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Huey Lewis And Some News July 19, 2013 Links


Here are some links for your reading pleasure. The latest Griff "analysis" and a link to Huey Lewis.

"You're With Me, Leather" Sunday July 14 Links


A win. Holy crow a win! In Charm City! And no wild accusations from (sore) loser Jason Hammel about the man in white helping the Jays beat him! Huzzah! The all star break couldn't come at a...

It Feels Like April Again Saturday Links


Hola. Lousy game last night. It's been a rough couple of weeks since the 11 game winning streak. Don't know what the Jays can do right now. I was around to watch a bit of the game, but mostly...

Yu Don't Got What We Need Friday Links


It's not a good day for anyone. Bud is thinking about going nukular and protecting our precious bodily fluids. The Jays probably won't sign their first rounder, lost and probably have a winner in...

Overtime Abbreviated Sunday July 7, 2013 Links


Sorry haven't been around as I've been working weekends. Here is a small Links post for your Sunday Reading.

The Brotherhood of the Travelling Pants Links


Yesterday's game worked out a lot better than the last two. Thanks to Jose and his Dickey pants, who basically destroyed the Sox almost single handed.

Are You Not Entertained? Saturday June 29, Links


Two losses in Boston and suddenly the 11 game winning streak feels like a faint memory. Ah baseball you emotional roller coaster. It's been good entertainment right? Right? Nah. I'd rather the...

It's a TBD Sunday June 23, 2013 Links


Another day, another win. The Jays have won two games against Baltimore and are now looking for the series sweep for an 11 game winning streak. Meanwhile in Japan, the commissioner is taking...

Kawasaki the Oriole Slayer Saturday Links


The Legend of Munenori Kawasaki grows by leaps and bounds. He did the unpossible (sic) yesterday by hitting a two run home run that tied what might have been a disappointing loss for the Jays. ...

A Cornucopia of Friday June 21, 2013 Links


Another off day and another Friday Links post (hmmm, a correlation.) Lots of links for your reading pleasure including possible evidence that JPA has improved his pitch framing, the gradual...

Happy Father's Day Sunday June 16, 2013 Links


To all the dads out there, happy father's day. Hopefully the Ranger's offensive woes continue to help the Jays win today's series finale and complete the sweep. Onto the Links:

Toronto 6, Texas 1: We understand but do not care


It's a good time to be a Jays fan as the Jays pound the slumping and offensively struggling Rangers for their fourth win in a row despite the struggles of Edwin and Jose. Tom missed a pretty good...

Laughs and Tears June 15, 2013 Links


Last night's game was a breeze. Lots of quick outs, lots of Ks and lots of strike calls that irritated the opposition. If I wasn't looking too carefully I would have imagined that this was a Roy...

Cologne Free Friday June 14, 2013 Links


Yesterday's game seemed like the way last Saturday's 18 inning epic should have gone. It was a well pitched and quick game that ended 3-1 for the Blue Jays.

Stanley Cup And Other Topics Open Thead


Open thread tonight as there is no game on tonight due to bad weather.

LOBster Day Sunday June 9, 2013 Links


Yesterday's record tying for most innings played game didn't seem like it was going to go long, but it did. Winning the game was better than losing (duh) which made this 18 inning game somewhat...

I don't know why you say goodbye Saturday Links


Busy day for the Jays as they added Dustin (huzzah), another Josh, Andy and Wang to the roster while beating up the Texas Rangers. Onto the Links. Title from the Beatle's Hello Goodbye.

Draft Day Hangover Friday June 7, 2013 Links


Phil Bickford is this year's potential Hall of Famer to be drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. A surprising pick for some as some draft watchers expected him to go to the Royals. As the dust...

Another Evening Game? Sunday June 2, 2013 Links


Who was the brilliant genius who scheduled three weekend night games on the West Coast? Dracula? It seems so as the sluggish Jays have played like they've had massive blood loss aka disrupted...

17 Inning Loss Sat June 1, 2013 Links


Who stayed up for entirety of this "morning's" game? I didn't even make it out of the 2nd inning thanks to an exhausting day at work. Enough blather onto the links.

Toronto 6, Baltimore 5: TIME TO SCREAM AND SHOUT


It's been a tough two days for the Jays as they got whipped and then lost a painful squeaker to the Baltimore Orioles that might have gone their way with just one lousy bounce. Today in the 9th it...

Small Sunday May 26, 2013 Links


Tough loss, but what are you going to do? It was a good time after post game at the BBB Meetup. I was pleasantly surprised to discover there are humans behind the handles and avatars. Hopefully...

BBB Meetup Saturday May 25, 2013 Links


Well that was not exactly a stunning debut for Sean Nolin, but sadly not unexpected. It was not a good day for Jays veteran pitching either as the bullpen was lit up for 4 more runs in 7 2/3...

Tinkerbell Left The Building Friday May 24 Links


For the first three innings it didn't look good for the Jays as O's Rookie Kevin Gausman showed why he got the call for tonight's start. However, the Jays bats worked him and the Pixie Dust-less...

Shutout Saturday May 18, 2013 Links


Well that kind of sucked. It seemed that whatever the Yanks used worked and while the Jays tripped up much like a Rob "Crack Is Whack" Ford football fumble. Here are your Victoria Day (Saturday...

A Care Free Friday May 17, 2013 Links


Hola Jays fans. Shocked to see a Friday Links post? I am, too. Off night for the Jays and then a weekend series against the fricking Yankees.

Mother's Day May 12, 2013 Links


A Happy Mother's Day to all moms. Hopefully, the Jays can make their moms proud with a victory over Boston. As for me, instead of a quiet Saturday doing squat, it was DBS vs his leaking toilet...

O For Sunday May 5, 2013 Links


There are no words for this.

O For Saturday May 4, 2013 Links


For once, I would like the Jays to score a run, score more than one run a game, score more than one run an inning, not walk a batter an inning, not walk a batter in a game and not throw the ball...

Sunday Bloody Sunday April 28, 2013 Links


Another day, another close frustrating loss. Whatever the Yanks have right now, the Jays don't. Onto the links.

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