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Mama Told Me There'd Be Weeks Like These Sat Links


My apologies for no links articles yesterday. My laptop HDD decided to do its best impersonation of the Blue Jays offense this week so I had to get a replacement and then rebuild everything which...

It's Always Something Sunday April 21, 2013 Links


If it's not the hitting or the pitching then it's the defense. Losing to the Yankees always suck, but coming from behind to beat up one of the better setup men in the MLB and then throw it away on...

Snowy Saturday April 20, 2013 Links


It seems that winter will not end, as this morning there was some snow on the ground in my part of the GTA. BTW, yesterday's loss was not a good game all round (duh.) It was awful (again, duh.) ...

Stiff Back Friday April 19, 2013 Links


The series against the White Sox could have been worse so a split isn't a horrible thing but it's not good either. Coming to town are your 2006 Toronto Blue Jays or now known to everyone else as...

Winning Is Better April 14, 2013 Links


Hey everyone, it's the first Jays winning streak of the season and let's hope that it is not the last or the longest. Last night also might have been the start of the legend of Kawasaki. Whatever...

Toronto Blue Jays 3, KC Royals 2: Kawasaki Time


It turned into a nail biter tonight thanks to Chris Getz (who had more hits than the entire Jays lineup did tonight), but our favorite boys in blue (or grey in the case of Casey) won the game.

Sad Saturday Afternoon April 13, 2013 Links


Jose Reyes' ankle sprain didn't help things last night as the 2013 campaign continues on. It's only April. Buck up, it could be worse, the Jays could be the Angles.

Brief Forgetful Friday April 12, 2013 Links


Yesterday's game? What game? I don't know of any games the Jays played yesterday. Fake amnesia aside, this is one of those times where I am glad that work is keeping me from watching games like...

Sleepy Sunday April 7, 2013 Links With Sprinkles


Another game, another arm injury. Sounds like John Farrell is up to his old tricks but at least it's not for Toronto. Happ's pitching performance leads to another pun (but it fits so I can't help...

Simmering Saturday Links


Awesome game last night... right? Give the Jays credit for coming back, but ugh. Here are some Sat links for your reading pleasure (sort of.)

Toronto Blue Jays 4, Boston Red Sox 6


Losing sucks, but when it is the first game that John Farrell returns it sucks even more. The game went back and forth like a Yanks/Red Sox game and felt like it lasted forever. However, the...

Feral Fan Friday April 5, 2013 Links


How did it feel to see the Jays the First Win of the Season? Felt awesome didn't it? Not as good as it would have opening day... well... yeah... I know. The Jays offense thumped Brett Myers like...

First Game Reaction Poll


For your amusement (maybe)

So much for the 162-0 Season : Game 1 Recap


It was great to see the Jays play some real baseball tonight. However, the result wasn't what anyone expected for the revamped Blue Jays as they had Justin Masterson on the ropes in the early...

Good Friday Links March 29, 2013


Good morning everyone. The links are a little late today because the links guy fell asleep in the middle of compiling it so here it is with a touch of red for embarrassment and a little wet from...

Countdown to Opening Day Links


Here we are in the final stretch before the games and stats count for real. More links for your Friday morning reading pleasure unless you are Ricky Romero.

Spring Training Drags On Friday Links


March break is almost over as spring training continues on. A possible closer "controversy" brewing? Meanwhile a red bearded giant is showing he is mortal (but it is the spring.) Fangraphs does...

March Break Friday Links with Poll! March 8, 2013


Spring Training Continues for our favorite team, slowly and painfully. Injuries are taking their toll on the Jays and Team Canada while the O's win one in the 9th. Meanwhile, Italy seems to be...

Spring Links for Friday March 1, 2013


Spring training isn't just for ballplayers as the weekend links post guy has awoken from his slumber and has put together some links for your amusement and edification.

South Florida Drug Ring gets bigger (possibly NSFW)


More Florida based players are implicated. Seems A-Rod didn't give up the juice. New names added including Gio Gonzalez and Nelson Cruz.

By The Numbers: AL Central/West Rotations


A quick and dirty look at the other AL rotations

Run Prevention A Little Better Than Run Scoring?


Dave Cameron looks at the Pythagorean difference between preventing 100 more runs vs scoring 100 more runs.

By The Numbers AL East Rotations


The numbers are very rough and based on some wild assumptions for rookies and younger starters.

Updated: R.A. Dickey's Conversation on the Fan 590


For those who want to hear from the newest Jay. PTS on Rogers Sportsnet or FAN590 in Toronto or any local affiliate who carries the 5pm hour of PTS. UPDATE: Quick Summary (Minor Leaguer) - R.A....

Fallout from the Dickey Trade


Here's a Tuesday Morning's worth of reading about the Dickey trade from all over the Net and the MSM. LIVE FROM NEW YORK Mets get phenom d’Arnoud as Dickey signs extension with Jays - NYPOST.comT...

R. A. Sunday Overnight Thread


Sleepy time for some of us (especially olds like me.) For the rest of you, continue your Dickey fights and NFL threads here.

At What Price, Dickey? With Poll!!!

The Blue Jays and Mets have agreed "in principle" to a deal sending R.A. Dickey to Toronto. The Jays have until 2 pm Eastern on Tuesday to negotiate an extension with the knuckleballer.

Waiting for R. A. Friday Night

Since there isn't much happening, this is the updated Friday Night thread.

Another Nice Mets You've Gotten Me Into

I know we've had the discussion before about R.A. Dickey in the Fanposts. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports says that extension talks have broken down between R.A. Dickey and the Mets (or LOLMets as...

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