's turn.

It's A Living Friday Nov 14, 2013 Links


Rumors and lies dominate the Toronto baseball scene which is pretty much in the back pages with the obits as Hockey and who/what Rob Ford likes to eat dominate the news. I promise only baseball...

Flu Friday Nov 8, 2013 Links


A brief pile of links for your reading amusement while sick with the flu.

I Link Therefore I am Sunday Nov 3, 2013 Links


A brief links post of stuff around the world of baseball and sport.

Mid Week Sausage Links Oct 23, 2013


Here is a bunch of links some recent and others collected for weekend links posts that didn't happen because I was out West for a close friend's wedding this weekend.

I Link Therefore I am Saturday Oct 12, 2013 Links


Various links from the post season and as the Jays try to figure out what to do after the horror show of 2013.

Breaking Sad Friday Oct 4, 2013 Links


Here is a brief bunch of links for your reading amusement.

Jays 7, Rays 2 Wild Cards Wild


A stumbling injury prone mostly AAA lineup team with questionable starting pitching who fall apart against guys wearing Rays jerseys beat that very same Ray jersey wearing wild card contending...

No Tanks For the Errors Saturday Sept 28 Links


But I thought the Rays played the right way! They usually do (and have the luck demons on their side), but even the Rays are bound to have a bad night. R.A. Dickey's final start of the season was...

Baseballs are Jays Seeking Missiles Sept 27 Links


Another loss and another Jays injured. All in a days work for our struggling and limping 2013 jays. Thankfully there are only 3 more games to play before the 2013 season ends mercifully as there...

The Rage of Kawasaki Sunday September Links


You think Mune's all fun and games being the resident goof? Nope. The man wants to win. I'm starting to like this guy more.

Pitching Is Magic Friday Sept 20, 2013 Links


The 2nd last weekend of the season. In Boston. I thought this would have been a sort of meaningless series with one team already clinching a playoff spot while the other tries to think about next...

Always the Spoiler Never the Spoiled Sunday Links


Yesterday the Jays played the role of spoiler with a come from behind win against the Orioles. On the plus side, no bullpen blow up and Casey pitched a little better than he has in a while and...

Moises Loises Ball, Jays Fall Saturday Links


There are times I enjoy watching Moises play and there is yesterday when all I could do was facepalm when Moises let a looper drop and hop over his head. Tank Nation is loving the four game losing...

How Many Angels Can Dance on the Jays? 25. Links


That was not a good series. Considering that the Jays are missing their best players due to injuries then a thumping and two one run losses are as good as it can get. On the bright side, Tank...

Passed Out in the 4th Inning Saturday Links


A byproduct of a full day of work and a full stomach, passing out face down on a laptop keyboard on the couch is not the most comfortable position to sleep. Fortunately, my keyboard is also drool...

Back To School Friday Sept 6, 2013 Links


School's back and the Jays are playing irrelevant games in Sept. Some things haven't changed have they? It's been a tough time getting to September for your Toronto Blue Jays. Oh well. The Jays...

Love and Marriage and No Hitters Links


Hola. I'm finally enjoying a labour free Labour (take that US spelling) Day and have time to write a links post. Too bad it includes recaps of yesterday's ugly game. To be blunt the series was...

A Friday Links Post? Unpossible. Aug 30 Links


The Weekend Links Post guy returns from a one week absence. Surprisingly it had nothing to do with the awful weekend in Houston where one could have lost faith in the Jays forever, but the lousy...

It's a BOY! Sunday Aug 18, 2013 Links


The Voodoo Curse that haunts the Jays in Tampa took the night off as it was the Jays turn to play the game the "right way"TM by beating the Rays 6-2. The curse maybe back today, but here's hoping...

Jays feast on Red Sox LOBster Show-Dare Links


Not a good day for offenses at the 'Dome, but especially the Red Sox.

You're Welcome A's Saturday Aug 10, 2013 Links


Esmil Rogers proved to be all the A's needed to help get some players (I see you Josh Reddick) out of their hitting woes.

Dog Days Friday Aug 9, 2013 Links


The Jays come back home from what could have been a disastrous 10 game West Coast road trip (thanks to the Angels) at .500 which isn't bad at all. Who would have thought that the Jays would beat...

Itching Post Saturday Aug 3, 2013 Links


The Rally Monkey got the Jays. At least that what I think happened. A bunch of posts for your reading and visual pleasure.

JJ was not Dy-no-Mite Sunday July 28, 2013 Links


JJ hasn't been Kid Dy-no-Mite unless one is referring to the fact his starts always seem to blow up. Wasn't he supposed to be good or something? I can't remember anymore. Anyway here are some...

EE's HRHR Saturday July 27, 2013 Links


In season of frustration, Edwin Encarnacion makes some history with bookend home runs in the 7th inning thanks to Houston's incredibly awful bullpen. I can't take much solace that the Jays are...

A Lousy Week to Forget Friday July 26, 2013 Links


Looks like working night shift has its benefits like missing the horrific series against the Rays and the Dodgers which killed any faint hopes of a Jays playoffs (cough cough cough) run. On the...

Carlos Delgado Day Sunday July 21, 2013 Links


Happy Carlos Day everyone! That's what I'm going to tell myself to keep from choking on my own bile from witnessing no runs scoring on a bases loaded and nobody out situation. If you feel like it...

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