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WR Prospects - the no names

You know us Skins fans, we love talking about the future, not the season we're currently playing in.  I think all of us are in agreement, the Redskins should and will draft a QB in the 1st round...


Fans and Kyle Shanahan, a love/hate (but mostly hate) relationship

When Mike was hired here, and with him his son, there came with it only two options: Kyle excels and Mike's recognition of his son's abilities pay off big time  - or - Kyle gets a job and the...


Bye Week Grades

After a 2-3 start, there were a lot of rumblings about how the ship is sinking, there needs to be a total overhaul, and Mike Martz needs to go sit up in a high school press box and record stats.W...


YOUR John Beck outlook entering Week 7 & Beyond

We've talked all week about Beck's replacing Grossman and many are looking at it as a "thank god Rex is out of there" kind of perspective, myself included for the most part. But come Sunday,...


Brandon Lloyd's on the Trading Block in Denver

According the Mile High Report, the Broncos are shopping Lloyd. Why they want to get rid of their leading receiver and best playmaker is beyond me. He was always vocal when he was here in...


Fan Projections - 2nd Quarter of the Season

I don't know if a lot of us had our Skins going 3-1 through their first 4 games of the season. One of my preseason goals going in was to beat the Giants, after week 1, I would've been ok with the...


Robert Griffin III

I know we're in the middle of the season and looking ahead may upset some people. Then again, there's a reason why we have the "Players to Watch" posts and tabs are constantly kept by us on the top...


Can Grossman be a 16 week starter for this team?

A lot of people expect to see Beck at some point this season, but coming from Houston, we know Kyle loves Rex and his knowledge of the playbook. Can Rex be that next stop-gap guy that Jake Plummer...


Just an Opinion on Something Non-Redskins

Because I'm sure you all care what I think so much. Reggie Wayne's comments on Kerry Collins pisses me off. I donno if anyone else knows of what I'm talking about, but Wayne basically bashed...


Nate Clements is going to be released, go get him?

I think yes. He's no Asomugha, but I think given the fact that we're most likely losing Rogers and Jonathan Joseph is so injury prone, I think Clements could be our best bet opposite Hall. He's...


WR Depth Chart come Week 1

Now, we might not be finished making moves at WR and may still before Week 1. Hell, we may make another by Saturday. But for right now we certainly have a crowded crop at Receiver. Going off of...


Your Personal Goals for the 2011 Season

As Skins fans, we're constantly in the middle of some debacle. Whether it be the final verdict on McNabb or Haynesworth, the delusions of our owner, asking what John Beck can do, asking what John...

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